Husqvarna 350BF is a great choice if you need a long-term fix to clean up messes on the lawns or yards. In this review, we cover every little detail you would possibly need to know about this blower, so you can safely bring this brilliant piece of equipment home with no regrets.

Closeup Review of Husqvarna 350BF

From specifications and features to assembly breakdown and more, we have you covered, so make sure to read all the way through to the end for the ultimate guide on this blower. 

Pros  Cons 
Low noise levels of 71 dB Relatively heavyweight at 22.5 lbs
Easy control for airspeed
Handles are comfortable for operation 

Husqvarna 350BF Highlights 

The 350BF is among the world-class backpack blowers that offer the best features to its users. When it comes to just how many amazing technical specifications this machine has, it’s quite hard to list them all, but here are some.

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  • Eco-friendly motor
  • Adjustable handles for optimum comfort 
  • Low vibration levels 
  • Ergonomic harness and handles
  • Cruise control option 
  • A high blowing capacity of 494.4 cfm
  • High wind speeds of 180 mph 
  • Machine weight of 22.5 lbs
  • Blowing force of 21 N
  • Noise rating of 71 dB
  • Quick start mechanism 
  • High-quality air filter
  • Fuel tank capacity of 2.27 fl oz

Husqvarna 350BF Review

Husqvarna 350BF Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Low noise levels of 71 dB
Easy control for airspeed
Handles are comfortable for operation
Relatively heavyweight at 22.5 lbs

If you’ve been around the leaf blower business for a while, then you’ve heard of Husqvarna, and their great deals along with their quality products. They are a Swedish company that makes some of the best power equipment out there, and of course, the 350BF is no exception to this rule.

This blower stands out above the rest in so many ways. To elaborate more, from its ingenious ergonomics to its X-Torq powerful engine that not only creates a force of 21 N but also takes care of exhaust fumes and increases fuel efficiency, this blower has it all. Basically, if you’re looking for a leaf blower that does not disappoint, then you can place your trust in the 350BF, as it is quite unlike any others out there and a favorite for many users all over the world. 

It is a gas-powered backpack leaf blower, meaning it is way more convenient than an electric-powered one, with great functionality, and an outstanding power source. Now you would no longer have to worry about running out of battery power or struggling with cords, which means that you must only check the level of gas, and work accordingly. 

This machine has a fuel tank capacity of 42.27 fluid ounces, you won’t have to worry at all about it running out of power mid-operation. In short, this also means it offers a long interval of run time; basically, you can handle larger areas or deeper cleanups with no issues, and you will be able to manage everything way better. 

Additionally, the blower has an impeccable anti-vibratory system which is worth talking about. Thanks to its low vibration levels, you don’t feel any discomfort while dealing with the blower, as it makes for an easy and smooth experience with no bothersome vibrations constantly wearing your bones down. Overall, you won’t be hesitant or stressed about covering up the task, because you will accomplish a great deal swiftly. 

The company has put a deal of time and made the right adjustments for this machine by adding an offset handle that lets you utilize the full force of air with minimum arm strain. It also has a hip-mounted throttle that allows you to regulate fuel consumption and set airspeed, in addition to an advanced filtering system that prevents clogging of the engine and promotes engine longevity.

The last thing you would want to know about is the Husqvarna 350BT fuel mix . As this blower has a two-stroke engine, you must fuel it with a mix of gas and oil. The official ratio recommended by Husqvarna is 50:1 gas to oil for optimal performance. 

How Has the Husqvarna 350BF Evolved? 

The Husqvarna 350bf has evolved from its previous model the Husqvarna 125B blower by having an amazing blowing force, as it used to be 470 cfm, but now it is 490 cfm, which shows a difference in the functionality and cleaning. 

The 350BF has evolved in so many ways that not only bring it into the limelight but also raise the Husqvarna company as a whole. Husqvarna has put in their efforts and resources to ensure that their devices stay up-to-date, and it shows how advanced and relevant their machines are, like 350BF.

Evolved by Having an Amazing Blowing Force

Husqvarna has some note-worthy powerful blowers in its line including the Husqvarna 150BT blower 97046, the Husqvarna 580BTS Mark ii 75.6cc 2-cycle backpack blower, the Husqvarna 350BT, to name a few. 

Let us compare different models with the 350BF. First, if we talk about Husqvarna 350BT reviews, it is the same model with the only difference in the placement of the throttle. In the 350BF, the throttle is mounted at the hip, whereas the 350BT has a tube throttle, so it all comes down to your preference between these two. 

Next, let us look at the 150BT. The 350BF offers many features that the 150BT does not. These include a low vibratory system, an engine that filters out wasteful exhaust fumes, an ergonomically designed harness and handles, and a big fuel tank for more extended periods of run time. 


However, the 150BT beats the 350BF when it comes to wind speed. The 350BF produces speeds of up to 180 mph whereas the 150BT can produce up to 270 mph. But both engines are powerful in their way and it comes down to weighing out your requirements!

Features Breakdown

– X-Torq Engine 

The 350BF features a special high-grade X-Torq engine with filtering technology that reduces harmful waste gases produced at the exhaust. This engine is one that cuts harmful emissions and waste gases by up to 60 percent and increases fuel efficiency by 20 percent.

World Class Backpack Blowers

This is great for both the environment and your health and safety as you will not be ingesting nor releasing large amounts of harmful gases into the environment. In short, you will be helping the surrounding environment by not adding any further to the pollution in the air, which is a great task in the long run.  

– Quick Start Technology 

The ingenious design of an air purge in this blower removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system for a fast and easy starting, so you can get to cleaning up without waiting around for minutes for the machine to start up.

This feature is a keen one, if you think about it because it wouldn’t leave you in stressed manner, as you won’t have to worry whether something went wrong or now. The latter would leave a person upset and thinking if their machine got defeated, but in this case, the stress is out, because it starts smoothly

– Offset Handle 

The offset handle of this blower lets you utilize maximum blow force without any arm strain. Due to its offset position, it is effortless to direct the air to the desired location and hold on to the nozzle without causing excessive harm to your arm.

Remember that this is such an experienced company that produced this machine; hence, they took into consideration your comfort, and built is accordingly.

– Adjustable Handles 

With the adjustable handles, you can customize their length to your desire depending upon the nature of the job.

This increases comfort while dealing with the blower during cleaning up as you no longer have to bend your back to access hard-to-reach places in your yard. 

– Low Vibrations

The anti-vibration dampers between the engine and the chassis effectively reduce the vibrations caused by the machine.

Anti Vibration Dampers Between the Engine

This improves comfort with handling the machine and reduces strain on the user’s body. In short, the level here is 2.2 m/s² reduces strain on joints and muscles.

– Ergonomic Harness System

The padded harness, back support, and hip belt is crafted to fit the contours of the user’s body. As a result, you will try and see how this blower is very comfortable to wear and will not hurt your back, even during extended periods of use; although, it may be a bit heavy, don’t worry, because its comfort beats all. 

– Cruise Control 

The exceptional cruise control option on this blower lets you set the wind speed and allows the blower to go at that exact speed for as long as you desire.

Now you no longer have to hold down a button for the exact speed you need, hence reducing cramping in your hands. 

– High Blowing Capacity 

The powerful engine of the 350BF produces a force of 21 N that creates wind speeds up to 180 mph and holds an air capacity of 494.41 CFM, which in short, is a great deal of power that will help you to tidy the place.


This is more than enough to handle whatever task you need it to perform, as these powerful blasts of air clear up your entire yards in just a couple of minutes, making it incredibly efficient. 


The 350BF has everything you could need from a blower: it’s powerful, comfortable, durable, and environmentally friendly. For these reasons and those mentioned above, it is our top recommendation for everyone who needs a flexible and reliable blower that is up to perform any task.

Overall, this blower is as good as it gets, so if you’re considering buying one, you’re in great hands. We hope this 350BF cc backpack review has been helpful to you! Be sure to see more at the official Husqvarna website for any further assistance. 

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