This Husqvarna LC221A review will present you this gas-powered, walk-behind lawnmower that includes a self-propelled drive option. Plus, it has a 4-wheel drive capacity when you want or need extra power.

In this review, you will learn all about this mower’s features and capabilities, so you can decide if it’s the lawnmower for you and your yard.

We’ll show you what buyers, mechanics and other reviewers say after using this machine in real-life mowing situations. Then we’ll finish off by letting you know who should buy this mower.

Husqvarna LC221A Review: Specs

In the table below, you can find all the Husqvarna LC221A specs:

Power Source Weight Dimensions Cutting Width
Gas engine with self-propelled drive feature 75.4  lbs. 64 x 22.25 x 39.8 inches 21-inches

Husqvarna LC221A Review

Husqvarna LC221A ReviewMain Product Benefits

  • Automatic all-wheel-drive power
  • Powerful 162cc Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Lightweight frame is easy to push

General Characteristics

The Husqvarna LC221A lawn mower uses an all-wheel-drive technology that is new in lawnmower design. You walk behind this mower as with a regular push lawnmower.

However, when the going gets tough, you can push down the all-wheel-drive grip bar, engaging the self-propelled feature. Doing this sends the engine’s power directly to the wheels to speed you along.

This self-propelled, 4-wheel drive feature lets you power over rough spots and up hills with ease. You don’t have to do anything to get the mower to engage this function except push down on the bar on the handlebars, and it gives you a tremendous boost in traction on any terrain.

Husqvarna All Wheel Drive Mower Features

The most exciting design feature on this mower is the unique, all-wheel drive, self-propelled function. It kicks into action as soon as you press down the bar on the handlebars. Then it automatically shifts the wheels from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive without you needing to do anything else.

You don’t have to push any buttons or pull a lever to get it to engage except using the bar. You do need to be a bit prepared when the all-wheel function engages because the machine is powering itself and you are following and directing it.

Husqvarna LC221A Review: Engine

This mower is available with a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine or a Honda engine at an additional cost from some dealers.

For average residential mowing, the 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine has plenty of power for a mower of this size, both in the 2-wheel drive manual mode and the 4-wheel drive self-propelled mode.

The engine requires runs on regular gasoline, and using a higher octane gas can help the engine last longer. It also uses regular motor oil as a lubricant- but not added to the gas because it is a 4-stroke engine. Of course, the engine comes without gas and oil inside, but the manufacturer does include a bottle of oil at delivery.

Use and Maintenance

Besides checking the oil periodically, you need to maintain the air filter and the wheels’ lubrication for best performance and operation.

The engine on this model has no choke, and it self-adjusts at startup, making it easy to get it going and hard to flood the engine.

For optimum performance, read and follow the owner’s manual on the maintenance needed on this engine. If you don’t have a copy of the owner’s manual, check the manufacture’s website for a downloadable owner’s manual using the model number.

Husqvarna LC221A Lawn Mower Cutting Deck

Husqvarna LC221A ReviewThe cutting deck is 21-inches wide and made from 15-gauge steel, making it durable but light in weight at the same time. The cutting blades are made of metal, and you can replace them by removing a central nut with a large wrench, using a wooden block to keep the blade from spinning while you take the bolt out.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Bagging

On top of the deck is a built-in, snap-on hose connector. Using it, you can hook up a garden hose and spray a jet of water under the deck to dislodge grass clippings and dirt and quickly clean up after cutting.

Cleaning under the deck after each use keeps the lawnmower running smoothly and improves the machine’s lifespan. It also helps prevent grass clippings from getting lodged in the mower belts exposed under the deck in this model.

The deck is convertible for bagging or mulching of the grass clippings, but it does not have a side-discharge option. A bagging unit and mulching plug come standard with the mower. You may want to buy specialized mulching blades and install them for optimum mulching performance.

The deck adjusts in height in four settings between 1 and 4-inches, giving you plenty of control over the trimmed lawn’s height. To change the cutting height setting, you use foot-operated levers located near the wheels.

Husqvarna LC221A Review: Accessories and Features

The handle on this model is made with soft-grip material for extra comfort while mowing. The unit’s handlebar folds at the mid-point using a locking knob on each metal tubing side.

Once you fold the handlebar down, the unit easily stores under a workbench or in a corner, taking up minimal floor space. However, because this is a gas engine mower, you need to keep it in a garage, shed, or other non-inhabited enclosure due to fumes.

This mower comes with a rear bagging unit and a mulching plug.

It also has a heavy rubber flap at the rear wheels’ back to prevent cuttings from blowing back toward the operator.

Husqvarna LC221A Review Buyer Feedback

Husqvarna LC221A ReviewMany people who bought this lawnmower comment on the overall lightweight and how easy it is to move around in 2-wheel drive mode.

Positive Comments

A majority of purchasers found this mower does a reasonable job of mowing their yards. They also report that the all-wheel assist helps get up hills and over rough ground. They especially appreciate this feature.

One customer said it was the most lightweight mower he’d ever had. It starts without any problem, runs smoothly, and is efficient on gas consumption. Buyers also noted that their warranty issues with Husqvarna were always resolved. They were happy with the customer service they received.

Many buyers state that the all-wheel-drive and self-propelled features work well and reliably. But some people noted that the engine is not a powerful as the Kohler lawnmower engines on other Husqvarna products they owned.

According to buyers, this lawnmower is easy to assemble. After installing the handlebars, adding gas and oil, it started right up on the first or second pull.

Negative Reviews

A few people complained that the pull bar for the self-propelled feature is flimsy and not well attached to the handlebars. However, these customers also said this was the only problem they had. Otherwise, they were happy with this mower’s performance.

As a side note, one buyer also noted that this machine is “not a brush hog.” That means don’t expect optimum performance if you have tall, tough weeds to cut. This machine is for trimming average residential lawns.

Final Virdict

Many verified buyers said they felt this mower offered good value for the price.
A few buyers said they had problems with the Briggs & Stratton engine after the first season. They recommend getting the Honda engine for an additional cost.

Local repair shops told them that they could not fix the Briggs engine after the end of the warranty period. Another problem reported by one buyer concerns grass clippings getting drawn into the transmission drive. When this happens, they could jam up the pulleys until they stopped turning.

Older, 2-wheel drive models of Husqvarna mowers have a cover that comes off easily to allow for cleaning and preventing this problem. This customer wondered why this mower did not have the same feature.

Husqvarna LC221A Review: Overview

The most significant advantage of this walk-behind lawnmower is the self-propelled, all-wheel-drive assist feature. The operator can engage at any time for extra mowing power.
This mower seems to be best for medium and large-sized, average residential lawns, not for large fields or areas with tough weeds or tall grass.

While most buyers said, they are happy with this mower, a few reported problems with the Briggs & Stratton engine after the first season of use.

Husqvarna LC221A Review: Conclusions

Husqvarna LC221A ReviewThis Husqvarna walk-behind, self-propelled gas mower, is designed for lighter-duty mowing. Thus, it is ideal for average residential lawns up to medium size.

If you have a small to medium-sized lawn with some ups and downs, this might be the perfect mower.

People with larger yards, tough weeds, tall grass, and other challenges may want to find a mower with more power than this one offers.

This lawnmower comes with a 3-year complete warranty, and Husqvarna offers free customer support for people who buy their products.

5/5 - (17 votes)
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