Kobalt 40V Max KHB 350 06 is the machine that has the ability to take the gardener market by storm and pushes its customer satisfaction up several notches. Word of this blower will have passed your ears or screens if you indulge in gardening and lawn-keeping discussions.

Review of Kobalt 40V Max KHB 350 06

However, you should find out if it’s the best blower and match the results to your needs. Our detailed review will help you with that decision so let’s dive into the information you need to make your choice. 

Pros Cons
40V battery-powered system Low wind speed at 100 MPH
Max airflow capacity at 350 CFM Fewer accessories in the product packaging
Brushless technology for optimum performance

Kobalt 40V Max KHB 350 06 Highlights

The Kobalt cordless blower joins the ranks of leaf blowers offering high airflow capacity to every consumer for quality. In summary, the features that this blower offers you for your gardening operations are ones that will ensure the job to be very well accomplished.  

  • Airflow capacity with a max output of 350 CFM
  • Stable Wind speed setting
  • Lightweight six lb
  • Includes cruise control
  • Rechargeable 40V battery-powered system
  • Handheld brushless cordless electric design
  • Maximum Wind Speed level of 100 MPH
  • Five-year warranty

Kobalt 40v Max KHB 350 06 Review

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Kobalt 40V Max KHB 350 06 Key Criteria
Number of Functions
Number of Airflow Settings
40V battery-powered system
Max airflow capacity at 350 CFM
Brushless technology for optimum performance
Low wind speed at 100 MPH
Fewer accessories in the product packaging

This is type of leaf blower that is known to be a handheld cordless electric ones, which would come for users with features to make your activities easier than you expect from it. Its lightweight appearance matches well with its cfm cordless electric design to make maneuverability easy during use. The tube also gives quite a long range to help keep your posture when blowing out leaves in your garden, which is why it is a great choice.  

It comes with an airflow capacity that peaks up to 350 CFM and matches well with the wind speed it gives, which is what makes the matter cover the right and the proper space. The wind speed tends to be lower than most other brushless leaf electric blower options on the market. However, it gives you a good blower experience despite its limit of 100 MPH with its wind speed, which is what makes it a great airflow combination.

Another feature is the battery power system that Kobalt implements to give a convenient runtime without restricting your movement. What you be mindful about this is that the battery is one that will give a runtime of 20 minutes during use and takes only one hour to get it charged when completely used up. It also doesn’t require you to use it while keeping it plugged in, making it rank higher amongst other types of blowers. 

Lastly, when you decide to invest in this, think about how the functions are the key features that would provide a significant contribution to its quality, but it’s questionable without a wind speed adjustment dial.

It leaves you with only one wind speed, which is great if you prefer using it for a single operation. You can consider the blower if you don’t have much use for a blower or need a second one.

How Has Kobalt 40V Max KHB 350 06 Evolved?

Kobalt 40V Max KHB 350 06 has evolved from its previous model the 1040 03 by having half the weight of the previous one, and the Kobalt 350 06 runs on 2.5 Ah battery, whereas the 1040 03 runs on 5 Ah battery power. 

Kobalt Cfm Brushless Cordless Max Leaf Blower

The Kobalt cfm brushless cordless max leaf blower is the previous machine, because the 350 06 is not a brushless one, the older shows some advances however, it is still one that is heavier. Most people mention this blower in discussions, comparing it to KHB 4840 06, KHB 5540 06 and the Kobalt KHB 4224a 03.

It brought more reasons to consider it, especially with its improved runtime, lightweight and reduced noise. As a general result, The cordless blower has different features with different sections, offering you some benefits in combination with other parts. 


Features Breakdown

– Five-Year Warranty

This is the type of product that would be the pride of the company, because it has a five-year warranty, and this shows how the manufacturing company has full confidence in their produced machine, as well as they trust you to try it and know the best capability that it has to offer. 

All new products have warranties attached to their purchase clause to prove their quality and provide customer support for products. Kobalt isn’t left out, as it also offers you a warranty on this product, and you can enjoy it with a brand-new purchase. Sometimes, the warranty is targeted at parts like the battery or the volt max cordless blower itself. 

There is hardly any other accessory with a warranty since the packaging comes with fewer parts than many other products. Note that you might not enjoy a warranty on the lithium-ion battery if you don’t purchase a brand-new product.

– 40 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Kobalt gives a 40-volt max lithium ion blower battery as a power source for this electric leaf blower. The brand also gives you the Kobalt KHB 300 replacement battery with your product if you have those available. However, you can consider getting the regular Kobalt 40V max battery replacement if the current one dies or is faulty. 

Kobalt Gives a 40 Volt Max Lithium Ion Blower Battery

Which means that when you invest in this one, you should keep enjoying your stable runtime with the main and backup batteries by switching between them during use. Try swapping them between use and charge to extend your runtime to 40 minutes with the two batteries when fully charged.

The end user would see the value of this machine in a detailed way, because the battery is the source that gives the blower its power to cover the task well. 

– Cordless Blower Packaging

The blower comes with the product itself with several other accessories depending on the package and store where you get it. It has the charger included in the packaging along with a 40V li-ion battery for charging and using the product. 

As a result of the packaging, it is a smart choice, if you think about how you won’t need to purchase the Kobalt KHB 350-06 parts separately from the product purchase which is a great perk. However, what you might need to do, is to consider that if you purchase a hand-me-down or used product that has been refurbished, and this would be a great save for you as well as the product that you will be using for a long time. 

You will also not find a replacement bag since it’s a product that functions only as a cordless leaf blower and not a vacuum. The packaging also includes the user manual to guide you in assembling the product and using it in your garden.

– Cruise Control 

Kobalt push forward with its cruise control manufacturing tool to create improved efficiency and maximize the power output of the blower. When you think about this notion, you would have to consider the fact that your arm will not be cramped in any way, because now you have the cruise control option to set the speed into the one that you wish to work with.

This also means that you get to enjoy stable airflow without experiencing any drop in power while working with it. 

– Cordless

It combines the cordless feature with this brushless technology to give you convenience, easy usability, and more range to work. So you don’t need to worry about the range to keep it plugged into power during use.

Cordless Feature with This Brushless Technology

Enjoy the optimum use of this product and maximize your blower output in ways you can imagine when comparing other products.

– Pricing

Different prices are set depending on the condition of the blower and the store you choose to make your purchase. Brand-new products are more expensive than used ones since they come with complete packaging and are not refurbished products. 

You might also get more accessories depending on the sale and discount available in that store at the time. The new product costs about $200 while purchasing the used one will cost you about $72 depending on the deal. Always remember that used products are likely to come without warranty clauses attached since the period attached has elapsed. 

– Handheld Design and Lightweight Appearance

The handheld design makes it easy to hold, and its lightweight appearance also makes it easy to use for a long timeframe. It’s not only light but also comfortable to hold as you will experience less strain both on your wrists and shoulders. 

The handle is designed with a perfect grip as a result, the blower doesn’t slip out of your hands due to moisture like water and sweat. You also get the power switches pretty close to the handle, so you can reach them easily to switch them on and off. Basically, you should think about making the most out of your garden activities with this convenient blower as the features match pretty well.



Our detailed review of the Kobalt cordless string trimmer, is complete and available to you with all the benefits that it oversees. Run through the details we have brought and solidify your decision to skip or purchase the KHB 350 06.

Overall, you must make sure how you would plan properly and decide what you need it for with the guide above before jumping to make a purchase. 

Also, remember that used products will save you the extra costs that purchasing new products will attract. However, the cheap pricing comes at the expense of a reduced quality product and zero warranty on your purchase. As an alternative, we suggest checking out one of the most popular Kobalt leaf blowers, the KBB 4240 06 model.

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