Husqvarna 550IBTX is a powerful and well-rounded ergonomic blower that, being battery-operated, has a high-grade professional engine that can muster up a force of 21 N in blowing power. Also, this skillfully crafted monster of a machine is made to be highly capable of professional-level usage and can handle long periods of use in large spaces.

Details Review of Husqvarna 550IBTX

Along with its robot engine power, it offers so many amazing features: it is reliable, low noise producing, has high-class cru, etc.

To know more about the many amazing conveniences this blower offers its users, please continue reading on. 

Pros Cons
Ergonomic design for users’ comfort  Heavy 
Exceptional cruise control options available  Do not have multiple functions such as mulching and vacuuming 
Produces low noise levels of 61 dB
Li-ion battery offers long-lasting battery life. 

Husqvarna 550IBTX Highlights 

The 550IBTX offers you all you could want from a leaf blower and much more. From its comfortable design to its long-lasting battery power, the 550IBTX has you covered! Some other fascinating features of the blower include.

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  • Boost Mode
  • Produces less noise 
  • Motor has increased efficiency
  • Comfortable and adjustable strap
  • Cruise control
  • Lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting power
  • Integrated connectivity
  • User-friendly keypad
  • Maximum wind speed of 120.79 mph
  • Airflow capacity in pipe of 452.03 cfm

Husqvarna 550IBTX Review

Husqvarna 550IBTX Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Ergonomic design for users' comfort
Exceptional cruise control options available
Produces low noise levels of 61 dB
Li-ion battery offers long-lasting battery life.
Do not have multiple functions such as mulching and vacuuming

The 550IBTX is an incredible world-class backpack leaf blower that offers you everything you could require from the tool. Its many amazing features ensure you have no trouble clearing up pieces of debris, piles of leaves, twigs, and sticks off your yard or lawn, by offering the user great convenience and making the whole operation a lot easier. It has great power and an amazingly built motor which would make it possible for all things to be removed.

As we’ve mentioned above, this leaf blower is not like the others out there as it has an incredibly ergonomic design. This means when you are using the blower and have to carry it around throughout your yards, lawns, porches, or decks, it won’t wear down on you, making it easier on your joints and muscles. 

Although it is 13.9 lbs, which is quite heavy, with the responsible straps, the backpack blower sits comfortably on your shoulders, and the weight is lifter by your back muscles. On top of this, it also has harness straps to offer increased comfort and reduced strain on the user’s body.

Furthermore, when compared to other gas backpack leaf blowers out there, this one is considerably lighter in weight. Again, this makes it easier to carry it around without wearing you down and hence reduces user fatigue. 

It also has ventilation installed into the back pad. This helps to prevent overheating of the machine and therefore also protects your back, which is in contact with the machine, from getting too warm or burnt, especially if you are going to use it for a prolonged period of time. 

Husqvarna, the company responsible for manufacturing the 550IBTX along with many other great blowers, is a world-leading brand that has been in the business for years. Its products are a valuable candidate for your investment as you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands because of its top quality and extremely reliable machinery that leaves virtually zero customer dissatisfaction. 

Let’s talk about possibly the most important part of a blower: the motor of the machine, the one that gets the job going. The 550IBTX has a BLDC motor that is powered by a Li-ion battery of 40V. This beast can produce a blowing force of 21 N, creating air speeds of up to 120.79 mph. Additionally, it also has a boost option, which lets you blast the maximum force and airspeed, and can run up to long intervals of time.

This amount of force and airspeed makes any cleanup a breeze. With just one touch of the boost button, all the debris is cleared away, making the whole operation time-saving and super easy for you to carry out. Moreover, it has a useful boost mode which allows you to create blasts of maximum air velocity and force when needed. 

It also has a cruise mode, which would let you set the exact needed wind speed and force, and the cables are neatly hidden between the blower and handle for hassle-free operation and storage. On another note, it has integrated connectivity, which lets you connect with Husqvarna Fleet Services and check the active location of your blower. 

On the hand side, it has a keypad with an intuitive interface and buttons that let you control the device easily and also show the battery bar so that you can keep a check on its status.

Another thing to consider is the noise rating, and how it’s a great feature for such a strong machine, the 550IBTX has a quiet noise performance of 61 dB, which is significantly lower than most options available in the marketplace. This lets you run the blower for as long as you wish without being a disturbance to your neighbors. Also, it is the preferable option for those users who are sensitive to loud sounds. 

How Has the Husqvarna 550IBTX Evolved? 

The 550IBTX has evolved by having a more powerful motor that delivers a blowing force of 21 N, whereas the previous version, the 340IBT can only do a fraction at 17 N. Additionally, the 340IBT does not have both boost and cruise options, unlike the 550IBTX.

550 IBTX Has Evolved by Having a More Powerful Motor

This blower’s specs are such a great upgrade from the past versions, making it extremely up-to-date and keeping with the newest trends and buyers’ demands. This not only brings up the blower but also skyrockets the company into the limelight for being extremely relevant. 

Husqvarna has released countless amazing products and each has continued to impress. Other versions in the Husqvarna series of blowers include the Husqvarna 340IBT, the Husqvarna BLI950X, the Husqvarna 230IB, the Husqvarna 320IB, and the Husqvarna 580BTS. Let’s run some comparisons between the 550IBTX and other similar models. 

First, let’s take a look at the 580BTS against the 550IBTX and see how each holds up. Both versions are great options and each offers its special features, but if you are looking for an option with cruise control, then the 550IBTX is the better option, as the 580BTS does not offer it whereas the 550IBTX does. 


Secondly, the 550IBTX has a boost option, whereas the 580BTS does not. While the 580BTS has a commercial-grade air filter and the 550IBTX does not, the filter protects the engine from being clogged by debris. 

Features Breakdown 

– Boost Mode

The boost option of this blower gives you unlimited maximum blow force when you need it with just the push of a simple button.

Boost Option Gives Unlimited Maximum Blow Force

This helps to instantly clear away any stubborn debris or piles of stuck-on leaves from any tough spots in your yard but it does limit the Husqvarna 550IBTX run time.

– Brushless Motor 

The motor of the 550IBTX battery backpack blower allows for a powerful output with barely any sound produced, giving you both efficiency and quiet performance that will not bother the neighbors.

Being a brushless motor is also beneficial for different reasons, which is having a longer lifespan, a better speed, and a great reduction of noise, than a machine that has a brush motor.

– Ergonomic Harness 

The shoulder and hip straps of this blower are designed in such a way that it is extremely comfortable for you to carry the backpack blower. Additionally, the back pad is also ventilated to prevent overheating of the machine and for user safety.

This design is a characteristic of the machine, because it would mean that the company has considered the end user’s comfort and the fact that they won’t get exhausted after they are done. 

– Blowing Capacity 

The robust motor is capable of producing a force of 21 N which is no small feat!

Blowing Capacity Creates a Mad Powerful Blast

This creates a mad powerful blast of air with speeds up to 120.79 mph which is more than enough to handle any size of clean-up, whether it be light or heavy duty. 

– Cruise Control 

The cruise control lets you set the exact needed wind speed or blow force, even in boost mode. This means you don’t have to hold down the button which could cramp up your hand. This is a great choice because you can set it to your desired speed, and the machine will run liberally, as you would focus on accomplishing the task.

– Li-on Power 

The lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting power, so you don’t have to worry about running around to replace the Husqvarna 550IBTX battery.


It also ensures you no longer need to stop mid-work to recharge the blower and the great power source that the motor will receive to perform.


To bring this review to an end, we would like to recommend the 40V battery blower as our top choice for anyone who needs a strong, reliable, and comfortable blower that can handle any task. We especially would recommend it to professional users who need something sturdier, as with its amazing features, you won’t be let down.

We hope this review has helped make you understand the machine better. For any further information, do make sure to check out the official Husqvarna website. We wish you the best in your future blower purchases. 

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