Husqvarna 580BTS Mark III is one of the best if you’ve been on the lookout for a powerful leaf blower. This strong blower has many amazing features that we’ll discuss further in this article.

Husqvarna 580BTS Mark III Review

Besides the fact that this machine is easy to start, whenever it’s needed, and can be used by almost anyone with little experience or knowledge of it as the manual contains all the information needed to operate it.

So, if you’re curious about the machine, and want to find out if it’ll be the most suitable blower for you, continue reading.

Pros Cons
Very powerful Slightly heavy 
Easy to use It is loud
Reduced vibrations Consumes a large amount of fuel
Large tank

Husqvarna 580BTS Highlights

It’s “go big, or go home” with this powerful machine, which has many amazing features that makes it great for blowing off several types of materials, including wet and dry leaves, nuts, twigs, and even snow- that’s how strong the machine is:

  • Powerful blowing capability
  • Commercial grade air filter
  • X-Torq engine
  • Cruise control
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system
  • Ergonomic harness
  • Low vibrations

Husqvarna 580BTS Mark III Review

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Husqvarna 580BTS Mark III Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Very powerful
Easy to use
Reduced vibrations
Large tank
Slightly heavy
It is loud
Consumes a large amount of fuel

This backpack leaf blower is a high-functioning tool that uses high airspeed to blow off several materials, not just leaves. So we can say it is multifunctional, given that the company has been around for a while, and how they are reputable to be creating such a quality device. 

Also, the tool weighs 26.8 pounds, so it is quite heavy. However, it has a harness support system, to reduce the effect of its weight. The harness helps to spread the weight evenly, and makes the machine slightly more comfortable to use.

We’ve also considered the airflow of this 580BTS backpack blower. It has a 1200cfm in-housing airflow, and a 1000cfm in-pipe airflow, which enables it to perform its function well. The double airflow feature of the Husqvarna machine will blow your mind. 

Lastly, it has two airflow settings, which enables users to switch from high airflow to low airflow with great convenience. To elaborate further, you can see that the tool has very high ratings overall, which shows its capacity to do a proper job when it is used, whether it is for dry surfaces or even wet ones. With this Husqvarna blower, you can be sure of clear and clean spaces at all times, because it is easy to use, and clears out debris in very little time.

Also, if you decide on getting this machine, you’ll enjoy it very much during winter, as it can be useful in clearing huge piles of snow and wet leaves. It is better than most other blower types and models because it has improved features like its low vibrating ability. 

For example, if you want to compare and say the Husqvarna 580BTS Vs Stihl BR800, the Husqvarna 580BTS will always come out on top because of its powerful engine and airflow features.

This is due to different aspects that the product would be applicable of taking control over, one of which is the durability as the tank of the Husqvarna is much larger, which makes it better for usage, and more durable.

How Has Husqvarna 580BTS Mark III Evolved?

Husqvarna 580BTS Mark III has evolved by its previous version, the Mark II, by having a better blowing force, which is what makes it more advanced. On the other hand, the previous version of it has a lower noise level of 77dB, as the Mark III has 106 db. 

Many users have noticed an improvement in the machines’ fuel capacity, and their ability to cover larger grounds, in a short period, without going over the same area repeatedly. It is more powerful and more efficient in clearing out large and small spaces.

Also, this new model of the machine has reduced vibrations, which makes it more comfortable to carry around for longer periods.


Features Breakdown

– Powerful Blowing Capability

These leaf blowers have a high blowing capacity. The combination of the high air speed at 220mph, high in-pipe airflow at 1000cfm, and high in-housing airflow is what would make this machine a great contender in the backpack blower space. 

Its high airspeed means that the air stream coming from the machine is very strong, and having a high airflow means that a large volume of air comes out of the tube at once. Both of these features help to push a larger amount of debris through a longer distance, which makes the work faster.

After using a lawn mower to cut grass, you can use this leaf-blowing machine to clear grass cuttings- it doesn’t have to be restricted to clearing leaves alone. The machine is especially beneficial for landscaping contractors that are on a tight schedule, as it gets the work done in very little time. 

More importantly, the high-blowing capability of this machine saves individuals, old and young, from the unnecessary back pain that comes with having to bend to put the pipe close to the area that needs to be blown.

– Air Filter

Additionally, it has an industrial-quality filter, which ensures that the machine runs smoothly, for an extended time, even under dusty conditions. It filters in two stages and retains and captures big particles like debris, dust, and dirt, all the things that your garden will be free from, as it will clean the place spotless. 

Most users add a filter oil to enhance the filtration effectiveness and dirt retention ability. As a result of this filter, users can expect to use the machine season after season without any trouble. This would mean that any new user, especially won’t need to tamper with the filtration system for a very long time.

– X-Torq Engine

With any fuel-powered machine, the engine is very important. The manufacturers of this machine considered that and built it with a powerful engine that boosts fuel efficiency by 20 percent while reducing dangerous exhaust pollutants by 60 percent. 

This slight increase in fuel efficiency means that the fuel consumption rate has been reduced by 20 percent. Which would lad you to know how the leaf blower would still consume a lot of fuel, it won’t be as much as the fuel consumption rate of other similar machines, and as it consumes so, it will still run for a longer duration.

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Also, it’s well known that fuel-powered engines pollute the surrounding air with carbon, produced during the process of combustion. On the other hand, with this X-Torq engine, the pollution effect is greatly reduced, as it will not mess up the place with excess fuel getting to burn.

Moreover, many people prefer engine-powered blowers to Battery-powered ones because they run for extended periods, and they can be refueled as soon as the fuel in the tank has been used up. Furthermore, the Husqvarna 580BTS fuel tank has a high capacity, matching the machine’s powerful engine.

– Cruise Control

This machine has a built-in a cruise control device, and this is the reason why users love it. Since the company has been around for a long time, it is simple to say that they have taken this matter into consideration have invested further and added a cruise control feature. 

The cruise control is what makes it run in a smooth manner, where you would adjust it to one speed, and that it how it will run. The keen fact to look upon is that, when you have set cruise control, you do not need to keep on pushing the button, and you can freely adjust the speed that you wish, giving you freedom of choice when running the errand, and it won’t cause you any further stress. 

In short, when you have the control of the speed, it is one important feature that makes this fuel-powered blower greatly loved by users. For simpler handling, users can adjust the fan speed as needed. So, if you need a high or low amount of airspeed, you can adjust it accordingly. 

– Centrifugal Air Cleaning System

The air injection or centrifugal air cleaning systems and the filtration systems work hand-in-hand to improve the machines’ lifespan. The injection system functions by removing dust and other particles from the system before they get into the filter. 

Centrifugal Air Cleaning System

With these systems in place, you can expect to use the machine for a long time without unnecessary issues, while also saving time on cleaning the filter. The air cleaning system is great, in addition, if you wish to have a long lasting machine, where it will be able to last for a longer period of time. 

– Stable Gear

Keeping comfort in mind, the manufacturers of this machine Included a strong harness in the design, to help with weight distribution during usage, don’t forget that it is a backpack machine, which is why it will be great to set a balance on your back, knowing that it is not lightweight.

Having the latter in mind, the comfortable harness or the stable fixated gear is what helps users carry the backpack around more comfortably and for longer periods. 

This is especially useful for older individuals, or even for covering a yard that is massive and bigger than an average one. One important feature of the harness is that it is made with rear vents that distribute air and help to keep users cool at all times during usage. It also includes wide shoulder buckles and a hip strap. 

– Low Vibrations

Another critical feature of the blower is its low vibrating feature. Most fuel-powered machines come with a lot of vibrating movement. This is one feature that the manufacturer has improved on with this machine. 

There are dampeners strategically placed between the engine and the frame of the machine, which has successfully reduced the level of vibration. This is very beneficial because it allows handlers to use it for prolonged periods without stress.

On the other hand, the reason why this is an essential feature is that low vibrations cause less fatigue and lower the noise than it would supply. These would help an individual feel less tired, and the muscles of the back won’t feel as soar, because the company has taken the matter into consideration. 



After using a lawn mower in your yard, a commercial-grade backpack blower like the one we’ve discussed in the article above will come in handy. We’ve talked about the blower’s features that make it a great option for individuals with sizeable properties or landscapes. Additionally, it has advantages for prolonged usage, making it perfect for all types of customers.

So, if you need a powerful and durable blower, you should consider this machine. What’s more is that the Husqvarna 580BTS price is relatively cheap, especially if you’re not importing or paying for long-distance delivery.

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