Husqvarna hu800awdh Lawnmower ReviewThis review looks into the Husqvarna hu800awdh lawnmower, explaining how it works, its advantages, and any noticeable problems with its operation. 

This Husqvarna mower with Honda engine uses a 4-stroke design for reducing emissions and improving fuel consumption.

But how well does it perform in the real world? Read this review to discover what we found out. 

Pros and Cons

Husqvarna hu800awdh Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
All wheel drive
Honda engine
Compact size
Plastic deck
No cutting in reverse

Product Highlights

This Husqvarna mower comes with a powerful Honda engine and all-wheel drive for superior traction on damp and slippery ground. The narrow deck width lets you maneuver around obstacles like backyard pools, garden sheds, and between planting boxes. 

  • 22-inch wide cutting deck 
  • 4-cycle gas engine  
  • High wheels  
  • 4-wheel drive transmission 
  • Mulches, side discharges, and bags clippings  

Husqvarna hu800awdh Review

Husqvarna hu800awdh review

When mowing grass on challenging terrain, an all-wheel-drive machine like this Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mower<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> can make an enormous difference in how long it takes to get the job done and how much effort it takes to do it. Going up and down a slope with a self-propelled all-terrain mower is far less of a workout than using a manually operated machine.

The Auto Walk feature on this mower is another advantage. The operator controls the pace with a pair of speed control levers on the handlebar, putting you entirely in the driver’s seat when using this machine.

In addition, the all-terrain drive system automatically sends power to all four wheels, making it possible to travel on slippery grass and weeds and over muddy spots without getting bogged down. 

The wheels on this mower are large, providing more traction and better maneuverability, another benefit for uneven ground. The rear wheels are 11-inches in diameter, and the front ones are 8-inches, and this is a larger size than many other lawnmowers in this class.

The wheels also have metal ball bearings to keep them rolling smoothly for a long time. In addition, there’s a deck height adjustment leaver next to each wheel for a precision cut. 

The handlebar adjusts to three positions. However, making changes involves loosening and moving a couple of bolts, so the design is not especially convenient. However, most users don’t need to adjust the height after assembling the unit, so this is not a big problem, except that it can make storing the mower more of a challenge.


The mower’s power comes from a 190cc Honda 4-cycle engine. This engine is an innovation in outdoor power equipment for yard maintenance, rapidly replacing 2-cycle small engines.

In addition, 4-stroke engines do not require fuel mixed with 2-cycle oil. Instead, regular gasoline goes into the fuel tank and motor oil into a separate oil compartment. This design runs clean, efficient, and quiet compared to 2-stroke engines.

The cutting deck has a washout port for hooking up a garden hose and cleaning the underside of the deck without turning the mower over. This convenient cleanup system is advantageous for anyone who wants fast, efficient tool maintenance without any hassles or heavy lifting. 

The housing on the top of the machine is plastic, and the deck is powder-coated alloy steel. There’s a single cutting blade attached to a spindle under the deck, and multiple buyers report problems with this bolt holding the blade shearing off. The company is likely looking into these reports because blades breaking on a mower is a serious safety hazard

The 3-in-1 bagging option lets the operator decide to mulch, bag, or side discharge the clippings. Switching between these options is simple and does not require tools unless you change the blade to a mulching blade. In this case, a large wrench and a block of wood to keep the blade from moving while you loosen the bold are all you need to convert from one function to another. 

This mower has multiple advantages for people with small and medium-sized yards where traction is an issue and those who do not want to push around a manual mower.

Product Features Breakdown

– Engine

The high-quality Honda GCV190 4-stroke engine in this mower is one of its most robust features. This engine operates at a factory set 3,000 rpm and is solid, well-built, and powerful for mowing grass and weeds on flat and sloped ground with an angle up to 15 degrees. The engine starts up on the first or second pull with a recoil cord while the operator holds down a lever at the top of the handlebar. 

The auto-choke on the throttle eliminates the need for setting a choke lever and worrying about flooding the engine. There’s also no primer bulb to pump or anything more for startup except pulling the cord.

The machine does require some maintenance like cleaning the air filter, oil changes, and occasionally tending to the spark plug. However, all these procedures are entirely covered in the owner’s manual and straightforward enough to perform for most people. 

The advantages of a 4-stroke engine are:

  • No mixing of fuel and oil 
  • Better fuel consumption
  • Quieter than 2-stroke models 
  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower in emissions 

On the downside, 4-stroke engines are heavier than 2-strokes, and they are more complex and costly to repair. Nonetheless, the precision construction of this engine is a potential benefit to anyone who wants a reliable, low-emissions lawnmower.             

– Self-Propel Feature

To activate the self-propel feature, the operator holds down the operator-presence control bar at the top of the handlebar and then pulls on either of two other small levers located on the handgrip.

The more you pull either of these small levers, the faster the machine goes. Having two throttle control levers allows the operator to change hands or keep one hand free while mowing.

Releasing the operator control bar or either drive control cuts the engine and stops the machine. If you release only the drive control and continue holding down the other bar, the machine’s motion stops, but the engine stays running.

However, you can’t leave the engine running while you move away from the mower. This feature is a benefit for safety reasons

– Cutting Deck 

The cutting width is 22-inches, and the deck is 25.25-inches to the outside of the wheels. The deck’s construction is flimsy compared to other mowers, using a plastic housing that lets it flex and twist somewhat if the wheels hit a rut or hole.

Some buyers report the blade coming in contact with the deck housing and then falling off or breaking when they used the mower on rough ground. There are also reports of problems with warranty coverage for this problem.  

Unfortunately, the problems with the deck on this mower are a disadvantage for any buyer. However, given the seriousness of this issue, the manufacturer will likely make improvements in newer editions of this machine. The durability of other components like the engine and drive system still makes it worthy of consideration. 

– 3-in1 Features 

The mower comes with a bag that snaps easily onto the back of the machine and is convenient to empty. If you don’t want to collect the clippings and dump them out as you mow, remove the bag and then either open or close the chute on the side of the deck. 

With the chute open, trimmings discharge out of the side. Closing off this opening with the mulching baffle results in the blade finely chopping the grass and then leaving it spread on the lawn where it decomposes, adding nutrients back into the soil. 

– Size and Weight 

The compact overall size is only 40.25-inches long, 25.25-inches wide at the wheels, and 20.75-inches high to the top of the motor housing. However, the handlebar does not fold down without disassembly, so the actual height is wherever you decide to set the handle. 

It weighs 105 pounds, heavier than a regular mower without a self-propel feature and a 4-stroke engine. These components add a considerable amount of weight to the mower compared to ones without these features. 

The compact size of this mower is an advantage for people with limited storage space. In addition, the somewhat heavy weight adds to the machine’s traction and capability of navigating slopes and slippery ground. 

– Warranty 

Husqvarna provides a 3-year warranty for defects in materials and manufacturing for parts of this mower. However, the warranty explicitly excludes the engine, transmission, and specific other components not manufactured by Husqvarna.

The other manufacturers might provide separate warranties for these components. However, we advise checking the full warranty details at the time of purchase.  



Can Husqvarna hu800awdh mower last 20 years?

While it is possible for the mower to last for 20 years with proper care, it’s important to note that individual results may vary. Regular maintenance, including cleaning, oil changes, and blade sharpening, can help prolong the lifespan of the mower.

Can the Husqvarna hu800awdh mower work for an acre?

Yes, the Husqvarna hu800awdh mower can work for an acre. This mower is designed for larger yards and has a wide cutting width, which makes it suitable for efficiently mowing larger areas.

How tall should grass be for Husqvarna hu800awdh mower?

The Husqvarna hu800awdh mower is designed to handle grass of various heights. As a general guideline, it is recommended to mow the grass when it reaches a height of around 2.5 to 4 inches (6 to 10 cm). However, preferences may vary depending on personal taste and specific lawn conditions. Adjusting the cutting height of the mower to the desired level is possible to achieve the desired grass height.


Husqvarna hu800awdh self-propelled lawn mowerThe Husqvarna hu800awdh has a robust and reliable engine made by Honda. It is the latest 4-stroke small engine design, built for low emissions, fuel efficiency, and minimal maintenance.

In addition, this mower has a 4-wheel drive transmission and self-propel function to take the workload off the operator and put it onto the gas engine. 

Nonetheless, this mower also appears to have some design problems, and buyers who need an all-terrain, self-driving lawnmower will benefit from looking closely at the warranty and recent upgrades by the manufacturer before they buy. 

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