Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 is the latest and the most powerful cordless handheld leaf blower in the handheld blower lineup that comes highly recommended for having a ton of power and other advanced features but also for being easy to use.

Kobalt products are often underestimated, but this 80V blower puts them at the top of the chart for having the highest CFM ever on a cordless handheld blow.

Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 Handheld Blower Review

Yard work doesn’t have to be long and laborious anymore when you use the Kobalt KHB blower, as you can get your yard work done in less than half the time. In this article, we’ll conduct a comprehensive review of this blower and its key features.

Pros Cons
Long runtime The battery only lasts about 20 minutes in turbo mode
Charges fast Battery must cool before charging it
Well-balanced and easy to maneuver
Reduced vibrations and quiet operation

Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 Highlights 

Kobalt is known for producing incredible power tools, and the KHB 2580 06 is no exception with its air volume of more than 600 CFM with an air speed of up to 140 MPH that is more than enough to eliminate any large, thick, stubborn leaf or debris on your lawn without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, the turbo mode feature on this blower means you don’t have to worry about long hours of clearing leaves during the fall because it gets the job done in record time. 

  • 2.5 Ah 80 volt max lithium ion battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 630 cubic feet per meter max air volume
  • 140 Miles per hour max air speed
  • Variable speed trigger with three speed settings, cruise control, and turbo mode
  • Up to 75 minutes runtime on the lowest speed
  • Weighs 8.9 lbs
  • The package comes with one Kobalt 80V blower with battery and charger included.
  • Five-year warranty on the blower 
  • Three-year warranty on the battery and charger

Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 Review

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Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Long runtime
Charges fast
Well-balanced and easy to maneuver
Reduced vibrations and quiet operation
The battery only lasts about 20 minutes in turbo mode
Battery must cool before charging it

At a maximum air volume of 630 CFM and an air speed of 140 MPH, the Kobalt 80V leaf blower might just be what you need to say goodbye to that gas blower as it is more than capable of blowing all kinds of debris and leaves from your lawn. With an air volume like this, you can easily move large piles of debris, twigs, wet leaves, or even snow and keep them moving without expelling too much energy, and you will get the ultimate result. 

On the other hand, the 140 MPH air speed might be disappointing and not move these objects fast enough, but that is a pretty standard speed for cordless handheld leaf blowers. For this reason, this blower is ideal for small, medium, to semi-large-sized homeowners and not for commercial purposes, because it will work at its utmost ability to cover the greater accomplishment.

If you think about it, the task would be a frustrating experience to carry a heavy blower around during long hours of yard cleanup, especially in the fall when there is bound to be a pool of leaves in your yard every hour. But the Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 weighs in at just nine pounds in total, and this is an aspect that one can give value to. 

Which means that, the weight and the all together are a relatively reasonable for such a great investment because you don’t have to carry around during lengthy cleanups. This lightweight feature is particularly beneficial for women and older users since the Kobalt 80V blower parts are well-balanced and the device can be easily maneuvered.

One of the most beneficial features of this cordless leaf blower is its speed control functions. The device is fitted with a speed control lever with three-speed settings that allows you to change the airspeed from low to medium to high quickly, and this is the turbo speed that the machine will work with its utmost ability. 

On the other hand, this is the type of machine that would also come with a helpful cruise control feature that you can use to maintain your desired speed for as long as you want, preventing your arms from wearing out due to holding down the throttle. In addition, you should also consider it, if you ever need an extra burst of power to move tough or heavy debris, you can easily utilize the turbo mode.

This device runs with a brushless motor which is now becoming increasingly popular among the latest leaf blower models. As a result of the latter, the motor is one that would be able to provide more torque and allows the blower to run longer. 

The air intake is located at the back of the blower, so it won’t suck in your clothes and lead to air loss during cleanups. Lastly, when you think about the Kobalt 80v battery, then you should think of it how it is also at the back of the blower and provides balance while working since the air nozzle in front is long.

How Has the Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 Evolved?

The Kobalt 80-volt max has evolved from the previous model the KHB 4024a 03 by having a three times faster running time from the other model, it is now 75 minutes, when it used to be 25 minutes. Showing how the company has invested time to fix the running time. 

Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 Blower Evolved


What you should remember is that this machine is a 630-CFM brushless handheld cordless electric leaf blower by having defeats its counterparts with its 75-minute runtime, which is one of the longest for battery-operated blowers. Also, no other of such blowers can boast of an air volume of up to 630 CFM or an 80V battery.


Features Breakdown

– 2.5 Ah 80 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery

Kobalt’s KHB 2580 06 blower is packed with an 80-volt lithium-ion battery that produces fade-free power and fast charge. After a full charge, the battery delivers a 75-minute runtime on the low-power setting and up to 20 minutes on turbo. The turbo setting will use more of the battery because it is pushing the machine to an extended force.

Hence, the blower produces enough runtime for you to cover your whole yard and then some. To effectively optimize the runtime when using turbo mode, it is advisable only to use turbo mode to blow any heavy or tough debris and then switch back to normal speed immediately. Either way, you have nothing to worry about because the Kobalt KHB 2580-06 battery charges in under 40 minutes.

– Brushless Motor

For increased durability and control over multiple speeds, this blower is equipped with a brushless motor designed for complex air applications. This is what generates the electric charge used to power the Kobalt blower. 

Electric Charge Used to Power the Kobalt Blower

Brushless motors don’t come into contact with any moving parts, so they last longer and have high efficiency and output power. With these motors, you wouldn’t have to spend any extra money because they are low-maintenance. In general, as it is a brushless one, it will add the durability and the prolonged functionality of the machine, and it will last longer as you use it. 

– Airflow Capacity

The Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 brushless cordless blower packs an impressive 630 CFM air volume and 140 MPH airspeed, allowing users to push vast amounts of debris or leaves at once efficiently.

This shows that when you invest in such a blower, it is one that will help you get the job done, in a precise manner, where you don’t have to worry too much about the efficiency, because it is a proof as you are already using it.

Even though the speed might not be enough to move debris faster than gas-powered blowers, the combined airflow keeps the dirt moving once it starts blowing. At the end of the day, the airflow is more than enough to cover your blowing needs for any surface.

– Speed Settings

There are three speed settings on the variable-speed control feature that comes with the Kobalt blower, ranging from low, medium, and turbo. This feature is designed to easily adjust the air output to your desired speed, as some surfaces or debris might not require a full blast of air, and others will. 

Speed Settings Feature of Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06

Therefore, you have the turbo mode that allows you to use the maximum air speed when tackling large, wet, or heavy leaves and debris. You also have a convenient cruise control feature accompanying the speed control that lets you lock in your selected speed, so you won’t have to hold down the throttle to maintain it, because this is an aspect that the company has thought of and looked over.

– Ease of Use

The entire design of the Kobalt 630 CFM cordless handheld blower is optimized for users to assemble and use it without stress. To begin with, the power, turbo, and speed control buttons are located on the blower’s handle, barely an inch away from your grip, so you can easily adjust the power output. 

The handle is made from soft rubberized material to provide a comfortable, soft grip while blowing. On the other hand, you should also consider the battery because it is one that would balance the blower’s weight and makes a beeping sound that indicates being in use. And despite all these fantastic features, it runs with no vibrations and whisper-quiet sound.



The Kobalt 80V KHB 2580 06 is undefeated in the most powerful handheld cordless leaf blower category and should be one of your first options if you are looking for a strong blower for simple to moderate lawn care. Moreover, think about the warranty that the company is granting you. One great, popular and powerful alternative is the Kobalt KHB 4224a 03 model.

Its powerful airflow, speed options, maneuverability, durability, and fast-charging, long-lasting batteries are features you would enjoy when you purchase this device. And unlike some other battery-operated blowers that require you to buy the battery chargers separately, they are already included in the kit.

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