Hyacinth flower meaning depends on the type and color of this gorgeous flower. Even though flowers are generally used to uplift a person’s mood, with Hyacinthus genus plants, there is a certain color that has a negative connotation.

Hyacinth Flower Meaning


In this article, the diverse symbolism of this flower of the Asparagaceae family will be tackled, along with quick care tips and a brief history of its origin, read all about them with their variations and meanings.

What Are the Meanings of Hyacinth Flower?

💥The Meaning of hyacinth flower is apollos’s flower, it also is associated with beauty, and peace. It also shows and means power, jealousy, mourning, and in addition royalty. This flower has a variety of meaning as each have their own specific reason.

– Apollo’s Flower

Given that hyacinths are regarded as the earliest indication of spring, its association with Apollo should not come as a surprise. The Greeks have identified hyacinths as the sun god’s flower, as they believe that Apollo, through the sun, has returned after a harsh winter, and the perfect indication of it was the blooming of the hyacinths. 

When Apollo bled, this flower was the one that bloomed, hence it is the representation of the sun of god’s pain, and the rise of this flower. Overall, this is why it is named after him, since the times of Greek Mythology.

– Beauty

Hyacinths in pink and purple hues are used as a symbol of beauty and rebirth. These flowers are typically presented to new mothers after they give birth. 

Meaning of Hyacinth Flower Beauty


In addition, these flowers are also given to commemorate fresh beginnings, such as the start of an event or a big step on a journey. They represent beauty because they themselves are beautiful flowers, and they bring out a new era, hence the rebirth

– Peace

Understandably, white flowers, regardless of type, have a calming, soothing energy that represents calmness and harmony. However, the Hyacinths in this color have an unspoiled, snowy feel about them. They can be given as a get-well-soon gift to someone who is sick or one who is starting a new career, as a way of saying may the new journey be peaceful.

The Christian church has greatly influenced this belief as they reflect on peace and the meaning of life during spring, a time when hyacinths are in full bloom.

– Power

Hyacinths can also be presented as gifts to honor accomplishments and progress. It is similar to the Victorian tradition of giving yellow hyacinths, but without the recent connotation of jealousy.

In this context, the word “power” refers to accomplishment and progress. Therefore, hyacinths of any hue make wonderful presents for anyone who has recently received an award, launched a new business, or been promoted. Basically, it means strength to overcome, or to have the perfect power of will to strongly stand in the new journey.

– Jealousy

Although flowers are known to bring good vibes with their charming appearance, one of the negative symbolism of hyacinths is jealousy or the feeling of being envious.

Hyacinth Flower Jealousy Meaning


For example, giving a yellow hyacinth to a friend who recently got engaged would mean that you consider them annoying and are not happy with what is happening to them, without actually telling this or putting it to words.

– Mourning

Another symbolism of hyacinths is grief, often used during funerals. Widows are traditionally given bouquets of white hyacinths as a gift to symbolize that the giver wishes them peace and calm during their time of grief. It is also believed that if a house has this flower in its front garden, it indicates that a family member has recently passed away.

– Royalty

Victorians considered the deep purple color of hyacinth petals to be mystic and magnificent. Because of this, hyacinths of this color were frequently given as gifts to show respect and make requests for pardon. 

In addition, giving hyacinths with purple-hued petals implies that the giver is pleading for forgiveness from the recipient of the flower. On the other hand, don’t forget that the royalty color is purple, and as these flowers exist in the purple color, they bring out a sense of respect, and gratitude.


What Is the Hyacinth Flower Colors Variation?

Hyacinth flower meaning varies with the colors, the white means purity, the purple one means respect and kindness, the red one shows fun times. In addition, the yellow one means jealousy and the blue one would show honesty and lastly the pink is for happiness.

– White

Hyacinths in white represent innocence and purity. In addition, white hyacinths also carry a religious overtone; giving them to someone signifies that they are being prayed for, especially their well-being and prosperity. 

White Hyacinths Flower


These stunning white flowers can be used in bridal bouquets because they symbolize purity. Furthermore, hyacinth flowers of this shade also symbolize serenity and a desire for healing, comparable to the generally acknowledged meaning of white flowers.

– Purple

A purple hyacinth is a suitable flower to send to someone who not only deserves your respect but also your appreciation, as hyacinths of this color can also represent grief and occasionally forgiveness. However, purple hyacinths are typically associated with spirituality, aristocracy, opulence, luxury, grandeur, and steadfast love.

– Red

As the red color is a vibrant, playful hue that represents having fun, it can also stand for passion, love, and romance, and even some would associate it with youth and young love.

Red Hyacinth Flower


However, hyacinths of this color are not typically offered as a romantic gift, but are rather often used as a symbol of play and leisure, which is basically the sum of youth.

– Yellow

In the world of hyacinths, giving a yellow one is seen as an expression of envy or jealousy. It is the exact reason why it is essential to understand hyacinth flower color and its meaning before using these beautiful flowers as a gift to someone. Otherwise, there is a high probability of being misunderstood.

– Blue

Typically blooming from March through April, hyacinth flowers having this color stand for consistency, sincerity, dedication, and honesty in a relationship or in a person. In contrast to the yellow ones, blue hyacinth flowers are the most beautiful gift to give to someone special as a sign of loyalty.

– Pink

Given that this pink color is a lighter shade of red, the meaning is quite similar. Pink hyacinths are associated with happiness, playfulness, platonic or new love, and new beginnings.

Pink Colored Hyacinth Flower


Not only do hyacinth flowers have different colors and meanings, but they are also unique in such a way that each color has a particular smell as well. However, there are also other varieties of hyacinth, and one of these is the grape hyacinth.

How Are Hyacinths Viewed Different Times?

The hyacnith are viewed in different times like in Greek mythology, the meaning was jealousy. However, in Christian churches, it is a symbol of joy and love. In addition, these hyacinth blooms were also favored during the Victorian times, as they were associated with being playful and jovial.

– Greek Mythology

The hyacinth flower’s symbolism has a deep connection with Greek mythology, relating it to jealousy or envy. According to the story, there was once a young prince named Hyakinthos, or Hyacinthus, who was being courted by both Zephyr, being the god of the west wind, and Apollo, the sun god.

Zephyr saw Apollo teaching Hyakinthos how to throw a discus, and he became jealous. Zephyr threw a gust of wind in Apollo’s direction, which caused the discus to fly back in his direction, striking Hyakinthos and eventually killing him. 

Apollo was taken aback and grieved the loss of the boy. From the blood of the slain prince, a flower emerged, and Apollo named it the Hyacinth. It was first known to be associated with jealousy and power due to the story of its origins, because jealousy was the reason why the god of the sun had bled.

– Biblical Times

Pagans and Christians have similar beliefs when it comes to this flower’s representation. Christian believers consider the hyacinth to represent the knowledge and serenity of God.

It has to do with how it is through God’s grace that His follower will be at peace and feel joy and happiness in their souls. Basically, the Christian teaching also explains a person’s longing for heaven, as it is promised to all believers.

– Victorian Era

Hyacinths in the Victorian era were extremely popular, and they were frequently used to represent fun and merriment. Also, they were meant as a gift that represented royalty, especially in that era which was known as the Golden Era.

Hyacinths in The Victorian Era


Many home gardens and public parks were adorned with this lovely flower, which was considered a cheerful sign of the coming spring and warmer weather.

– Modern-day Impression

Nowadays, hyacinths are frequently used to represent steadfast love that endures even after death. They are a common flower to put on the graves of departed spouses and loved ones.

Because of the very beautiful appearance of this flower, hyacinth plants are being potted and assembled to be given as housewarming or thank-you gifts in the spring.

 Some people consider them to be lucky and even use them as bridal flowers, of course the ones in white color as thy represent purity and innocence. However the Hyacinths in pink or white are wonderful Mother’s Day presents, as they show motherly love and dedication in addition to happiness and joy.


Regarded as the sun god’s flower, many people view hyacinths as the first indication that spring is quickly approaching. Adored for their charming appearance, these flowers also have different meanings and connotations according to their color.

Let us summarize what we have discovered about them:

  • The name “hyacinth” originated from the name of the young prince, Hyakinthos or Hyacinthus. According to Greek mythology, the flower emerged from his blood after he was unintentionally killed by one of his god suitors, Zephyr.
  • Hyacinths come in a wide variety of colors, including white, purple, red, yellow, blue, and pink. As their colors are just a lighter and darker version of each other, red, and pink have similar representations as playful and fun.
  • Hyacinths in blue, on the other hand, signify loyalty, whereas hyacinths with purple petals represent royalty. Like other white flowers, hyacinths of this color symbolize calm, peace, and tranquility.
  • Yellow hyacinths, on the other hand, were thought to represent jealousy and envy. However, this belief was only during the Victorian era, and it has gradually shifted to a more positive meaning.
  • Hyacinth flowers in modern times represent positive meanings, such as beauty, power, and peace.

With the charming beauty of hyacinths, they are often used as a gift, either as a celebratory bouquet or to represent sadness or sincerity.

Even though beliefs have shifted since the Victorian era, it is interesting to know that even a beautiful flower like the hyacinth used to symbolize a negative feeling. Indeed, there is more beauty than what meets the eye.


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