This review of the Husqvarna lc121p lawnmower tells you everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision about this piece of yard maintenance equipment.

We’ll examine the design and construction of this lawnmower, the types of terrain it can handle, and how you can expect it to perform under different mowing conditions.

You’ll read summaries of buyer feedback and lawnmower expert’s opinions. You’ll also learn the pros and cons of this machine, problems some buyers have experienced, and how it works in the real world for mowing lawns. Then you can decide if this is the mower for you.

Husqvarna lc121p Specs

Power Source Weight Package dimensions Cutting Width
Briggs & Stratton gas engine 72 pounds 35 inches x 24.291 inches x 17.283 inches 21-inches

Husqvarna lc121p Review

Main Product Benefits:

  • High wheels make it easy to move on uneven ground
  • Compact size for easy storage
  • 3-in-1 side-discharge, mulching, and bag collecting options
  • Sealed ball-bearing wheels for easy movement

The Husqvarna 1c121 p is a push-style lawnmower with a gasoline-powered engine for spinning the cutting blades. You use your muscle power for moving the mower around on the lawn, so this machine is best suited for smaller yards and people who are up to this type of workout when mowing.

Push mowers take muscle-power to operate, but using one can be an enjoyable exercise for some people. This is especially true for those with a small to medium-sized lawn and mostly even ground.

Nonetheless, this Husqvarna mower has several features to make mowing more comfortable and faster than other push mowers.

High wheels on this model allow you to move over rough spots in the landscape with ease. The sealed ball bearings in the wheels also make pushing this mower less effort than similar models.

The 3-in-1 cutting modes let you choose what you want to do with the cut grass:

  • Use a collection bag for gathering up the clippings,
  • Mulch the cuts grass and spreads it on the lawn for fertilizer and organic matter
  • Discharge the clippings into a pile for raking up later.


The engine on this Husqvarna model is a 4-stroke, 163cc gasoline-powered model made by Briggs & Stratton. 4-stroke engines use regular gasoline for power and do not require adding oil to the gas.

To start the machine, you press down the throttle bar on the handles. Then pull the starter cord located on the handlebars, making it easy to pull the starter rope while holding the throttle bar down.

Holding down the throttle bar keeps the engine running, and as soon as you release it, the engine turns off.

This feature protects you if you lose control of the machine while working. The throttle bar engine shutoff also makes it easy and fast to turn off the engine whenever you want just by letting go of the bar.

The engine has a single throttle speed, and the blades keep turning as long as the engine is running. The engine drives the blades directly, and there is no way to run the engine without the blades turning.

This engine requires motor oil for proper operation. Checking and maintaining the right oil level is crucial. However, on this model, you do not need to drain and change the oil. You add more oil when it gets low.

Draining the oil is only necessary if you need to ship the unit. If you have to empty the oil, the manual says removing the handlebars and opening the oil fill cap. Then turn the engine over above a catchment pan to drain the oil out. There may also be an oil drain plug located at the engine’s bottom, although the manual does not indicate it.

Gas engines like the one in this Husqvarna gas lawn mower have an air filter that needs replacement from time to time. Replacing the air filter is simple.

Husqvarna lc121p Push Mower Cutting Deck

The cutting deck has 9-settings for adjusting the cutting height between 1.5-inches and 5-inches. To change the settings, you use a hand-operated lever located near the wheels. There is a separate lever for adjusting the height at each wheel.

The 21-inch width of the cutting deck on this model benefits mowing smaller yards because the small size reduces the machine’s overall weight and makes it more maneuverable in tight spaces.

The small size also allows for turning around in limited areas and mowing close to structures like a shed, garage, or walkway.

A bonus on this mower is the sealed ball bearings inside each wheel hub. The bearings reduce friction when moving the lawnmower, making it easier to roll over uneven ground and move around the yard.

The mower’s body is made entirely of stamped metal and not plastic, a good sign for this machine’s durability.

Features and Accessories

A couple of excellent features on this lawnmower are:

  • Foldable handles for compact storage and
  • Padded grips on the handlebar for relief of stress on your hands while mowing.

A bagging unit comes standard with the machine, and you can buy a mulching kit as an add-on.

The mower has rear safety shields to prevent cut debris from blowing back toward the operator.

Buyer Feedback:

This Husqvarna 21 inch push mower gets some mixed reviews from users. Many people say the machine works well right out of the box after adding gas and oil and pulling the cord to start it.

The wheel’s ball-bearings also receive a lot of praise for making it easier to push this mower than many other push-style lawnmowers.

Buyers also comment that the bagger is a bit small but adequate for collecting grass cuttings on their small-sized lawns. They also say the bag is easy to empty.

According to most buyers, starting-up the gas engine is no problem. The engine runs smoothly and provides lots of power for tough cutting. One buyer said his yard has a massive mole problem, making the surface very uneven. Still, this mower had no problem going over the rough spots.

However, several people commented that this model seems to have a defect in the mower height adjustment lever. One person said the adjustment leaver failed to work as soon as he got the mower out of the box and set it up. Another said one of the wheels and the lever were damaged when he got the machine and unpacked it.

Others complain that the deck adjustment mechanism would not lock properly into position. One person said they fixed the problem by bending some of the pieces to the right location. He was thrilled with the lawnmower’s performance other than this problem.

However, it does look like this mower has a mechanical defect in the deck height adjustment lever. Some of the components are undersized for the job. Many users report this problem.

Several other buyers said they had problems with the engine after a short time and that the repair shops had told them they could not fix the problem, and the mower had to be replaced.

This lawnmower comes with a limited 3-year, bumper to bumper warranty. We did not hear reports of problems getting Husqvarna to honor the warranty for this machine or the engine.

Overview of this Husqvarna gas lawn mower

This type of lawnmower is best for people ready for a physical workout when mowing a small to medium-size lawn. But the high wheels and ball-bearing wheel hubs make this model easier to move around than many other push-style mowers.

Buyers should be ready for problems with the mower height adjustment lever since many people who purchased this machine say this is a significant problem area.

However, other buyers do not report a problem with this feature. Some were able to fix the problem themselves at home by buying new bolts and hardware and installing it in place of the original parts.


The Husqvarna lc121p push mower reviewed here is a push-style lawnmower with a powerful engine for most small and medium-sized residential mowing situations.

The compact design makes this machine easy to store, and the wheel construction helps you move the machine around on a lawn.

Problems with the deck height adjustment mechanism are an issue with this lawnmower. If you’re a buyer, you may want to contact the manufacturer to see if this problem has been resolved before buying this machine or be prepared to do some modifications yourself.

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