Husqvarna 436LIB is a battery powered, lightweight, easy-to-use, and powerful blower that is as worthy as any to be considered for your next blower purchase.

Featuring Husqvarna 436LIB Leaf Blower

In this article, we look into each of its specifications and features in great depth, going into what makes this beauty a truly special piece of power equipment.

So make sure to stick around till the end if you want to know everything there is to know about this beast of a machine.

Pros Cons 
Lightweight design  Does not have adjustable wind speed settings 
Long battery run time of 26 minutes  Does not have multiple functions like vacuuming and mulching 
Quiet performance of 81 dB
Cruise Control

Husqvarna 436LIB Highlights 

The 436LIB is quite infamous amongst regular leaf blower users and buyers, as it impresses many with its amazing features and specs. When you wish to invest in this leaf blower, you should know the features of the 436LIB which make yard maintenance an easy operation to include.

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  • Lightweight at 5.29 lbs
  • Ergonomic body and handle 
  • Boost effect
  • 40 V Li-ion battery with a run time of 26 minutes 
  • Low noise levels of 81 dB
  • Brushless motor
  • Comfortable shoulder straps and hip harness 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Maximum air speed of 105.14 mph
  • An air volume of 441.43 cfm

Husqvarna 436LIB Review

Husqvarna 436LIB Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Lightweight design
Long battery run time of 26 minutes
Quiet performance of 81 dB
Cruise Control
Does not have adjustable wind speed settings
Does not have multiple functions like vacuuming and mulching

This amazing blower is sure to become your new favorite yard maintenance tool! With its amazing key features, it holds a high rank amongst world-leading and top-quality blowers. Being amongst one of the very best blowers out there, there is no way you won’t be impressed by this machine. 

From its ingenious ergonomic design that prioritizes user comfort to its powerful brushless motor that creates air speeds up to 105 mph, this blower does an incredible job at servicing you in every way possible. The ergonomic design of the machine and its handle makes it easy for your joints and muscles to carry around the blower. This means that after prolonged use of this machine, the end user will not be tired, because the design is already a key feature that is providing comfort. 

Also, it is quite lightweight, further adding to the ease of carrying it for longer periods. The brushless motor is robust and creates forceful blasts of air with speeds up to 105 mph that can instantly blow away any stubborn debris or leaves. When you think about this given, you can easily get fascinated because these are the troubling leaves that would agitate the person who is using it. 

However, if we wish to talk about the Husqvarna manufacturers, and ask, who makes Husqvarna blowers? Well, Husqvarna is a Swedish-origin company that owns several other smaller leaf blower series such as BTS, LIB, iBTX, BVx, and more. In short, they are the genius behind the innovative and advanced machinery.

Something worth considering in this blower is the Husqvarna 436LIB battery, which is, as mentioned earlier, a lithium-ion battery of 40 volts. However, you should keep in mind while ordering your blower, that it does not come with a charger. It is sold separately, but you can place an order for it with your blower. 

How Has the Husqvarna 436LIB Evolved?

Husqvarna 436LIB has evolved from its previous version, Husqvarna 230IB by its weight, as it used to be 8.4 lbs, but now it is 5.29 lbs. In addition, this would mean that using the 436LIB will not give you any physical issues like a sore back.

Battery Powered Marvel Worthy Leaf Blower

The company of manufacturing, Husqvarna, has made it its mission to always maintain its tool’s relevancy by keeping them up-to-date with the latest trends and demands. This has brought the 436LIB and the company loads of respect from its peers and long-time leaf blower experts. 

Some of the many ways the 436LIB has evolved include features like machine weight and ergonomics, including a cruise option and boost mode. All of these improvements have been made to ensure the machine is the very best version of itself for the users. 


Husqvarna has many brilliant blowers in its lineup such as the Husqvarna 320IB, the Husqvarna 250BT, the Husqvarna 550IBTX and the Husqvarna 200I. To better understand the evolution of 436LIB, you must see the right features that it has and focus on the great work that it would supply.

Features Breakdown 

– Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomically designed handle offers the user’s increased comfort and easy access to the control panel. This leads to a considerable decrease in user fatigue and fewer hand cramps after working in your yard for an extended period. 

Ergonomically Designed Handle Blower

When you think about how the machine is not heavy, and the handle is properly made and designed for your benefit, this is such an advantage when you aim to use it. Moreover, you would also have confidence in the machine, because you will use it without getting tired in the long run. 

In short, the excellent ergonomics of this blower, through balance, comfortable grip, and ingenious keypad placement, make the whole operation of cleaning your yard much more comfortable for you by preventing muscle cramps and joint pains. 

– Cruise Control 

The cruise control allows you to set and lock in the blowing speed of the blower for optimum ease when handling the machine. So that you would set the needed wind speed rather than holding down the button at all times. 

This feature, again, would aim to reduce hand cramps as you don’t have to hold down the button for as long as you have to operate the tool. On top of that, you can focus on one pace, move the machine accordingly, and get done with the chore faster than you had in mind, because it is moving now on a uniform strength.

– Boost Effect 

The boost effect allows you to set the 436LIB to maximum blowing air speed with a simple push of a button. The maximum power and force generated instantly clean away any stubborn debris stuck on piles of leaves in your yard.

When you have finished off your chore with a simple speed, see that there are some twigs and leaves that are stuck, this is the ultimate moment for you to use the boosting mode, and finish off with the right touch-ups in a proper way. 

– Lightweight 

The light machine weight of 5.29 lbs makes it very easy to carry the blower around in your yard. As a result of this, you do not tire out extensively because of holding or carrying the tool for extended periods. You will not be exhausted, because the machine will be quite easy to maneuver.

Light Machine Weight of The Blower

This means you can now use the machine for a long time without feeling any pain, as the lightweight plays its part in reducing user fatigue. On this note, according to several Husqvarna battery leaf blower reviews, this blower weighs significantly less than other gas-powered blowers on the market, making it an excellent choice among the masses.

– Brushless Motor 

The high power and high torque to weight ratio make for a robust and efficient motor, while the brushless aspect provides quiet performance, and it would also increase the durability of the machine.

All this power with close to no noise allows you to handle whatever degree of cleanup without disturbing the neighborhood noise levels, which makes the task quite well for you and the surrounding. 

– Comfortable Shoulder Straps and Waist Harness

The comfortable shoulder straps and waist harness allow you to strap on the device and wear it on your back instead of carrying it.

This lets you carry on the operation for a longer time if need be, without hurting or wearing you down in any way. Your muscles won’t become sore at the end, and you won’t feel the machine hurt or damaged your arm. 

– High Blowing Capacity

The powerful motor generates wind speeds of up to 105.14 mph and the air pipe holds an air capacity of 441.43 cfm. This is more than enough of a force to blow away any debris instantly and is capable of handling any degree of cleanup, whether large and heavy duty or small and light. Moreover, if you think about it, having this ability will ensure that the task will be managed in a shorter duration. 

– Li-ion Battery 

The battery is well known in the industry for its amazing capability to provide long-lasting power and the battery is no exception to that fact. The 40 V lithium battery blower runs on provides an impressive 26 minutes of run time even on boost mode, which gives you ample time to carry out your yard cleaning duties without needing to run over to charge or replace the battery. 

– Conveniently Placed Keypad Control

The easy-to-access intuitive keypad has all the necessary control buttons you might need while operating the blower, including cruise control, boost mode, and power button, so you can easily control the device with the simple press of a button.


Your mind will not be in the hassle of what is going on, because the keypad is swiftly accessible. 


To finally bring this review to a close, we’d recommend the 436LIB to those who are looking for the best companion to handle all their yard work. For the many reasons mentioned above, including its incredible product specs that offer great convenience and power, we think this is the most suitable option for everyone interested in buying a capable blower. 

Both professional and domestic buyers appreciate this reliable machine and will be glad to add it to their yard care kit. We hope this review helps you better understand the 436LIB, so much so that you feel confident placing your order. For any further information regarding purchasing, sales, and discounts please be sure to check out the official Husqvarna website. 

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