Italian roses possess a secret allure that enchants the senses and gives the impression that you have never smelled a real rose before. The country’s people use them to express affection, respect, and jealousy.

Italian Roses You Must Have in Your Garden

Italy is the fifth-largest exporter of flowers in the world. A balcony or a flower-filled garden can be found in every Italian home. You can include these beautiful flowers in your yard as well! Therefore, today’s topic is the list of traditional Italian flowers, keep reading to learn more.

List of The Best Italian Roses

As long as they receive enough sunlight, you can grow roses in containers and place them indoors or on your terrace. We’ll explore the most stunning and well-known Italian roses.

1. Bourbon Roses

The vigorous shrub cultivar Rosa ‘Madame Isaac Péreire’ belongs to Rosaceae’s rose family. Its growth pattern is open and arching, producing enormous, fragrant, cup-shaped, deep rose-pink double blooms and bold green foliage.

Bourbon Roses in Summer Garden

These petals seem to be divided into four halves and are somewhat quartered. Flowers are usually grown in the summer and fall and are around 15 cm in width. These plants are perfect for training to climb over or under pergolas or arches.

2. Queen Victoria Rose

This rose would grow to almos eight feet tall, it is known to be thriving in full bright sunlight. It takes five years to reach maturity.

Blooming Queen Victoria Rose

They may be cultivated in USDA Hardiness Zone 6a, also they are frost resistant. This rose is very much loved because if tis beauty and the colors that it radiates in a garden.

3. Bourbon Queen

This variety has flowers with crinkled petals and exposed stamens that are loosely cupped and intensely scented. There is a medium pink color with deeper veining and paler margins. Very uncontrolled flowering is often seen.

Rare Bourbon Queen Roses in Garden

It is a tough plant and can be cultivated as a climber or a tall shrub. 70 inches long in height can be commonly observed with this plant. The reason why this rose is loved is because of its shades and how it produces beautiful rose blossoms in the spring season. 

4. Variegata of Bologna

This rose has large, cupped, full, white, or blush-white blooms with red stripes, a strong aroma, and flowers one time only. It can Climb or grow like a shrub. Excellent for areas with a mixed border, a rose border, and shade.

Close View of Variegata of Bologna Rose

Growing conditions include any type of soil are preferred, as it is a resilient rose, and it needs full sunlight to grow and thrive.

5. Bush Roses

The common bush roses grow in shrubs with lush foliage and smaller, more frequent flowers.

These rose bush plants work well in pots and are a fantastic option for limited growing spaces, but they cannot be grown in pots indoors.

Bush Roses in Garden

Bush roses are a fantastic choice for container gardens or small gardening areas because they typically won’t grow taller than 6 feet.

Growth requirements include making sure the plant is planted in a sunny area with sufficient drainage. For stunning blooms, give them frequent fertilizer. Compost, composted manure, and other organic fertilizers, like organic fish emulsion, work best when applied monthly. To keep the soil moist, water them consistently.

6. Nevada Rose

It has Creamy white, semi-double blooms with yellow stamens. Flowers are produced early in the growing season when it is covered in blooms. It attains almost one inch height and one inch width. It is perfect for mixed borders and shaded regions. 

Dew Drops on White Nevada Rose

East, South, and West facing areas or windows are ideal for growth, in addition remember that this rose prefers any soil. For growth, full sunlight should be optimal.

7. Pink Perpetua

Medium-sized, cupped flowers in a vivid shade of rose pink are seen in clusters on this plant. It is a good pillar rose with consistently beautiful blossoms.

Climbing Pink Perpetua Rose

This rose has a very faint scent. It attain 5.5 meters in height. Ideal for tall walls, fences, or prominent arches. It can be grown in places facing east, south, or west. This rose grows well in any soil. For growth, full sunlight is ideal.

8. Danse du Feu

A lovely display of medium-sized, semi-double, vivid red flowers with a richening of color with aging makes this rose special.

Danse du Feu Climbing Roses

They begin as short, angular buds that grow into globular flowers before they become flat. It is covered in an abundance of foliage. Excellent for front of the house, fence, doorway, and towering walls. 

East, North, South, and West-facing areas are good for planting. This rose enjoys any soil. Full or partial sun is ideal.

9. Maidens blush

Beautiful blue-gray foliage accompanies the pretty, somewhat jumbled, double, quartered, blush pink blooms of maiden blush, which have a rich, sweet smell.

Maidens Blush Roses in Blooms

These beautiful roses are hardy plants, they can tolerate shade and less fertile soil. They are appropriate for planting as a hedge.

10. Felicite Parmantier

This Alba has a pale pink tint with white edges that eventually turns cream. Up to 120 petals are present and have a strong smell. A 2.5 inches diameter is typical. Medium-sized blooms with a quartered, reflexed structure and many petals (41+. They bloom once in spring or summer.

Felicite Parmantier Roses in Bush

The preferred USDA zone criteria for growth are 4b through 9b and it can be utilized as a garden, hedge, pillar, or cut flower. These roses have a robust growth rate, and they are shade resilient, it is key to note that they can be raised in pots.


11. Queen Of Denmark

This beautiful rose plant is usually pink in hue, has a powerful scent, and has 100 or more petals. The flower has a three-inch average diameter. The bloom form is medium, very full (41+ petals), quartered, and rosette. They bloom only once in spring or summer. 

Queen Of Denmark Roses in a Tree

This rose is four to six inches and four to five inches wide, they require bright sunlight for good growth, nonetheless they can resist pests and diseases. And don’t forget that the USDA zones 4b through 9b can grow this cultivar.

12. Celestial

This stunning rose is beautiful because of its graceful and light pink, semi-double flowers stand against the foliage’s dark green hue. It has a height of 70 feet and a width of four to fve inches.

Close View of Blooming Celestial Roses

This rose can be cultivated in pots and only blooms once in the summer. Every garden should have this lovely flower. Old and of unknown provenance, it dates back before 1810. It is a hardy rose. Don’t forget that they can tolerate shade and less fertile soil.

13. Centifolia Genus

Known as the world’s capital of perfume, the French city of Grasse is home to the hybrid rose species known as the cabbage rose (Rosa centifolia).

The smell of cabbage rose is intense. Rose oil made from this species is used to make perfume.

Blooming Centifolia Genus Rose

The exact historical origin of the cabbage rose is not entirely established. However, it is known that it is a hybrid rose species.

Centifolia or cabbage roses have 100 petals and are significantly more fragile than other roses. They have thinner, prickle-filled stalks. Experienced gardeners often choose this rose because of its widespread popularity.

Growth requirements include to water them once a week, they require full and bright sun. Nonetheless, they tolerate poor soils.

14. Tuscany Superb

This is one of the most beautiful roses of Italy. It is known for its beautiful growth that reaches more than five inches tall. In addition, this rose is from the Gallica variety of Italian roses, hence, it blooms in the region on Tuscany and in the months of April and May, during it’s blooming season, it grows and produces many beautiful roses that endure. 

Tuscany Superb Old Garden Rose

This rose, in particular requires a soil that is rich in alkaline, in addition to the soil, it needs bright, rich, and direct sunlight in order to thrive.


Get your hands on some of the varieties mentioned above if you want to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your landscape. Roses are resilient flowers that fit beautifully with any landscape. They need occasional fertilizer and pruning but reward you with fragrant blooms. We hope you were able to find what you needed.

Numerous roses bloom in Italy, and they give beautiy in their own graceful way to the fields and gardens of Italy. Most, if not all, need bright and indirect light, in order to produce the best and the most gorgeous looking roses with vibrant colors.

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