The Kobalt 40v blower is a cordless leaf blower designed for yard cleanup in small and medium-sized areas.

Kobalt 40v Blower Review

It excels in blasting away loose grass clippings, twigs, and other small material from lawns and hard surfaces. It’s also a valuable tool for cleaning debris out of gutters on the roof.

However, this tool lacks power for cleaning up large and heavy piles of yard waste, wet leaves, branches, and pine cones.

In this Kobalt 40v blower review, we’ll lay out all the details, specs, and ratings we found for this product and give you our professional opinion on who can benefit most from owning this yard equipment.

Pros and Cons of this Kobalt Leaf Blower

Kobalt 40v Key Criteria
# of Functions
Air Flow
# of Air Flow Settings
Simple to operate
Good run-time
Battery interchangeable with seven other Kobalt lawn tools
Variable-speed trigger
Not for big jobs
Low air speed

Kobalt Electric Leaf Blower Product Highlights and Specs

This Kobalt cordless blower has an impressive air volume and a mid-range air speed compared to other cordless blowers. However, it delivers a broad and powerful jet of air for many types of yard cleanup while being light, compact, and easy to operate.

Kobalt Electric Leaf Blower Product Highlights and Specs

  • Top air speed is 110 MPH
  • Air volume of 480 cfm
  • Weighs 6.7 pounds
  • 40V lithium-ion battery interchangeable with other Kobalt tools
  • Variable-speed trigger with cruise control and turbo-boost air

– Kobalt 40V Blower Review

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A battery-powered leaf blower like this one gives you lots of flexibility for using the device in various locations and types of work. In addition, this blower has the advantage of being exceptionally easy to use with an extended average runtime per battery charging, letting you get lots of work done whenever you want.

If you need a blower for clearing leaves and branches from a big lawn or woodlot, this tool will not have the power to get the job done in a reasonable time. Likewise, if you need to blow heavy material like gravel off a paved surface or want to clean up sand, you are likely to be disappointed because this Kobalt cordless blower probably doesn’t have air speeds high enough for this type of work.

However, if you need a reliable blower for tidying up a deck or patio, gathering up grass clippings on a small or medium-sized lawn, or removing leaves from a roof or gutters, this tool has advantages.

For example, it weighs about 8 pounds with the battery installed, making it easy to hold and handle for extended periods for many users. And it’s strong enough for blowing leaves and other debris from paved surfaces in driveways, garage floors, patios, and decks.

The low weight and compact body and tube make it convenient to use this tool for cleaning shelves, blowing debris from workbenches in the garage, and tidying up small planting areas where you need to maneuver in a tight space. In addition, because this tool does not produce toxic fumes like gas-powered blowers, you can safely use it in an enclosed area like a garage, workshop, or greenhouse.

The blower tube has a wide opening, and the motor delivers a top air volume of 480 cfm, which helps sweep away leaves and debris from open areas and blast debris from cracks and crevices. Many buyers report that they regularly use this machine to tidy up porches, landings, stairways, and sidewalks.  However, this device only has a blower function, and it does not vacuum up or mulch debris.

A big plus with this tool is the interchangeable 40V battery that you can use to power Kobalt cordless chainsaws, string trimmers, pole saws, hedge trimmers, and other devices. Of course, if you already have one of these tools, you already have a battery and charger for this blower.

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Kobalt Cordless Blower Main Product Features

– Easy Operation

This Kobalt blower is especially easy to use and maintain compared to gas-powered and corded electric blowers.

To operate the blower, slide a charged battery into the base of the machine’s handle until it clicks into place. Next, move the trigger lock from locked to unlocked by depressing the safety button with the palm of your hand. Doing this allows you to squeeze the trigger and start the machine. The locking mechanism prevents accidental startups. To stop the machine, let go of the trigger, and the motor shuts off.

Kobalt Blower Is Easy to Use and Maintain

Besides charging and storing the battery and charger properly and keeping this tool clean and dry, this blower requires almost no maintenance. As a result, this blower is perfect for people who want a grab-and-go blower for medium-duty cleanup at home or business without the hassles of gas cans and extension cords.

– Air Speed and Air Volume

41SZ5ekTsvL. SL160This blower uses an axial fan motor for creating the steady blast of air that comes out of the wide nozzle. The unit does not come with any nozzle attachments.

The variable-speed throttle adjusts depending on how far you pull the trigger. Pull a small amount for the lowest speed and completely depress the trigger when you want the maximum air speed and air volume. The blower also has a turbo button for an occasional extra jolt of wind, like dislodging a pile of wet leaves on a pathway.

The maximum air speed is 110 MPH with a maximum airflow of 480 cubic feet per minute (cfm) The high air volume compensates for the lower air speed by increasing the amount of air sweeping over an area. However, the low air speed makes it difficult or impossible to move heavy debris like piles of wet leaves, large twigs, branches, gravel, and acorns.

Once you find the right air speed and volume for what you’re doing, set the cruise control, and you can relieve stress on your hand and fingers by releasing the trigger and fine-tuning the air speed with the cruise-control lever.

– Lithium-Ion battery

Lithium batteries are compact and powerful, delivering a steady stream of power until the storage unit is fully discharged. These batteries also resist memory loss after recharging, resulting in a longer lifespan.  The G-MAX 40V battery that powers this Kobalt leaf blower is the same one used in seven other Kobalt yard tools, including chainsaws, pole trimmers, string trimmers, and hedge trimmers.

The battery slips into a slot in the handle and clicks into place. Pressing a battery release button allows you to pull the unit back out.  Batteries are available in several amperage hour (Ah) ratings between 2Ah and 5Ah. The amp hour rating of the battery affects the runtime and recharging time. For example, a 3Ah battery takes approximately 60 minutes to recharge.

Lithium Batteries Are Compact and Powerful

The runtime of a fully charged battery depends on the throttle settings you use while working. When on the high setting and using the turbo-boost feature, the runtime is considerably less than when using the machine on a low or mid setting without the turbo. With average use, a 40- to 50-minute runtime is typical. An LED light indicates the battery charge level, so you know how much power is left.

The battery and charger are usually sold separately for this tool. If you already have other Kobalt 40V tools, you might not need the battery part of the system with the blower. When you place your order, look for an option to add as many batteries and chargers as you want if you need them.

– Weight and Dimensions

The overall size of this blower’s body is 20 inches long, 12 inches high, and 9.5 inches wide. The blower tube adds approximately 30 inches to the length. This size is not the most compact available, but it’s also not too big for use in tight spaces like on a small patio, deck, or porch.

The weight with a battery installed is approximately 8 pounds. Again, there are blowers with lower weights than this, and if you want an exceptionally light blower, consider a 20V cordless model.

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Kobalt offers a limited 5-year warranty on its tools. This extended warranty is a benefit to anyone who wants a guarantee for the reliability of the product. However, it’s crucial to keep the receipt for purchase and register the warranty online or by mail within 30 days to assure the best warranty service in case you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Kobalt 40v Blower be used to clean gutters?

No, the Kobalt 40v Blower is not suitable for cleaning gutters. It is designed for blowing leaves and debris off lawns and hard surfaces.

2. Is the Kobalt 40v Blower waterproof?

No, the Kobalt 40v Blower is not waterproof and should not be exposed to water.

3. What accessories are included with the Kobalt 40v Blower?

The Kobalt 40v Blower comes with a battery, charger, and a tube attachment for focused blowing.


In this Kobalt 40v blower review, we talked about how this blower is best suited for people who have light-duty and medium-duty yard and garden cleaning tasks and not for people with big, tough leaf-blowing projects.

This blower does not have the power for serious challenges, but it works well for getting dry leaves off pathways and sidewalks, piling up grass clippings on a medium-sized lawn, or getting leaves off the roof or out of gutters.

The overall performance, low weight, and ease of use offered by this machine make it a good choice for people who need a powerful blower for small jobs.

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