Is Wet and Forget safe for plants?” is probably a question you ask before applying this product to eliminate lichens, mold, moss, mildew, algae, and their stains.Wet and Forget for Plants

You can safely use this cleaning product in your garden following the safety application instructions. Continue reading this article because we will let you know how to use this product safely.

Is Wet and Forget Safe for Plants Survival?

Yes, wet and forget is safe for plants’ survival as it will help eliminate lichens, algae, mildew, mold, and moss stains from any outdoor surface. The quick application makes it an option for dealing with black and green stains without scrubbing, delivering long-lasting results and preventing future stains from forming.

– Quantity

Wet and Forget outdoor cleaner is a product that won’t damage plants as long as you don’t overspray it. If you’re dealing with mold and moss near plants, you can cover them with a tarp to protect them from the chemicals. Moreover, you can wash plants down before and after applying this cleaning product, because it will protect your plants from harsh chemicals that may come from fertilizers, for instance.

However, some temporary brown spots will form on the leaves if you accidentally spray your plants, which means that if you spray it too much, the result isn’t going to be as you like. These spots aren’t permanent but will affect the foliage’s look. Luckily, your plants will quickly recover, especially after one rainfall.

Applying this product properly is essential to give it time to work. First, you need to clean the dust, debris, and grass, and after doing so, you can dilute the Wet and Forget with one part of the product to five or seven parts of water in a pump garden sprayer.

After applying this product, let it sit, and don’t worry about rinsing it. Rain will clean off the product residue that is left on the grass, and in short, the product is what will protect your surfaces from future mold and mildew growth and stains that could be easily grown on grass.

– Kills Moss

If you’re using Wet and Forget to treat outdoor moss in your lawn, you can spray it on the grass without oversaturating your lawn. It’s crucial to dilute this moss and mildew stain remover by preparing a mixture of one part of Wet and Forget with seven parts of water. Use this spray late in the day to give the cleaning product time to act and kill the moss, and you will see how it will add vibrancy to your surroundings.Treating Outdoor Moss

The intense morning sun will react with this product can damage the grass and ruin your lawn. Applying Wet and Forget in winter is highly recommended, as this chemical reacts with heat. In the worst-case scenario, this chemical might burn the grass, but it will quickly recover, which is why it is not unsafe, because there will be a recovery process.

– Clean Garden

Wet and Forget is the product that is one of the best cleaning liquids to use on all outdoor surfaces. It quickly eliminates all traces of mold, mildew, algae, moss, and lichens without pressure or scrubbing, so you shouldn’t worry about scratched or damaged surfaces.Best Outdoor Cleaning Liquids

In addition, no sponges or steel wire are needed to clean any product, as you just leave the product after you have diluted it to work on its own. Right after some rain, you will see the difference and freshness your garden will have.

Is Wet and Forget Safe for the Environment?

Yes, Wet and Forget is safe for the environment as it has an almost neutral pH level, so it’s safer than other cleaning products. Once dry, it becomes inactive, which is better for the surrounding. It won’t affect any outdoor surfaces or nearby plants in your garden.

– Having Cleaner Surfaces

This product for Moss Mold Mildew Algae Stain is a remover that can be applied on various outdoor surfaces that birds can touch and won’t be harmed, and where plants grow on it, they will be safe as well. This includes awnings, pergolas, decks, and patios. Once this chemical has dried completely, the surrounding environment will be safe as it won’t harm them because they easily become weak and inactive.Removing Moss from Surface

It works for several weeks and can protect moss and mildew buildup for up to one year. During this period, you shouldn’t worry about any greener from getting harmed if they get in touch with a cleaned or treated surface.

You should apply Wet and Forget on a dry day without any rain. Giving this cleaning product at least four to five hours to work before it rains is crucial, or you might have to reapply it. The rain will wash away the excess chemical, but you should give it time to work to deal with mold, mildew, and algae.

Wait for dry and warm weather when it hasn’t rained for several days. This will be the best moment to apply Wet and Forget, as this product needs time to work. If it rains within five hours, you must reapply the product. However, if it doesn’t rain after application, you shouldn’t worry; the product becomes inactive once it dries.

– Health Precautions

Wet and Forget contains potent and strong chemicals that should be handled carefully. The strong chemicals can cause skin irritation, so wear gloves during application. Ensure it doesn’t contact your skin or eyes to avoid skin rashes and inflammations. Moreover, you should keep it away from the reach of kids and pets as it’s highly toxic.Using Wet and Forget Carefully

If it gets on your clothing while cleaning any outdoor or indoor surface, remove contaminated clothing immediately and rinse the skin with water for about 20 minutes to wash away all the toxins. Call a doctor or contact the poison control center immediately if you or a kid has swallowed a small amount of Wet and Forget by mistake. You should have a few plants that keep away cats, dogs and other pets to keep them safe!


Wet and Forget is a potent product used to clean existing mold, mildew, lichen, and algae stains, so in short:

  • Wet and Forget is concentrated and should be diluted before application.
  • Apply Wet and Forget on a dry day to allow it to work.
  • It also prevents future growth and stains, protecting your surfaces and where plants may grow.
  • This cleaning product is safe for plants, but if it gets in touch with them, it might cause temporary brown spots.
  • Once dry, this product will be inactive, so it’s safe for the environment.

Ensure you don’t overapply this strong product and keep far it away from kids and pets because it is one of the best creations to use on various surfaces that won’t harm plants.

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