Husqvarna 570BFS is the leaf blower that should be your choice if you are met with several blowers and are confused about what to pick. This powerful commercial backpack blower is here to save your lawns and make the whole operation of yard cleanups less daunting.

Review of Leaf Blower Husqvarna 570BFS

It is designed and crafted with immense care and thought, allowing it to perform even the most difficult tasks with ease and brilliance like never before.

In this review, we cover everything you need to know about it, so keep reading to know about it. 

Pros  Cons 
Ergonomic design that is comfortable  Heavy machine weight of 24.47 lbs
Quiet performance of 76 dB Doesn’t have cruise control 
Reduces harmful exhaust emissions 

Husqvarna 570BFS Highlights 

This stunning power equipment offers its user many amazing technical specifications and features. It is powerful, safe, and easy on the bones and joints. But there’s so much more that it offers, so here are some more technical product specs of the 570BFS:

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  • X-torq engine 
  • Frame-mounted throttle control 
  • Strong air filter
  • High blowing capacity
  • Has a powerful engine coupled with a durable fan 
  • Produces forceful blasts of air
  • Ergonomic harness strap that makes it easier to carry the tool
  • Fuel tank capacity of 74.4 fluid ounces 
  • Machine weight of 24.47 lbs
  • Blowing force of 37 N
  • Maximum air speed of 237.12 mph
  • Maximum air volume in pipe of 768 cfm

Husqvarna 570BFS Review

Husqvarna 570BFS Key Criteria
Number of Air Flow Settings
Air Flow
Number of Functions
Ergonomic design that is comfortable
Quiet performance of 76 dB
Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
Heavy machine weight of 24.47 lbs
Doesn't have cruise control

Amongst its peers, the 570BFS certainly knows how to stand out. With so many options for great leaf blowers, it’s easy to get lost in the sound, but in this case, the 570BFS lets us know it is here to stay for all the right reasons. This blower does not leave a shadow of doubt in its user’s heart because it shows up and outperforms in every way. 

The Husqvarna company is a safe and respectable bet for your investment and has been in the business for years, constantly putting out incredible products. The commitment of the company is evident in this blower, designed for both individual and professional users, which means you can use it for residential uses and even for bigger places. The machine has been properly manufactured by having an industrial air filter that allows for extended use in dusty conditions and promotes engine longevity.

Its powerful commercial-grade X-Torq engine makes it capable of various degrees of demanding work by generating air velocities of up to 237.12 mph and an air volume capacity of 768 cfm in the round nozzle air pipe. This is more than enough power to handle any type of yard cleaning, because it will do the job right away. 

Additionally, the engine is protected by a commercial-grade filter, which prevents any debris from coming into close contact with the engine and clogging it. Thus, it keeps the powerful engine running for many years to come, adding to the durability of the blower. 

Also, the engine of this blower is the perfect choice for those potential buyers concerned with their health and safety. As the engine reduces harmful exhaust fumes produced by gas blowers by 60 percent, it makes for one of the best and safest options when it comes to blowers. Which means that it will be such a great choice, if you want to be more environmentally friendly with your choice of leaf blower.

Furthermore, its ergonomic design harness is another added benefit for those who want to prioritize health but not compromise on sheer power. This design makes it easier on your bones, joints, and muscles when carrying around the blower, again making it the best option for those on the lookout for a powerful tool with utmost comfort. No matter the condition you are going through, the machine is pretty well manufactured for this purpose. 

How Has the Husqvarna 570BFS Evolved?

Husqvarna 570BFS has evolved by having a cruise control mode, when its previous version, the 150BT didn’t have one. In addition, the Husqvarna 570BFS parts include the X-Torq technology, which reduces the harmful waste gases produced, whereas the 150BT does not, as a result it wouldn’t be as eco-friendly. 

The Husqvarna 570BFS has evolved in several fascinating ways. It has improved itself to keep up with the recent trends of the leaf blower marketplace and has upgraded itself to meet the demands of buyers, making it a great spectacle and a respectable option. 

Blower Has Evolved by Having a Cruise Control Mode

To help us understand how far the 570BFS has come, let’s run some comparisons with other models in the Husqvarna series. The most notable of these include the Husqvarna 250BT, the Husqvarna 360BT, the Husqvarna 580BFS, the Husqvarna 150BT, and the BTS Mark ii.

the 570BFS backpack leaf blower vs the 150BT. Both versions have extremely powerful engines, but However, to consider some Husqvarna 570BTS problems, according to Husqvarna 570BTS reviews, it does not have cruise control like the 150BT.

On the other hand, for the 350BT version, you get both the X-Torq engine that filters out the waste gases and the cruise control option, but the 350BT cannot produce even close to the air velocity that the 570BFS produces. The 350BT produces air speeds of up to 180 mph, whereas the 570BFS can produce a much higher speed of 237.12 mph. 


Similar issues arise with the 360BT model, which does have an X-Torq engine and a cruise control option, but again produces an air speed of 104 mph with the round nozzle, whereas the 570BFS produces 236 mph with the round nozzle. 

Features Breakdown 

X-Torq Engine

The powerful X-Torq engine is quite literally a lifesaver, as it cuts down emissions and deadly exhaust gases by 60 percent; why is this a good choice to invest in, would be a question you would ask because when these gas are released into the environment, they would pollute the area. They may also cause different issues regarding your health in the long run however because this machine has gotten rid of this danger, it shows that you would be safe away from these issues. 

Features Breakdown of Powerful Leaf Blower

This plays a significant part in improving user health and promoting environmental friendliness. As a result, if you are looking for a safe blower for both yourself and the environment, the 570 BFS would make a great choice, especially if you have kids, or elder citizens in your neighborhood and wouldn’t wish to cause any air pollution. 

Frame Mounted Throttle 

The extremely well-protected throttle control of this blower is connected to the frame, allowing you to control the engine’s power output. It also lets you regulate the fuel consumption and the force exerted on the engine. 

Controlling these aspects is particularly useful when switching between heavy cleanups to light cleanups and vice versa, this means that the job has become much easier for you. The given is also helpful when you aim to maintain the engine’s power because it would enable your leaf blower to work in excellent condition for a long time. 

Advanced Air Filter

Another noteworthy feature of this blower is the commercial grade air filter and the advanced two-stage filtering system. This extensive filtration prevents debris from passing on into the engine of the blower and clogging it up; in short, this hazard has gone out of the picture, which means your filter and machine are both safe now. 

Husqvarna 570 Bfs blower Has Commercial Grade Air Filter

By doing this, it maintains the life and strength of the engine for an extended period. It also ensures that you do not spend excessively on maintenance and upkeep of the blower. 

Powerful Blow

The brilliant and smart technology of this blower includes a powerful engine and a durable fast paced fan propeller. This creates forceful blasts of up to 237.12 mph and an air volume capacity of 768 cfm, making any cleanup easier and simpler than you had imagined.

Now, you no longer need to work in your yard for extended periods to make it look pristine, and the lawn will look absolutely clean and neat. 

Ergonomic Harness 

The design of the blower is crafted in such a way that it makes it comfortable to hold and carry for long periods. The ventilation system prevents overheating the blower while saving your back from getting too hot with the heat released by the engine. 


Additionally, the wide comfortable straps make the load on your shoulders and joints easier to carry compared to other Husqvarna backpack blowers. Even though you are going to lift it with one arm, it is not going to be such a spasm-causing issue.


The 570BFS has everything you need from a blower and more. With its powerful engine to its comfortable ergonomic design, you certainly will not be disappointed on any fronts. Therefore, for all the reasons mentioned in this review, we highly recommend the Husqvarna 570BFS to professional buyers and individuals who need a reliable and trusty power tool blower

We hope this review has shared some valuable insight with you, and now you are more equipped when making your decision about the 570BFS. If you have any further inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to the Husqvarna representatives or customer service on their official websites. Good luck to you on your leaf blower hunt!

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