Husqvarna hu725awd Gas Mower With GrassThe Husqvarna hu725awd is a gas-powered lawnmower built for rugged terrain, easy operation, and clean, even mowing. In this review, you’ll discover all the details about this machine and what it has to offer for keeping your lawn tidy and manicured. 

We’ll discuss everything we found out about the value, advantages, and drawbacks of this mower so that you can make the best buying choice. 

Husqvarna hu725awd Lawn Mower Pros and Cons

Husqvarna hu725awd Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
All wheel drive power does well on hilly terrain
Blade break stops blades on demand
Mulch, bag, and side chute options
Has a deck cleaning port
Does not mow in reverse


This Husqvarna hu725awd gas push mower is ruggedly built and designed for mowing on hilly and uneven terrain. The high wheels and all-wheel-drive transmission lets you breeze up and down slopes with far less effort than a regular push mower. 

  • 22-inch cutting width
  • Gas-powered engine by Briggs and Stratton 
  • Electric start 
  • 3-speeds  
  • 3/4 inch to 4-inch adjustable cutting height

Husqvarna hu725awd Review

When maintaining a yard with ups and downs, a self-propelled gas mower like this Husqvarna hu725awd can save time and effort when the lawn needs mowing.

Mowing hilly terrain is not the same as mowing on flat ground, no matter what kind of mower you’re using. Mowing slopes takes a lot more energy than cutting grass on level ground, and if you’re using a manual push mower, uneven ground can be a nightmare to keep trimmed. 

This mower has a 22-inch solid steel deck that easily adjusts in height to cut grass extra-short at less than one inch high or leave it as long as 4-inches. The high-quality, 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine has three speeds, so you can choose the right pace as you walk behind the machine and navigate the terrain. 

This mower has a 3-in-1 design, meaning it can process the clippings in three different ways:

  • Collecting them into a bag attached to the mower
  • Discharging them out of the side of the mower onto the lawn
  • Mulching the clippings and spreading them on the lawn

The mower comes with a 2.4 cubic foot collection bag, and you need to stop mowing when it’s full and dump the contents. Grass clippings make an excellent ingredient in compost piles, and they can also be used for mulching around plants or disposed of in the trash. However, when using the collection bag, mowing is slower than without the bag.

Discharging the clippings through the side chute is the fastest way to mow, but it’s only successful if the grass is short. If the grass is too long, the side-discharge feature can leave a mess of clippings that can annoy neighbors or harm the lawn if they pile up. 

The mulching feature uses a baffle in the side chute and finely chops and spreads the trimmings on the lawn. The clippings decompose and add nutrients back into the soil, reducing the need for lawn fertilizers. Unfortunately, there have been some buyer complaints about the mulching feature on this machine not working as on other mowers with mulching capability. However, these complaints could arise from trying to mulch when the grass is too tall or wet.

The blades start and stop spinning when you pull down a bar near the handlebars. This blade break feature uses a clutch to quickly prevent the blades from rotating while the engine is still on and helps when you need to walk away from the machine to move something out of the way or empty the collection bag. This feature is an advantage because you don’t have to start and stop the engine every time you empty the bag. 

The engine runs on plain unleaded gas. Therefore, it is not a 2-cycle gas engine that needs gas mixed with oil. However, the mower does require engine oil in a separate compartment from the gas. In addition, the Husqvarna hu725awd air filter and other engine components need occasional replacement and servicing like all small engines. 

Assembling this mower is quick and simple since it comes pre-assembled except for the handlebars. Beyond that, add gas and oil to the engine, and a solid tug on the recoil cord while holding down the throttle control starts the engine going. The top forward speed in the self-propelled model is three mph. You can also push the machine around manually if you want. 

Another top-notch feature of this mower is the washout port on top of the deck. The washout port comes with a garden hose adapter so you can hook up a hose and blast clippings and debris from under the deck to clean it. However, the machine must be stationary with the blades spinning for this feature to work correctly. 

Overall, this is a solidly built all-wheel-drive mower for uneven ground. Buyers most likely to be satisfied with this mower are people with large lawns or fields with rough terrain. However, those with small, flat yards might find this machine is too heavy and oversized for comfortable use in tight spaces.  


Husqvarna hu725awd Self-propelled Mower Product Feature Breakdown 

– Engine 

The high-quality 3,000 RPM Briggs and Stratton Quantum engine in this mower has a cylinder displacement of 190cc, giving it plenty of power to blast through tall grass and weeds. In addition, the engine requires regular unleaded gasoline of 89 or higher octane and does not need 2-stroke oil added to the fuel. 

However, the engine does require regular motor oil added to the oil storage reservoir, which is separate from the gas tank. Check the owner’s manual for complete instructions on what type of oil to use in your climate and how to check the oil level. 

An all-wheel-drive transmission sends the engine’s power to all four wheels, making uphill travel considerably more manageable than a regular push mower.  

– Controls

The throttle control lever is attached to the left side of the handlebars. In addition, a lever bar directly behind the handlebar controls the cutting blades. To turn on the cutting blades, you must hold down the throttle with your left hand and pull the other bar toward the handle. To stop the blades, release the lever, and the engine stays on while the blades stop turning.

Some buyers have noted that it’s somewhat difficult to operate both the throttle control lever and the blade lever simultaneously. Nonetheless, this design is what allows you to keep the engine going while shutting off the blades, which is a helpful safety feature if you need to walk away from the mower to move something out of the way or empty the collection bag without turning the engine off and restarting it when you return. 

A knob on the right side of the handlebars controls the speed settings. At the lowest setting, the machine stands still, and at the highest setting, it goes three mph, which is about the maximum rate a person can safely walk while controlling the mower. The midrange speed setting allows you to follow behind the mower at a comfortable pace. The height of the handlebar is also adjustable in three positions, so it can be changed to accommodate users of different sizes. 

– Cutting Deck

The cutting deck is made from durable steel and is adjustable at four different heights, from 0.82 inches to 4.06 inches, so you can decide how tall you want the grass to be when you are finished mowing. 

When you are done mowing, snap the garden hose adaptor onto the washout port fitting on top of the deck, turn the water flow on high, and start the engine and blades in a stationary position. The jet of water sprays around under the deck, cleaning away all the clippings and debris.

This feature is a significant benefit for anyone who does a lot of mowing because you do not need to turn the mower over to clean out under the deck. Keeping the underside of the deck clean is crucial for maintaining the blades and helping the mulching feature work as it’s designed to do.  

– Mulching and Bagging Feature 

The 3-in-1 feature on this mower lets you collect trimmings in a soft collection bag that comes with the mower, discharge the cuttings out of the side chute, or chop the trimmings finely and spread them on the lawn as you go.

Bagging cuttings get rid of weed seeds, leaves, twigs, and other debris on the lawn. However, it slows down the work because you have to stop to empty the bag frequently. Collecting the trimmings also increases the machine’s weight as it fills up, requiring more energy and gas to mow.

The side discharge option blows the trimmings out of the side of the mower as you move along. This option is the fastest way to mow, but it can leave an unsightly mess, especially mowing tall grass. 

The mulching feature works best when the grass is short and dry. Wet grass causes a lot of debris to pile up under the deck, clogging the blades. Mulching tall grass can result in a thick layer of mulch that can damage the lawn.  

– Size, Weight, and Noise Level 

This mower weighs 94 pounds, making it relatively heavy for a push-style mower. The all-wheel-drive transmission eliminates the need to push the mower manually, but you still have to move it around in manual mode in some situations. For some users, the weight of this machine might be too much to handle.

In addition, this mower has a sound rating of 84 decibels at the operator’s ears, making it advisable to wear ear protection. However, this sound level is about average for gas lawnmowers. 

All four wheels have a diameter of 8-inches, giving the machine lots of traction for slopes and slippery ground. However, the overall size of this mower is larger than many push mowers, making it more suitable for larger-sized yards. 

– Warranty 

The mower comes with a 3-year limited warranty from Husqvarna. It’s crucial to register the warranty online within 30 days of purchase to get the best service if you need it.  



How long can Husqvarna hu725awd mower last at a time?

The Husqvarna hu725awd mower can typically run continuously for several hours at a time, usually up to 2-3 hours, depending on factors such as the condition of the mower, maintenance, and fuel capacity.

What is the maximum grass length for Husqvarna hu725awd mower?

The Husqvarna hu725awd mower can handle grass lengths of up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) efficiently.

Why does my Husqvarna hu725awd mower keep dying?

There could be several reasons why your Husqvarna hu725awd mower keeps dying, such as fuel or ignition issues. It’s best to consult a professional for an accurate diagnosis and resolution.


Guy Using Husqvarna hu725awd Gas Mower

In this Husqvarna hu725awd review, we covered the details of this powerful, walk-behind lawnmower with all-wheel drive for slopes and slippery, uneven ground.

This powerful mower is best suited for large lawns and open fields, and people with smaller yards and lots of obstacles to mow around might be more satisfied with a smaller machine.

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