This review gives you detailed information on the Husqvarna hu700h self-propelled walk-behind lawn mower that will make your buying decision easier. You’ll discover essential facts about what this Husqvarna mower is capable of, along with crucial points about the drawbacks.

Lawnmower Husqvarna hu700h Review

We’ll start by telling you the most vital pros, cons, and highlights of this machine, and by the end, you’ll have all the facts at your disposal for making a wise buying decision about this Husqvarna gas lawnmower.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to start, high-quality Honda engine More expensive than average
Large rear wheels for extra traction and maneuverability Front axle not steel
Rear-wheel drive power  
Cuts, mulches and discharges cuttings  

Product Highlights

This Husqvarna rear discharge mower has what it takes to tackle challenging mowing conditions such as powerful rear-wheel-drive and self-propelled travel that matches your chosen speed. It’s also solidly built and designed to last for many seasons with proper care. 

  • 22-inch cutting width 
  • 160cc Honda OHV engine  
  • 3-in-1 function
  • Precision variable-speed travel
  • Auto-walk feature  

Husqvarna hu700h Review

Husqvarna hu700h Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Easy to start, high-quality Honda engine
Large rear wheels for extra traction and maneuverability
Rear-wheel drive power
Cuts, mulches and discharges cuttings
More expensive than average
Front axle not steel

If you’re looking for a gas-powered lawn mower that makes yard cleanup day fast and efficient, this Husqvarna gas lawn mower might be just what you need. It’s easy to use and has multiple features that make it versatile in all types of conditions. 

One benefit of this machine is the large rear wheels and rear-wheel-drive power that make handling less of a chore. The solid steel ball bearings in the wheels also keep this mower rolling without friction, resulting in less chance of broken parts and downtime for repairs or finding a replacement. 

This Husqvarna rear discharge mower gives you three options for disposing of the trimmed grass. The simplest one is mulching the grass under the deck as the mower rolls along.

This method has no grass to rake up because the cutting action shreds the grass blades into tiny pieces that you can barely see on the surface, as long as you’re not cutting overgrown grass.

The organic particles of grass quickly decompose due to their small size, adding back valuable nutrients into the soil and keeping the lawn lush and vibrant with little need for chemical fertilizers.

If you want to pick up the cut grass, this mower comes with a sizeable rear-mounted collection bag for easy disposal. However, the machine does not have a mechanism to keep the engine running while you walk away to empty the bag.

So instead, you need to restart the engine when you come back to the mower. Fortunately, the high-quality engine makes this easy to do. 

– Auto-Walk Self-Propel Feature 

Auto-walk lets you set the pace of travel for the mower using dual levers on the handlebar. You can operate the levers with one or both hands, and this lets you conveniently walk on the side of the mower so you can get up close to hedges and buildings with the deck while you stand safely out of the way.

Auto Walk Self Propel Feature of Husqvarna

The travel speed depends on how hard you pull on the levers, letting you precisely control the mower’s movement. This feature is beneficial to anyone whose yard includes hedgerows, grass near buildings, and lawn furniture or structures on the lawn area.  

– Rear-Wheel Drive

For yards with steep slopes, hills, dips, and rough ground, the rear-wheel-drive power system in this mower has what you need to navigate this type of terrain. However, if your yard is exceptionally rugged, you might want to look into a Husqvarna all-wheel-drive mower that can handle the maximum challenges.

On the other hand, if your yard is all flat lawn with many obstacles to mow around, a front-wheel-drive mower might be a better option. 

– Extra-Wide Cutting Deck 

One inch might not seem like a lot, but the slightly larger than average 22-inch deck on this mower does make mowing faster because more square feet of grass get cut with every pass.

The deck is also rugged and durable, so if you bump into something or get stuck on a root or rock and rough up the deck frame, it is not likely to break, crack, or bend as a result. In addition, cleaning out under the deck is simplified by a washout port that fits onto a garden hose. 

– Minimal Assembly 

This mower requires minimal assembly, including attaching the handlebar and control cables, filling the oil reservoir, and putting fresh fuel in the gas tank.


So if you want a lawnmower that can be ready to use in about 15 minutes after getting it out of the box, this unit has that advantage.

Product Features Breakdown 

– Robust, Mid-Range Engine

Honda makes the engine in this Husqvarna mower. It’s a mid-sized engine with a 160cc capacity and a 4-cycle design that is quickly displacing the older 2-cycle engine types in lawnmowers.

Four-cycle machines run quieter and produce fewer emissions than 2-cycle types. They also need fewer repairs on average over the engine’s lifespan, and Honda has an outstanding reputation for manufacturing high-quality small engines like the one in this mower. 

Getting this mower started is highly straightforward due to the auto-choke throttle that makes adjustments to the gas flow without you needing to do anything. To start it up, turn on the fuel valve and then hold down the operator presence bar on the handlebar while pulling the recoil cord attached to the side of the handle.

You’ll be pleased to find that pulling the cable does not take much force, and the engine reliably starts on the first or second pull.  

Nonetheless, this engine type needs regular care to keep running its best. Not tending to the maintenance schedule is a significant reason some buyers have mechanical problems with yard care equipment like lawnmowers. The necessary maintenance takes minimum time and involves: 

  • Checking and adding oil as needed 
  • Changing the oil at least once per season 
  • Cleaning the air filter frequently, especially in dusty conditions 
  • Seasonal care of the spark plug
  • Sharpening and replacing the cutting blade as needed 
  • Periodic adjustment of the self-propel cable and replacement of drive belt

For a great-looking lawn, using an undamaged sharp blade gives you the highest quality appearance. The engine uses automotive engine oil, and a bottle comes packed with the mower to get you started. Keeping up on basic engine care tasks is the best way of ensuring many seasons of trouble-free use with this mower. 

– Easy to Adjust Cutting Deck

The powder-coated steel deck is built to withstand pressure when working on rough terrain. The deck rapidly adjusts in height to six positions between 1 and 4-inches using a single, easy-to-access foot lever which saves time and effort when you want to raise or lower the deck.

This feature is a significant advantage in yards with multiple zones and varied landscapes. For example, you can save time by raising the deck to the top when going through tough weeds and lowering it again for trimming well-maintained lawn areas. 

Easy to Adjust Cutting Deck of Mower

One other feature on this deck that deserves mention is the washout port. A washout port on a lawnmower is a massive benefit because it makes it convenient to keep the underside of the deck clean.

Cleaning under the deck after each use results in a significantly better-looking mowed lawn, and it protects the deck material and blade from rust and extends their useful life. 

– Heavy-Duty Wheels

For rough terrain and yards with hills and slopes, this mower has the advantage of large, 11-inch diameter rear wheels for extra power where it’s needed. The big rear wheels also make it easier to tilt the mower when getting around in a tight space, and they provide increased traction for getting up and down slopes.

The front wheels are 8-inches in diameter, which is one inch bigger than the wheels on many lawnmower models. The wheel hubs ride on solid steel ball bearings for a smooth ride and fewer wheel problems. 

Unfortunately, one downside of this mower is the front axle is made from heavy-duty plastic. While this material is durable and lighter than steel, it can break more easily than steel when it encounters extreme conditions.

Most users do not encounter situations that might lead to severe damage to this component, but a few buyers have reported this as an issue. 

– 3-in-1: Bag, Mulch, or Side Discharge

This 3-in-1 mower comes ready for mulching because this is the mode most buyers want to use regularly. Mulching is the most efficient solution for cutting grass because there is no extra work involved except mowing.

On the other hand, with the collection bag in place, you have to stop and empty it every so often, and the engine does not stay running while you walk away from the machine, and these steps take extra time and energy. 

Side discharging is another option with this mower, and it is the best option when cutting overgrown grass and weeds that are too bulky to mulch efficiently and too much volume for filling the bag.

In some situations, it is beneficial and convenient to side discharge and leaves the cuttings in a pile, for example, if the area needs a thick mulch layer anyway. However, you need to go back later and clean up the stack by hand in other situations. 

For these reasons, mulching is the preferred method of handling the cut grass, and it works well as long as the lawn is not overgrown.

However, if you need to change from mulching mode to bagging, all that is required is to open the rear chute, put the bag onto the hooks on the frame, and make sure the side discharge chute is closed and locked.  

– Ergonomic Features

The notable ergonomic features on this mower include:

  • 3-position adjustable handle
  • Soft-grip coating on controls and handlebar
  • Easy to start engine
  • Single-lever deck height adjustment
  • Dual-lever auto-walk speed control

This mower lets you easily mow a lawn of one-half acre or more, and if you’re spending that much time with your lawnmower, it’s a significant benefit that the handlebar adjusts in height and has a coating that is soft on your hands.

Mower Lets You Easily Mow a Lawn

In addition, getting the handlebar in the optimum position for the operator can significantly reduce fatigue in the arms, legs, and back. 

The simplicity of adjusting the deck height with one foot-operated lever is also a time and frustration saver compared to mowers with independent levers on each wheel.

In addition, the dual levers on the variable-speed control system allow you to use the mower with one hand, so you can walk to the side and avoid getting scratched by branches when mowing next to a hedgerow. 

– Size and Weight

The mower is slightly bulkier and heavier than other mowers in this size range, but it’s still not hard to store if you have a garage or outbuilding. The overall dimensions are 36- ¼ inches long, 25.1/4-inches wide, and 20-inches high to the top of the engine.


It weighs just under 96 pounds without gas and oil, but the relatively heavyweight is accounted for by the overall solidly-built frame, engine, and other components. 

– Warranty

This mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty. Registering the product soon after purchase makes it more straightforward if you need warranty service, but it is not required to activate the warranty. 


What motor is in a Husqvarna hu700h mower?

The motor in a Husqvarna hu700h mower is a 160cc Honda GCV160 engine.

Is 500 hours a lot for a Husqvarna hu700h mower?

500 hours is a lot for a Husqvarna hu700h mower and may require significant maintenance or even replacement.

How long should Husqvarna hu700h mower be used before servicing?

The Husqvarna hu700h mower should be serviced after every 50 hours of use, or at least once a year, to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


This Husqvarna hu700h review lists the main product features, advantages, and drawbacks of this rear-wheel drive, variable-speed walk-behind lawnmower.

This mower has excellent rear traction and lots of power for handling a variety of mowing conditions and steep terrain.

It’s built for an extended service life when properly maintained, and the extra attention to quality is reflected in the higher-than-average price tag. This mower is a good option for people with large lawns and a varied landscape, including slopes or rough ground. 

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