Husqvarna 7021p -21-Inch Push MowerThis Husqvarna 7021p review goes into the details about this push-style lawnmower and what it has to offer for keeping lawns trim and tidy. You’ll discover what we learned about what this mower can and cannot do and how well it performs in the real world. 

You’ll come away from reading this review with essential knowledge and facts about this machine’s specs, features and capabilities, so read on to find out if this is the mower you need for your yard. 

Husqvarna lawn mower 7021p Pros and Cons

Husqvarna 7021p Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Powerful, 4 HP Honda engine
Simple operation
Large rear wheels with deep tread
Flimsy deck
Narrow cutting width

Product Highlights

This mower is ready to use right out of the box after you add oil and gas. In addition, most buyers find that the engine readily starts up on just the first or second pull of the recoil cord. 

  • 160cc Honda engine 
  • 12-inch diameter rear wheels for extra leverage 
  • 2-bushel collection bag included 
  • 3-in-1 function bags, mulches and side discharges cuttings
  • Six cutting height adjustments

Husqvarna 7021p Review

First off, it’s important to note this is not a Husqvarna 7021p self propelled lawnmower. Instead, this model is a push-style mower that relies on muscle power to maneuver around the yard. Push mowers are ideal for many buyers with small to medium-sized landscapes who want to get some physical exercise while mowing the lawn. 

With that said, this lawnmower has a powerful engine that can blast through tall grass in record time. In addition, it comes equipped with a multi-use blade for mulching, bagging or side discharging the grass trimmings. It also has a built-in hatch for blocking off the discharge chute in mulching mode, so you don’t have to invest in a separate mulching kit.

In mulching mode, this lawnmower reduces the cuttings to small pieces that practically disappear on the surface of the lawn, returning valuable nutrients into the soil and reducing or eliminating the need for additional lawn fertilizer. 

The handlebar easily adjusts, so you can fine-tune the height and get it exactly where you want it for maximum comfort. In addition, the handlebar folds down completely for compact storage, where it can easily fit under a workbench in the garage or limited space in a tool shed.

Overall, this is an excellent lawnmower for small to medium-sized yards without many slopes or uneven ground. However, if you have a lot of ups and downs in your yard, or your lawn area is large, you might be happier with one of the self-propelled, all-wheel-drive mowers made by Husqvarna or Honda.


Main Product Features 

– Engine

The engine is a robust GCV160 Honda 4-cycle that runs on regular gasoline, which means that you won’t need to mix the gas with oil on this mower. However, it needs gas that has no more than 10 percent ethanol. It also needs motor oil added to the oil reservoir before you start it up, but it already comes with a bottle of oil so you can get it going right away. 

One advantage of this mower over many others is its auto-choke feature. With auto-choke, advanced components in the ignition system automatically adjust the choke to the correct setting, so you don’t need to do it manually. This system is an excellent option for people who like to mow their lawns but don’t want to bother wearing a mechanic’s hat to do it. 

Overall, the engine in this mower is one of the most reliable and durable you can find in walk-behind lawnmowers — an obvious benefit for anyone investing in a new mower.

– Cutting Deck

The 21-inch cutting deck is made from steel, but a few buyers have reported that it is a bit flimsy if you are traveling over uneven ground, saying that the deck material can flex and bend when encountering bumps. With that in mind, mowing on primarily flat terrain doesn’t usually raise issues like this.

The single blade under the deck is designed for finely mulching the clippings and leaving them distributed evenly on the surface of the lawn. You might be favorably impressed with a mulching mower because the clippings add valuable nutrients back into the lawn, keeping it lush and green without extra fertilization. 

The deck is adjustable to six positions from 1 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches in height using large and easy-to-move levers located at each wheel. However, the narrow cutting width makes this mower most suitable for smaller yards.

– Wheels

The front wheels are 8 inches in diameter, while the rear wheels are 12-inches. This larger size provides the operator with more leverage when pushing the machine, a significant advantage for a non-self-propelled mower.

All of the wheels also have deep, rugged treads for superior traction, and they also have heavy-duty steel bearings so they will keep on turning season after season.

– Washout Port 

After each use, it’s always a good idea to wash out under the deck to keep the blades and underside in optimum condition. You’ll probably be pleased to find that on this mower, you can hook a garden hose to a washout port on top of the deck to blast away debris.

Because of this, you do not need to tip the mower on its side to clean it — another advantage for anyone who doesn’t want to spend spare time maintaining and cleaning their lawnmower, and for those who are not physically strong enough to lift a heavy mower to its side for cleaning.

– Operator Controls

Starting the mower is simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Fill the gas and oil tanks.
  • Open the fuel shut-off valve.
  • Pull the recoil cord while holding the operator’s presence bail down at the same time.

The engine reliably starts up on the first or second pull. To stop the engine, just release the operator’s presence bail and it will shut down. 

In the center of the handlebar, you’ll find the throttle grip which you can squeeze to send more gas to the engine. The grip is variable speed, so you can finely adjust the throttle setting, depending on how tall and tough the grass is.

A slower throttle speed works fine for short grass, but you can rev it up when going through tall grass or tough weeds. It’s important to note that the throttle on this mower only controls the engine’s RPMs and does not result in auto-walk because this is a push mower. 

– Mowing in Reverse

One advantage of this style of mower over those with self-propel is that you can mow in reverse. With many self-propelled mowers, you can’t mow while backing up. But with this mower, you are the power source for moving the machine, which means you can keep the blades turning while you pull the mower back, cutting the grass as you go. 

– 3-in1 Functions

Like most mowers today, this one has 3-in-1 functions for bagging, mulching or side discharging the clippings. In many other mowers, you must install a special blade for mulching if you want finely chopped grass clippings. Not with this lawnmower though, because the blade that comes with it works equally well for mulching, bagging and side discharge. 

Another plus is that you don’t need to install a mulching baffle. Instead, you can open or close a small door on the side of the deck, depending on which function you are using. All the details for setting this up are explained in detail in the owner’s manual, which is available online for free. 

When you want to bag up clippings and get them off the lawn, snap on the 2.2 cubic foot, down-vented soft collection bag. The bag comes on and off the rear of the machine without any tools, making it easy to empty. However, as a safety feature, you cannot leave the engine idling while emptying the bag.

– Size, Weight and Noise Level

This mower weighs 66 pounds, making it relatively lighter compared to other gas-powered lawnmowers. The low weight is beneficial for transporting and storing the unit and pushing it around in the yard.

The overall dimensions of this machine are 40.25 inches long, 25.75 inches wide, and 20.75 inches high with the handlebar folded down, making it compact and easy to store. 

This mower is about average when it comes to noise level, with a rating of 84 dB at the operator’s ears. However, this noise level could be a problem in noise-sensitive areas such as densely populated residential locations. 

– Warranty

This mower comes with a comprehensive Husqvarna 3-year warranty for residential use. Unfortunately, it does not have a commercial use warranty option. Registering the product online to get warranty service is unnecessary, but it can help make the process go more smoothly if you need assistance. 



– What HP is the Husqvarna 7021p mower?

The Husqvarna 7021p mower has a horsepower of 5.5 HP.

– What is the fuel ratio for Husqvarna 7021p mower?

The recommended fuel ratio for the Husqvarna 7021p mower is 50:1.

– How often do you change the oil in the Husqvarna 7021p mower?

The oil in the Husqvarna 7021p mower should be changed every 25-50 hours of operation or at least once a year, whichever comes first.


Husqvarna 7021p- Powerful Push MowerThe Husqvarna 7021p is a popular push-style, walk-behind mower helpful in mowing small to medium-sized yards. As long as you like to get a bit of a workout when you mow the lawn, this machine offers an exceptionally easy-to-use, reliable Honda engine and basic operator controls for a 3-in1 mower.

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