This Husqvarna Z248F review gives you all the information you need – except a test drive – to determine if this is the right ride-on lawnmower for you and your landscape.

Husqvarna Z248F ReviewWe took an expert look at the capabilities of this machine and the types of terrain it can handle. Plus, we incorporated customer feedback to give you as much information as possible for deciding if this is the mower for you.

Read on to find out the specs, capabilities, and performance of this Husqvarna 48 inch zero turn mower, along with summaries of buyer feedback.

– Husqvarna z248f Specs

Let’s start this Husqvarna Z248F review with some of the specs of this lawnmower:

Power Source Weight Cutting Width Dimensions (in inches) Turn Radius
21.5 hp Kawasaki gas engine 581 Lbs. 48-inch Length: 75 Width: 43.75 Height:35.51 Zero-inches

Husqvarna z248f Review

Husqvarna Z248F Key Criteria
Easy to Start
Maintenance Requirements
Ergonomics Rough Terrain
Zero-turn radius and efficient mowing
Fuel-efficient, quiet Kawasaki 21.5 hp engine
Easy access for filling the gas tank
Not suitable for steep or uneven terrain
May require practice to use steering bars

Benefits of the Husqvarna Z248F

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The main benefits of this model are:

  • Driver can see directly in front of the mower,
  • Mower turns on the spot,
  • Maintenance-free, hydrostatic transmission.

For homeowners with a large expanse of flat and even lawn, this Husqvarna 48 inch zero turn mower combines a smooth ride with ample cutting power for mowing lawns and garden areas. The zero-turn feature delivers a more efficient cut without leaving strips of un-mowed grass between passes across the lawn.

However, zero-turn machines can leave bald spots in the terrain if you reverse direction without moving slightly back and forth in a three or four-point turn. Using the zero-turn capacity can do damage to the ground surface, depending on the surface conditions.

Making a 3-point turn at the end of a run when mowing takes little effort and minimal motion of the machine, and it can save your lawn from unsightly bald spots.

– Steering

This Husqvarna zero-turn mower is equipped with side-bar steering, a feature that can take a little getting used to if you never tried it before.

The steering bars replace the steering wheel for controlling the front wheels and the direction of travel. Fold the steering bars outward to get into the seat, then fold them in front of you.

Both speed and direction are controlled by the steering bars. The further you push or pull the bars, the faster the machine goes. Pulling the bars toward you makes the mower go in reverse. On the contrary pushing them forward together makes the machine move forward.

How Do You Make a Turn?

To make a turn, you push one bar in and pull one back in the direction you want to turn. For example, if you want to turn right, push out on the left-hand bar and pull in on the right-hand side. The further you push, the tighter the turn you make.

It takes a small amount of practice for most operators to get a feel for using steering bars in place of a steering wheel. It’s best to practice on a large, flat area without any obstacles. When you feel confident, you can tackle the corners of your lawn!

Advantages of Steering Bars

A significant advantage of steering bars in place of a steering wheel is the engine’s location at the rear of the machine in this design. This design makes it easier for the operator to look ahead directly in front of the lawnmower and easily see obstacles.

Having a better view ahead of the lawnmower can be a useful feature when mowing lawns that might have broken sprinklers, garden hoses, toys, or yard debris laying around.

Disadvantages of Steering Bars

One drawback to the steering bar design is in some situations it can take more muscle power to control the wheels than needed for controlling a steering wheel. This can be a disadvantage for people with less upper body strength.

However, as long as you’re mowing flat, even ground, using steering bars is almost as easy as using a steering wheel once you get the hang of it. For some drivers, it’s an advantage to control the lawnmower’s speed by hand and not with a foot-peddle.


– Engine

This Husqvarna mower comes with a 21.5 hp Kawasaki engine capable of a maximum forward speed of 6.5 mph. The engine is a V-Twin, 4-cycle design that runs on regular gasoline. 6.5 mph might not sound like a lot, but it’s plenty of speed for safely mowing a lawn.

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The slightly smaller hp rating on this model does reduce its ability to handle steep grades and cutting tall, tough weeds. However the smaller engine results in better gas mileage and a smoother, quieter ride.

Engine Functioning and Characteristics

The engine uses a choke for cold starts. The choke lever is located on the right-hand fender near the other controls. Buyers report that the choke is easy to use and you don’t have to activate it every time. Some buyers say the engine starts up quickly without the choke, even when it’s cold.

The Kawasaki engine uses motor oil for lubrication, and it’s vital to check the oil level at every use and replenish the oil reservoir as needed. The oil and oil filter also needs to be changed every season or more often, depending on use conditions.

It’s crucial to read the owner’s manual to understand what maintenance this lawnmower needs and when. Doing the proper maintenance on schedule is the best way of keeping lawnmowers working at top-efficiency.

– Transmission

This Husqvarna model uses a hydrostatic transmission requiring no maintenance. The system is sealed at the factor and completely hassle-free for the buyer.

The transmission effortlessly moves from forward to reverse and changes speed using pressure applied by the operator to the steering bars. You don’t need to operate any gear leavers or foot-pedals to change gears.

– Accessories

You can separately purchase accessories for this Husqvarna, including a mulching kit and bagging accessory.

– Ergonomic Features

When you have a large area to mow, ergonomic features can change a chore into a joyful pass time. The extra-high 15-inch seat back on this Husqvarna lets you lean back and relax while mowing. Two extra-large cup and gear holder compartments at the back end of each fender give you plenty of room to keep your sunglasses, bandana, and a cold beverage.

The anti-slip flooring keeps you safe from slips and skids when getting into and out of the mower. Furthermore, the control panel is easy to reach on the right-hand fender. Once you learn where the controls are, it’s intuitive to use them while keeping your eyes focused on the lawn ahead.

The seat adjusts forward and back to accommodate different size operators, and you can easily adjust the height and alignment of the steering bars using a wrench. The steering bars may need occasional adjustment.

– Control Panel

Unlike other lawnmower designs with a dashboard panel in front of the driver, where the PTO control, ignition, throttle, choke, and hours counter are located, the Husqvarna Z248F has these controls located on the right-hand fender next to the seat.

– Other Features

The gas tank cap is located on the right-hand fender behind the main control panel, making it easy to fill the tank without needing to lift the engine cover to get to it, as is the case on many mowers.

The floor in front of the seat has a skid-resistant foot area, but you have to step over the front wheels a bit to get in and out of the machine, which is a possible disadvantage for some people.

To engage the parking brake, you push the steering bars outward, and the brake sets automatically, preventing the machine from rolling when parked. The engine will not start unless an operator is in the seat, and the steering bars are folded down.

– Husqvarna z248f Blades and Cutting Deck

The deck is made from durable 10-gauge steel. Three blades under the deck do the cutting, leaving a 48-inch wide swath of cut grass with every mower pass.

This Husqvarna mower’s 48-inch cut also allows you to get into tighter spaces than you can with a wider mower, a useful feature when mowing around buildings, along pathways and driveways, and near landscape plants and planter boxes.

To active the PTO and start the blades turning, you pull the large, yellow button on the right fender upward. To shut the blades off, you do the reverse, pushing the knob downward.

This mower uses the ClearCut™ technology of air induction to lift the grass into a vertical position right before the blades hit it. Air induction technology also results in less clumping of cut grass. This will allow for a more even distribution of clippings out of the side-chute.

The deck height lever is located on the left-hand fender within easy reach. It contains a spring-assist device to reduce how much effort it takes to raise and lower the blades.

Six position settings on the deck height adjuster allow you to move the blades from a low cut of 1.5-inches to a longer cut of 4-inches or any setting in between.

You can extend the life of the deck and blades by cleaning the deck after every use, sharpening blades when they become dull, and replacing blades when they are damaged or excessively worn. A hose fitting comes with the machine for attaching a garden hose to a port in the deck for cleaning.

Buyer Feedback

A few buyers have complaints about this mower missing the center strip of grass when they turn around. Other buyers noted problems with the zero-turn feature damaging their lawn. You can prevent this problem by making a small 3-point turn when you turn around.

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However, several online videos show how to prevent this by making a small 3-point turn when turning 180 degrees. Using a 3-point turn also prevents the tires from digging into the ground and leaving an unsightly hole or mark.

A couple of buyers reported problems with grass clippings falling out from under the deck in large clumps while they were mowing. This problem could be caused by cutting grass that is too wet or not cleaning the deck after each use.


The Husqvarna Z248F is a sturdy ride-on lawnmower with a powerful Kawasaki engine and a wide cutting deck suitable for homeowners with flat to slightly sloped ground in a residential setting.

This mower delivers power, fuel-efficiency, and comfort in a durable and attractive-looking mower design. However, the steering bars can be hard for some people to operate.


Can the Husqvarna Z248F mower cut wet grass?

Yes, the Husqvarna Z248F mower can cut wet grass, but it’s not recommended as it can result in an uneven cut and potential damage to the mower.

How long do Husqvarna Z248F mower blades last?

The lifespan of Husqvarna Z248F mower blades depends on usage and maintenance, but typically lasts around 60-80 hours.

How high can Husqvarna Z248F mow?

The Husqvarna Z248F can mow up to 4 inches high, making it suitable for cutting tall grass and maintaining a variety of lawn heights.


This mower’s sharp turnaround capabilities make turning around easy, even if you don’t do it while keeping the machine stationary.

If you need a Husqvarna commercial zero turn mower, this is not the correct model for you. Check out Husqvarna’s collection of commercial-grade equipment at their website.

Husqvarna Z248F ReviewIf you are a homeowner with a large yard and no steep slopes, this Husqvarna model provides an amply powerful cutting deck, maintenance-free transmission, and highly maneuverable steering system for a reasonable price.

Most buyers report being satisfied with how easily this lawnmower starts up and how reliably it runs and turns.

If you’re looking for a reliably-built, easy-to-use, residential zero-turn lawnmower, you might want to give the Husqvarna Z248F a test drive.

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