Iron fence with brick columns offers safety to your house and an aesthetic upgrade to your property. The material used in making these fences, i.e., iron and bricks, can last decades if proper care is provided. Iron Fence With Brick Columns

Here are some creative fence ideas with brick columns that will help you revamp the exterior of your home:

Ideas for Iron Fence With Brick Columns

1. Brick Pillars With Iron Wrought

Wrought iron fences accompanied by brick pillars provide a complete package giving security and being beautiful simultaneously. The black color of the fences contrasts with the red bricks used in constructing the fence. This type of fence is not very tall but can easily prevent unwanted entry from strangers. Brick Pillars With Iron Wrought

The brick used in the fence construction allows it to become a more sturdy and amazing addition to your household.

These fences can be typically used in tiny houses or parks.

2. Iron Gate With Brick Column

The iron gate may reach a height of up to three feet and provides a great doorway into your backyard or the entrance of your house. The gate is perfectly placed between two columns. On top of the columns, two antique lamps are placed, allowing the breathtaking gate to look even more spectacular at night.Iron Gate With Brick Column

The gate is secure, almost unbreakable preventing any break-ins into your houses.

3. Iron Wrought Fence With Brick Fence

The wrought iron fence with a brick fence is a 50-50 split between the two. The fence’s upper portion is constructed of wrought iron, while the lower part is made of bricks. This unique combination provides you with a beautiful and strong fence. Iron Wrought Fence With Brick Fence

The iron wrought on the fence prevents intruders from jumping over the fence, while the brick base provides a strong foundation for the fence. These types of fences are usually used for parks or large houses. And can easily last up to a lifetime.

4. Wide Automated Iron Wrought Gate With Brick Columns

The wide automated iron wrought gate is an elegant solution for your driveway. This elegant iron-wrought gate automatically opens and closes your gate with just a push of a button; hence there is no need to worry about getting out in the cold and finding those garage keys.Wide Automated Iron Wrought Gate With Brick Columns

The wrought iron gate is placed between two columns. The columns provide additional security to your gate.

5. Tall Iron Wrought Gate

The tall wrought iron gate provides a grand entrance into your home or backyard. The tall iron gate provides you with additional security. The spectacular-looking gate will give your home an antique look. These types of gates are perfect for individuals with smaller homes.Tall Iron Wrought Gate

6. Tall Wrought Iron Fence

Tall iron-wrought fences give you a fantastic sense of security due to their tall stature. The fences are tall and steady and provide excellent protection to your property. They also provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your home.Tall Wrought Iron Fence

The slim columns accompanying the fences might look delicate, but they are pretty sturdy and robust, providing further reinforcement to the fences. The thin columns can also have a beautiful light that illuminates the area at night.


7. Tall Iron Wrought Fence on a Stone Wall Top

The tall iron-wrought fence on a stonewall gives it a classic look. The fence is not only classy, but it also makes the exterior look of the house pop out more. This combination of the black fence and the stone wall makes your house look more pleasing to the eye. Tall Iron Wrought Fence on a Stone Wall Top

This type of fence is made of wrought iron, and the lower part is made of grey stones. 

8. Wrought Iron Fence Panels With Metal Stakes

The fence panels are made with metal stakes. The bending and welding make the iron wrought fence panel of metal. It is placed in between two houses so that you may have a barrier between the houses. The metal stakes are sharp and can efficiently act as a security fence, preventing criminals from jumping over them.Wrought Iron Fence Panels With Metal Stakes

9. Interlocking Iron Wrought Fence Panel

This interlocking fence panel is five feet tall. It is straightforward to install and strong, lasting a lifetime. A beautiful design is also made by bending the metal rods. It is also perfect for lawn enclosures and swimming pool surrounds. As it is very tall, it does not allow intruders to climb. It also has sharp pointed ends to avoid any intruders. Interlocking Iron Wrought Fence Panel

The golden color of the fence looks very extravagant and extraordinary. 

10. Wrought Iron Wall Top and Garden Railing

This Iron wrought fence is a beautiful combination of golden and black and gives a very luxurious and royal look. It may have a gorgeous design but it is also perfect for security. The fence has a unique and intricate design that gives the house a more elegant look.Wrought Iron Wall Top and Garden Railing

This fence can not only be used in front of the house. These fences can also be used in the backyard and the garden.

The base of this fence is made using red bricks, which provides additional security to the foundation of the fence.

This fence may look delicate, but it is rigid and lasts quite long. 

11. Vintage Iron Wrought

This iron-wrought fence is vintage, which makes it different from all the other fences. It is a very antique design that can be placed on a patio, living room, backyard, or garden anywhere you like. It has a very rigid and robust structure, which lasts long.Vintage Iron Wrought

It also fulfills the primary purpose of a fence, which is to provide security and protection. 

There are several ways that you can elevate the look of your house by using a fence and yet getting security. 

12. Tall Iron Wrought Fence With Gate

This four feet tall iron wrought fence with the column is installed with an arched gate which gives it a very eye-catching and appealing look. It is also accompanied by a basketball hoop supported by the fence. Tall Iron Wrought Fence With Gate

The arched entrance made by the bending and welding of metal rods is impressive and provides you with safety and certainty. At the iron fence’s end is a sharp pointed end that keeps the intruders from breaking into the property. 

It is well built and sturdy; therefore, it won’t be leaving its place. 

13. Ornamental Iron Fence With Columns

This ornamental fence gate is accompanied by columns, becoming more popular as an alternative to wood and chain link. This fence gate is the perfect entry for a house, yard, or garden.Ornamental Iron Fence With Columns

It has a very minimalist design that gives a chic and modern look. This fence is very tough and durable. Therefore it is long-lasting. Its simple yet elegant design stands out more from the other fences.

It may be graceful, but it is also perfect for security.

14. Long Wrought Iron Fence 

Outdoor iron fencing is fantastic for yards, creating safe borders, protecting property, encasing gardens, or enhancing privacy. It is usually a hassle to install them, but this rugged metal is crafted for superior performance and durability. It can be easily assembled by yourself at home or onsite.Long Wrought Iron Fence

The iron construction and height make it usable for security fencing. The yard fence is easily rackable on concrete and uneven terrain for effortless use in any setting.

The black color applied on it is weather resistant and is for lasting strength. Two tops and middle rails increase the durability of the fence. Pressed tops and flat bottoms give the garden border fence a clean look.


Iron fence with brick columns provide individuals with a fantastic sense of security. The fences also help you improve the overall appearance of your property.

One of the most secure and elegant ideas on the list is a tall iron-wrought fence with slim columns. This not only allows you exceptional security against criminals but also looks beautiful in the process.

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