“Is bong water good for plants?” is a query that has likely crossed the minds of a lot of garden hobbyists. If you’re trying to boost your plant’s health, you might think about watering plants using bong water since it contains the residues of the cannabis plants.

Is Bong Water Good For Plants

But unfortunately, despite containing deteriorating plant matter that should theoretically benefit your plants, bong water is packed with other materials that can kill your plant in no time.

Our gardening team is here to solve the mystery, so keep reading to learn more about this topic. 

Is Using Bong Water Good For Plants?

💥 No, using bong water is not necessarily good for plants. Bong water contains the water which is essential for plants’ growth, but other than that, it doesn’t contain any nutrients your plants need to survive. It might even contain residue from smoking marijuana that might harm your plants.


In addition, when the water sits for too long, it becomes stagnant water that supports the growth of fungi and bacteria, which can harm your plants. Plants need adequate amounts of sun, soil, and water to survive.

They also need basic nutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus to thrive. Unfortunately, bong water doesn’t contain any of these nutrients, so it won’t boost your plant’s growth. 

– Bong Water Ingredients

Bong water filters the smoke when you burn the marijuana plant, and it collects all the harmful materials that you don’t want to inhale while smoking. But this means this water becomes dirty water containing high amounts of THC, CBD, carbon monoxide, tar, ash, resin, and cannabinoids. 

None of these is beneficial to any plants, and they might actually kill them in the long run. So even smoking around your plants isn’t recommended. Now think about adding all these impurities to the soil and the expected adverse effects on your plants. 

You use the bong or the smoking device to burn the marijuana plant, and the water acts as a filter that blocks the tar and other impurities.

It cools the smoke down, so you can enjoy a smoother and more comfortable smoking experience. The water also catches any debris found in the plant, in addition to any loose leaves. 

– Effects of Bong Water on Plants

The smoking process turns the water too acidic because of dissolved plant matter and smoke. This acidic water can harm your plants, although some species, like holly plants, can tolerate its acidity.

But, in general, most plants will die when you water them using bong water. In addition, the smoke particles can clog the plant’s pores, affecting its ability to absorb carbon dioxide. 

With time, the decomposing plant matter becomes harbored with bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. These organisms can make your plant sick, stunt its growth, and even kill it if you regularly water your plants using bong water. 

Your lungs act as a second filtration system that blocks some of the debris that still passes through the bong water, but your plant lacks this filtration system.

Watering your plants using bong water is like feeding your precious plants a mixture of harmful organic and chemical materials that provide no real health benefits and can potentially kill them. 

– Pathogens

Upon a closer look, you can see a film developing over the water’s surface. This biofilm can contain pathogens like mildew, mold, and E. Coli, which can then lead to serious problems if consumed in any way. Bong water’s good benefits end after a single smoking experience

So, although you might be thinking about recycling bong water instead of throwing it away, this is actually a bad idea. Bong water contains some decomposing plant matter, but it’s not like compost; it won’t boost your plant’s growth or help them become healthier. 


A quick look at the dirty bong water can tell you the answer. The water is almost brown because you’ve been using it for a week or two, and this means that it’s time to toss it away. The water plants naturally use some impurities, but these are organic materials that the plant can deal with. 

Since you won’t think about using bong water for another smoking experience and won’t drink it, you should never think about adding it to your plants. This is why it’s better to use fresh tap water to water your plants. 

– Bong Water for Cannabis Plants

Some people might wonder what effect bong water will have on marijuana or cannabis plants. Many smokers choose to grow their plants to guarantee their quality and secure an affordable supply, and recycling the bong water by using it to hydrate cannabis plants might seem logical.

It contains some of the plant residues you’ve previously used for a smoking experience, but will it provide your growing plants with any health value?

Unfortunately, this is not true. As we said, bong water’s good benefits end when the water is used for the smoking experience because it acts as a filter that traps all the unwanted impurities.

All the residue from the smoking will get trapped in the water and can potentially kill your cannabis. So, you shouldn’t use this dirty water to water or mist any plants you own. 

– Bong Water for Removing Weeds

Now that we know that bong water’s good benefits are pretty much non-existent, you might think of using it in another way. Weeds are annoying plants that grow next to your outdoor or indoor plants, competing with them for food and nutrients.

Their roots stretch under the soil and can suffocate the roots of nearby plants, and every gardener is thinking of ways to limit and eliminate these plants in their garden. So, can bong water be used to keep them under control?

Unfortunately, you can’t use bong water to kill weeds. The water harms all plants, including weeds, but it won’t help eliminate them as they’re pretty resilient. Moreover, the toxins found in the bong water will deposit in the soil and affect the plants growing it in the future. 

Bong Water for Removing Weeds

If you’re looking for an excellent method to eliminate weeds in the garden, you can try to remove them by hand. This is the most potent way to remove them from your garden and prevent their growth in the future. But to do this, you need to remove all parts of the root system, as most weeds are able to grow if part of the root system is still present in the soil. 

You can also use hot water to burn the weeds. This is another selective method as you will have to pour the hot water over the undesirable plants in your garden without harming any nearby plants.

All you have to do is to heat some water and pour it over the weeds. Do this for a few days, and the weeds will die. At the same time, other nearby plants won’t get harmed. 


What Water Should I Use For Plants Instead of Bong Water?

The water you should use for plants instead of bong water include tap water, distilled water, rainwater, bottled water, and rice water. Water is essential for plants’ growth and survival, and this is why choosing healthy and clean water is a must.

Luckily, these are the different water options available to hydrate your plants.

– Tap Water

Most gardeners will use good old tap water to hydrate their plants. Tap water is convenient and readily available, so you can use it for deep watering, soil soaks, and misting your plants.

Tap Water

However, it’s important to make sure that you’re not using ice-cold water that might shock your plants. It’s also recommended to let the water sit overnight or at least several hours before using it because this will allow any chemicals like chlorine to evaporate without affecting your plants. 

– Distilled Water

If you’re not sure about the tap water quality in your area, you can use distilled water to hydrate your plants. Distilled water doesn’t contain chlorine or any other materials you may find in tap water, and it doesn’t contain the impurities present in bong water. 

– Rainwater

Rainwater is a good option for your plants because it’s what the plants depend on in their natural habitat. Moreover, it’s free. Plants with low watering requirements can solely survive off rainwater, but the quality of rainwater differs and depends on where you live.


So if you’re not sure about the quality of rainwater, you can collect it and test it for chemicals and toxins before using it for your plants. 

– Bottled Water

Bottled water is definitely cleaner than tap water and rainwater, so it offers the hydration your plants need without any chemicals that might hinder their growth or affect their health. But bottled water isn’t free, and using it to water your plants regularly can become costly. However, if your plants are in pretty bad shape, using bottled water might save them. 

– Rice Water

Rice water is a great option for watering your plants. It provides the necessary hydration and contains other nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen that boost your plants’ growth.

Rice Water

Moreover, you won’t have to pay to get it because you’re already using it for cooking. 


– Can I Add Bong Water to Compost?

Yes, you can add bong water to compost. Although watering your plants using dirty bong water isn’t a good way to recycle it, you can add it to your compost pile. The components of the bong water can help break the compost pile faster. 


Bong water for plants might seem like a good way to recycle this water and boost the growth of plants because it contains decomposing plant matter. However, this isn’t true. 

  • Bong water contains a lot of impurities and toxins that can harm your plants. 
  • You can’t use bong water to kill weeds because the chemicals in the water will deposit in the soil and affect its quality for future planting. 
  • You can use tap water, rainwater, or distilled water to hydrate your plants. 
  • Rice water contains essential nutrients that can help your plants thrive. 

With this information, you now know that it’s best to dispose of bong water away from your garden, but you can use it to help break a compost pile faster. So for those who are planning to give their plants bong water, make sure to add it to the compost instead!

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