Husqvarna 320IB is the solution if you are going through the pain of having an unkempt garden, backyard, or front yard, as it truly makes your mood go ten notches down. Undoubtedly, everyone wants a well-cared-for home that looks neat, organized, and mannerly, with a hand leaf blower that will get the job done effectively.

Product Break Down of Husqvarna 320IB

Today, we have brought to you an in-depth review of the 320IB blower that tells you why this is one of the best leaf blowers in town. Not only does it come with impressive features, but it is also an effective and durable option, making it a suitable choice for you and your home.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design Low blowing force 
Good for the environment due to the lithium-ion battery Speed selection can cause Husqvarna 320IB troubleshooting issues
Multiple speed settings and blowing force ally to maximize the strength of the blower

Product Highlights

One of the most important factors that we all look for before adding a piece of equipment to our lawn care kit is the amount of relevant and up-to-date features that place it above others in the market.

It has a variety of features which highlight this machine in a unique way.

  • 9 N to 13 N blowing force
  • 5.3 lbs weight 
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Low noise levels
  • Low maintenance
  • Boost effect
  • Brushless motor
  • Flexible battery system
  • Cruise control
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 36 V battery voltage
  • 46 to 54 m/s air speed

Husqvarna 320IB Review

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  • Number of Functions: 8/10
  • Weight: 8/10
  • Air Flow: 8.3/10
  • Number of Airflow Settings: 7.1/10

Husqvarna is a well-known and thoroughly loved brand whose name you will repeatedly hear in the market and always in a good light. They are among the best manufacturers of garden tools, so you know that you can put blind trust in them without being disappointed. 

This blower offers many of the specs that customers are usually on the lookout for, and one of these is the comfort of use. The ergonomic design of this handheld blower makes it easy to carry around and provides a comfortable hold and support to your hands and limbs.

However, one of the best features of this leaf blower that makes it highly popular amongst fans is the fact that you can gear up in case of non-stop operation. Which means that, in case your task seems to be more time-consuming than usual, all you need to do is to use the battery accessory and hold the blower on your arms, kind of like a backpack blower, and get your work done without tiring yourself too much.

This handheld blower provides its users with a lightweight design that makes it easy to use, as you can pick it up with ease and maneuver it around without any hardship. Even on tiring days, when you don’t have enough energy, you can use this 5.2 pounds blower with no discomfort and maneuver it without any hardship.

The low noise feature makes it produce low sounds and even makes the working hours of the blower longer as no extra power is being consumed. This is a perfect function for those professional or domestic users who need to do yard work in noise-sensitive areas and is a fan favorite, according to many Husqvarna battery leaf blower reviews.

The brushless motor is another spec that puts this blower on the top of the market, as it creates a high torque to weight ratio for increased efficiency, increased reliability, reduced noise, and longer product life. When you are going to be investing in this leaf blower, it is a smart choice to check this aspect, because it will help you from being exhausted.

The lithium-ion battery keeps the user guilt-free of any harm to the environment and makes sure that when you are using the blower on your garden, no emissions harm the garden. The high-performing battery system in this Husqvarna cordless leaf blower offers a wide range of options, from lightweight integrated to backpack batteries, which makes work more facile.

These batteries let you use the blower according to the settings you opt for. They are quick to recharge, start, and run for a long time, making sure that you get the maximum use out of your blower. Also, the Husqvarna 320IB battery replacement is easier than you would have thought.

How Has the Husqvarna 320IB Evolved?

The Husqvarna 320ib has evolved by being a more lightweight leaf blower than the former version, in addition to this, the battery is also lighter in its weight. However, it has more storage space, and it can be used as a hand held, and a backpack at the same time.

This blower is not only best for domestic purposes, but even if you are a customer who is on the lookout for a professional device, the Husqvarna 967094201 320IB is a great choice for you. 

The Husqvarna 320IB specs are an upgrade to the Husqvarna outdoor power equipment 340IBT backpack battery leaf blower, as the former weighs 5.2 pounds compared to the 13.0 pounds of the latter. While the latter does have a higher blowing force and a higher air speed of 136.5 mph, it is bulkier compared to the former.

Husqvarna Backpack Battery Leaf Blower

When we compare this 320IB backpack blower to the Husqvarna BLI950X 40V Li-ion battery backpack 967093202, both of them have various differences. The 320IB can be used both as a handheld leaf blower and a backpack leaf blower when the need arises, whereas the BLI950X can only perform as a backpack blower. 

Also, the BLI950X weighs 20.7 pounds, which is way heavier than the 320IB, which weighs only 5.2 lbs. However, the former does have a higher battery voltage of 36 V and even has storage space. 

The Husqvarna 360BT backpack blower 967144301 has a blowing force of 30 N compared to the 9 to 13 N of the 320IB. However, the 320IB offers the user different options for speed and force according to the task at hand. 

Both the 320IB and the 360BT have similar air speeds at nozzles, around 120 mph. On the other hand, common to the Husqvarna 230IB, the 360BT can only be used as a backpack blower, not a handheld one.

When we compare the 320IB to the Husqvarna 580BTS Mark II 75.6cc 2-cycle backpack blower and the Husqvarna 560BTS 65.6cc backpack blower 966 63 11-02, we see that these two blowers are stronger as they have higher blowing forces of 220 mph and 232 mph respectively. But they can only be used as backpack leaf blowers and are heavier than the lightweight 5.2 lbs 320IB blower.


Features Breakdown

– LowVib Technology

The LowVib technology in the battery powered blower is a great addition to the modern technology used to manufacture this device. This blower would give you the comfort and peace of mind you deserve when working in your yard as it minimizes the vibrations in the blower. 

Low Vib Technology in The Battery Powered Blower

It also ensures that the device provides the most pleasant working experience to the user and saves your limbs and hands from any aches and pain. Furthermore, it is especially great for users who suffer from migraines or are not used to outdoor work as the lack of vibration makes the yard work comfortable even when if you are not used to it.

– Noise Level

With a sound rating of 96 dB that can even go as low as 86 dB while operating makes this blower a perfect choice for users who reside in a noise-sensitive area or have the habit of working in their yard late at night.

The reason why you should consider this leaf blower is that the noise level is reduced, and this feature is great because after the time that you will spend cleaning the cluster, you will notice that this feature will save you so much exhaustion. In other words, it will save you headache, and tiresome after you have done the work.

– Cruise Control

The cruise control technology allows choosing different speed settings so that the user gets their work done quickly and efficiently. This saves time and helps you do both mild and intense cleaning according to your preference. 

Cruise Control Technology with Different Speed Settings

Overall, even when you have a heavy clean-up after a storm that has left your yard disheveled or some light cleaning before the arrival of an important guest, you have the option to customize the speed settings accordingly to get your work started. As you invest in this leaf blower, you can clean your garden at your own pace and by being considered for the task at hand.

– Brushless Motor and Boost Mode

The brushless motor in this reliable blower is something that not many users are aware of. The high torque-weight ratio of the motor makes sure that the blower has increased efficiency and does not leave your work undone. Furthermore, it also makes sure that there are sound levels remain low, hence saving even more power.

The boost mode makes you achieve the final result in lesser time by provisioning you with options for different speeds varying from 46 m/s to 54 m/s. Which basically will help in situations just as when faced with a limited time to clean the entire yard, you can use the easily accessible boost mode and get your work done.

– Lightweight Ergonomic Design 

Having a lightweight blower is always an advantage, especially in a domestic scenario, so all the family members can use it to clean up the yard. 

Moreover, Husqvarna also provides the user with the additional advantage of an ergonomic device that has excellent comfort and balance, both while being handheld or held on the back. 


The comfortable handles with the rubber grip give the user a pleasant place to rest their hand and the intuitive keypad is also a great way to increase user comfort.


This Husqvarna 320IB blower review helps you see how this blower is the one for you. If you are looking for a deal on this cordless leaf blower, search for it, and you will find one. It has a number of benefits, one of which would be how it has a cruise control setting, and it has low noise when you are cleaning. 

The 320IB handheld blower is a splendid choice for those who are in search of one that has all the specifications and features necessary required to manage a yard nowadays! It’s a prominent investment if you decide to buy it, keeping in mind the ways that it has evolved.

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