Jessenia Pothos Care Infographic
Jessenia Pothos Care Infographic

Jessenia pothos is a stress-free and beginner-friendly house plant. In this article, we give you the complete details on how to include it in your home and garden. We share some lesser-known tips and tricks on growing, caring, and propagating the plant.

Read on for all the information that is vital to this pothos variety.

What Is a Jessenia Pothos?

Jessenia pothos is a trailing vine and a popular houseplant. It is low in maintenance and coupled with its good looks it never fails to impress plant lovers. Its lush foliage makes spaces green, grabbing enough eyeballs around. 

Jessenia Pothos Care

Jessenia pothos is tropical and requires an environment similar to its native. Provide the same conditions and you can get the most delightful plant in your garden. Here are the care requirements you need to pay heed to.

– Water Requirements