You must try the Husqvarna 324L if you want a high-end cycle trimmer for your yard work. Its better performance and top-notch features will blow you away.

This cycle trimmer helps you deal with tall grass, weeds, and thatches? You will get the answer to this and many other queries about the Husqvarna 324L unit in this review.

We have created an honest Husqvarna 324L review for you after doing comprehensive research on this product.

Husqvarna 324L – PROS & CONS



  • Convenient assembly
  • Adjustable handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Powerful engine
  • The protection guard is not reliable.
  • Do not support attachments.

Product Highlights

This Husqvarna 4 stroke weed eater has numerous features to help you conveniently clean the yard. Following, you will find some of these worthy features that make this string trimmer much better than its competitors.

  • Performance
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • High portability
  • Adjustable handle
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • 18-Inch cutting swath
  • Smart start technology
  • Tap’ N Go line release feature
  • Maintenance

Husqvarna 324L Review

The Husqvarna 324L trimmer features a powerful engine and a wider cutting path that make it the top preference of many people. It is a 4-cycle string trimmer that will help you enjoy the desired results. The use of a 25cc engine delivers better cutting. You will not need to mix oil or fuel for this trimmer because the engine only uses an unleaded gas to operate. The 18 inches trimmer head will let you cover the more significant area rapidly.

Further, the 5.1 pounds weight and 70 x 9 x 9 inches dimensions make it a portable and compact trimmer. Storing and moving this trimmer will not be an issue for you because of its shape and lightweight. The tap ‘n’ go feature is another quality thing to talk about in this product. This tap ‘n’ go feature will help you activate a new trimmer line whenever you want.

Also, replacing the trimmer line will be a straightforward task for you, even if you are a beginner. The unique trimmer head will let you reload the trimmer line with ease. When it comes to string trimmers, users usually have to open the fuel tank repeatedly to check the fuel level. But with the Husqvarna 324L model, you will not face any such issue due to the translucent fuel tank.

Thanks to the translucent tank, you can visually check the fuel level without opening the tank. The 324L unit is much better than many of its competitors regarding power speed and power outputs. It has a power-speed of 7000rpm while the power output is 0.9 hp.

Though Husqvarna 324L is a great trimmer, it also has some drawbacks. One of the prime disadvantages is that it does not support attachments. Unlike other trimmers, you cannot add a rigid brush cutter with this unit. So, the Husqvarna 324L attachments are relatively less than other string trimmers.

For users’ additional safety, the Husqvarna brand has added a protection guard with the 324L unit. This protection guard will block the flying debris and grass from reaching you. This guard does not block the view while you use it.

– Performance

In terms of performance, Husqvarna 324L is among the top string trimmer. This Husqvarna four stroke trimmer has all the quality features needed to attain a healthy lawn. Using it, you can cut small weeds, grass, and groundcover. It will accommodate you to give a new and elegant shape to your yard.

This machine uses enduring trimmer lines to remove grass and weeds. These trimmer lines rotate with a greater centrifugal force, supporting you in cutting large grass and weed. The pace of the trimmer lines also plays a vital role in eliminating grass and weed.

The trimmer lines used in the 324L model rotate at a pace of 7000 rpm. Not only grass and weed but also you can employ the Husqvarna 4 cycle trimmer to eliminate unwanted woody plants from your yard.

– Powerful Engine

The engine is what makes the string trimmer deliver better quality results. If you go for a low-quality engine, then you might not get the desired cutting results you want.

However, with the Husqvarna 4 cycle weed eater, you do not have to worry about the engine performance. The 25cc 4-cycle engine is what makes this trimmer render high-end performance.

Further, this 25cc is the reason behind power speed. The 7000rpm power speed will let you enjoy the top-notch cleaning easily. Not only power speed, but this engine produces high power output as well. The 0.9 hp power helps to attain superior cleaning.

– Easy to Use

The Husqvarna straight shaft weed eater is comparatively convenient to utilize than many other trimmers. The cordless feature of this machine also lets people control it easily. You can use it anywhere and anytime you want because of its cordless property. The absence of wire gives complete freedom to users.

Besides trimming, this product will also let you perform the edging of your yard. This Husqvarna 4 cycle trimmer appears with a straight shaft to allow you to execute the edging task quickly. Many other string trimmers do not offer both the trimming and edging option together. Hence, people prefer the 324L model over its competitors.

– High Portability

Most of the time, you will need to carry and move around with the trimmer to clean your whole lawn. So, if the trimmer is not portable, you might struggle to clean your yard because of the lack of portability.

However, with the Husqvarna 4 stroke weed eater, you do not have to worry about it because this unit is highly portable than many other gas trimmers.

This product only weighs around 5.1 pounds which makes it lightweight and highly portable. Some users also complain about getting tired while lifting the trimmer for an extended period. You will not encounter any tiredness with this unit even after raising it for a longer duration because of its lighter weight.

– Adjustable Handle

The Husqvarna four-stroke trimmer comes with a padded loop handle. The handle is adjustable and is attached along the shaft so that you can conveniently hold it.
Further, you can modify the length of the handle as per your liking. Apart from the adjustable handle, this stroke trimmer supports a soft grip. This soft grip will let you hold and use this trimmer with convenience.

While holding the string trimmer, most users complain about the vibration issue. But with the 324L model, the vibration issue is relatively minimal. Its durable grip makes sure to minimize the vibration so that you can enjoy a long session of cleaning comfortably. Also, the attachment of the vibration damping system with the shaft further helps to reduce the discomfort.

– Translucent Fuel Tank

Suppose you are tired of opening the fuel tank frequently to check the fuel. In that case, you will surely love the translucent fuel tank added in this Husqvarna 4 cycle weed eater trimmer. This translucent tank will let you see the fuel level without opening the fuel tank.

Further, this product is fuel-efficient, so you do not need to monitor the fuel tank regularly. Even with the low fuel consumption, this machine will let you perform the required task.
Also, the Husqvarna brand recommends emptying the fuel from the engine if you are not going to use the device for an extended period. Draining the fuel from the tank will keep you safe from any harm.

– 18-Inch Cutting Swath

The more significant cutting swath means high area coverage. As compared to many other string trimmers, the Husqvarna straight shaft trimmer has enhanced cutting swath. The 18-inch cutting swath will promote you to trim more area rapidly. Thanks to this large cutting width that will help you save a lot of time.

– Smart Start Technology

Some of the string trimmer demand users to apply a lot of force to start which is not the case with this Husqvarna four-stroke trimmer. The smart start feature will help you to begin this trimmer effortlessly. This technology minimizes the cord resistance that makes the engine run quickly. It also makes the 324L unit an ideal choice for people with lower upper body strength.

Not only starting but also stopping this machine is relatively more accessible than many other gas-powered trimmers. This smart start technology is one of the prime reasons many people love investing in the 324L machine.

– Tap ‘N Go Line Release Feature

This Husqvarna 4 cycle weed eater trimmer contains a Tap’ N Go line release feature so that you can quickly and easily access and replace the trimmer line.

You will only need to tap the trimmer head on the ground to get a fresh supply of lines. This feature will save you from the manual effort. Further, the trimmer head has a straightforward design that promotes easy reloading of the trimmer line.

– Maintenance

Most gas trimmers need more maintenance as you need to mix both gasoline and oil regularly to operate them, but that is not the case with this Husqvarna straight shaft trimmer. The Husqvarna brand offers an owner’s manual with the 324L model to let you know about the maintenance.

For better working of the trimmer, ensure to examine the engine oil regularly. This unit comes with a little dipstick that you can use to monitor the oil.

Apart from the dipstick, this product also includes a small bottle containing engine oil so that you do not have to pay an additional cost for it. The Husqvarna brand also suggests replacing or cleaning the spark plug if you notice any clogging.


  • You can use Husqvarna 324L as a trimmer as well as an edger.
  • This machine allows users to remove air from the carburetor with the help of an air purge.
  • It also contains a cutting shield that will keep you secure from flying debris while you clean.
  • It has a straight shaft design, so that will ensure you conveniently clean under brushes and other hard-to-reach spots.
  • For a rapid start, this machine arrives with a smart start technology.

Should you invest in the Husqvarna 324L trimmer for cutting weeds and grass? The answer is yes, this machine is an ideal solution for cutting. The powerful engine, adjustable handle, quick start option, and a Tap’ N Go line release feature make it a must-have device for lawn owners.

The only issue that most users have with this unit is that it does not support attachments. You cannot attach any additional part to enhance the performance of this machine.

Overall, it is an ideal cleaning product with many features to let you achieve a cleaner yard. Read this Husqvarna 324L review to get a better understanding of this product.

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