Kobalt KHB 4024a 03 is a brushless cordless electric leaf blower that produces enough airflow to tackle light to medium-duty tasks. If you’re in the market for a lightweight blower that will take care of the dry leaves in your small yard, you should consider this.

Kobalt KHB Brushless Cordless Electric Leaf Blower

Basically, if you’re doubtful about its capability, this post will discuss the features and why you should consider adding it to your list of tools.

Pros Cons
Variable speed Should have come with more power
Lightweight Battery takes a while to charge
Easy to use

Uniquely Tailored Highlights

The cordless leaf blower is a good leaf blower with decent power to clean your concrete driveway, lawn, and garage patios much faster than a rake or broom.

Here are the common features of this Kobalt KHB blower.

  • 100 mph and 410 CFM air speed
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Push start
  • 4 lbs weight
  • Long Lasting Kobalt blower 24v battery
  • Various attachments included
  • Includes battery
  • Brushless motor
  • Cruise control
  • Powered by Li-ion battery

Designating Review of Kobalt KHB 4024A 03

Kobalt KHB 4024a-03 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functionalities
Variable speed
Easy to use
Should have come with more power
Battery takes a while to charge

The Kobalt cordless blower is not the most advanced in terms of functionalities, but it does come with some impressive features that make it worthy of consideration. It comes with a lock-on cruise to maximize user control and a turbine fan to boost power blowing.


There’s also the variable speed trigger that allows you to adjust the speed of the blower; as a result, you will be working at your own pace and have your freedom regarding the vastness of the task. The button is a bit hard to press, but it is well-positioned to allow for quick changes on the job.

The airflow is pretty decent but should have been more, because it may be a bit weak if you want to cover up a medium to large yard. On another note, when you compare it to other blowers within its price category based on this factor, this blower may not represent the best value for money.

Moreover, this leaf blower is significant, because it would deliver an airflow of about 410 CFM and a speed of 100 mph to remove debris and grass clippings from your lawn quickly.

Despite the average air capacity and speed, you shouldn’t expect a drop in performance, thanks to the durable brushless motor. The latter is one that would add to the lifespan of the machine, and it would also give it more durability and reduce the noise.

As with all cordless electric leaf blowers, this Kobalt blower is lightweight and ergonomically designed. It is balanced in hand and comfortable to use for a long time. The 4.4 lbs weight should give you no problems while working even if you have some back pain, but overall, you can operate it with one hand having a grip on it, and still come up with an excellent result. This is probably one of the features we love most about the tool.

The airflow can be adjusted to suit your preference to get the best cleanup performance. You toggle between the low and the highest speed settings conveniently by pressing the variable speed trigger.

The impressive thing about the trigger is you can lock the speed you have set for maximum performance, so the chances of accidentally switching the speed are eliminated.

– How Has Kobalt KHB 4024a 03 Evolved?

The Kobalt KHB 4024a 03 has evolved from its previous model the Kobalt KHB 350-03 by its weight, as it used to be 6 lbs, now it’s 4.4 lbs. Additionally, the blowing force has also changed when it used to be 350 CFM, but now it is 410 CFM.

Kobalt KHB Has Evolved by Its Weight

The product is an improved version of the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 based on ergonomics and weight. While the KHB 4024A-03 weighs around 4.4 lbs with the battery included, the KHB 4224A-03 weighs above 5 lbs. This is due to the turbo airflow, which produces up to 500CFM and 120 mph.

The Cordless Blower’s Unique Features

– Air Speed

With an airspeed of 100 miles per hour, this is obviously not the most powerful blower. A more powerful blower would have been preferred, but it would have cost twice as much. However, it is decent enough to remove debris and dry leaves from any small yard.


On another note, you should also remember that the turbine fan produces an air volume of 410 CFM, which complements the airspeed to deliver a good clearing job quickly. This matter is beneficial for you because it will clean the place in a very efficient way and the task would be accomplished quicker than other machines would do the task.

While the power is average, you will enjoy using this machine due to the low noise it produces. Even after using it for an extended time, the machine manages to work quietly. This is one of the advantages of using a cordless blower.

– Variable Speed Trigger

The variable speed trigger allows you to set the power of the blower for maximum performance. You can quickly switch between low and high speed for effective performance.

Variable Speed Trigger Allows to Set the Power of Blower

The low-speed setting is adequate for removing grass clippings from sidewalks after mowing and working around the pavements and flowerbeds.

Moreover, you must also remember that the highest speed setting works best at removing stubborn and damp leaves from lawns and yards. However, in this case, you must note that the low speed conserves more energy, so you should get more runtime while working, and this is because you are not pushing the leaf blower to its extra potential and getting every bit of its power; on the contrary, it is running on its lowest pace.

– Push Start

Not only is this Kobalt tool easy to use but starting it is as simple as ABC. All you need is the push of a button, and you will quickly get started. The company designed this machine with users’ comfort in mind, which is satisfying. Basically, you won’t be anxious, because other machines may give you a challenging time, but surely this one won’t.

– Lightweight

The beauty of working with cordless blowers is you don’t have to worry about portability. They are always light, which makes them easier to handle. In addition to this, the lack of extension cords makes it easy to move from one place to the other.

The Kobalt 4024a-03 is no different because it has such a great manner in its hold. Weighing 4.4 lbs, this blower is designed to be used for an extended period. As mentioned, it is well-balanced in hand and comfortable to hold, thanks to its ergonomic design; this is why if you wish to use the tool with just one hand, you will have no issue with that.

– Long Lasting Battery

Most blowers within this price range are powered by a 20-volt max lithium-ion battery. However, this Kobalt tool is powered by a 4.0Ah 24v max battery. This Kobalt 24v battery provides longer runtimes than all 20v lithium-ion batteries. What makes the battery energy efficient is the brushless motor technology.

According to the company, the motor offers 3.6 times more runtime and longer life than a brushed motor. The runtime is about 50 minutes, which is more than the runtime of most blowers in its price category. Even models that cost more don’t offer this impressive battery life.

Blower Is Powered by A 20 Volt Max Lithium Ion Battery

Besides providing more runtime, the brushless motor makes the tool more dynamic in performance. It does this without compromising on the battery life; as a matter of fact, you can judge this quality in regard to a benefit for you because you won’t need to worry about having the battery die.

Although the battery is easily replaceable, you should avoid all Kobalt 40v battery replacements because of compatibility. The tool only works with a 24v max battery. Inserting any incompatible battery could damage the blower.

– Various Attachments Included

Fortunately, this isn’t the Kobalt 24v leaf blower (tool only) model. Kobalt 24v blower attachments in the package include the blower itself, blower tube, 24 volt max battery, and a standard 45W charger, which impressed us the most, considering that most companies exclude a charger. However, we were disappointed by the charging speed despite being rated 45W.


The good news is the blower supports a quick 110W charger. The machine attains a full charge in less than 10 minutes, and if you think about it, that’s the quickest we have seen so far. Unfortunately, the charger is sold separately, but if you wish, you can get it online and in offline stores.

Overall, there’s no Kobalt 24v blower manual included in the package, but we don’t think you need that. As we pointed out earlier, the tool is designed with user comfort in mind.

The advantage of using a Kobalt product is some of the accessories are shareable. For example, the included battery and charger works with all Kobalt 24v max tools, and basically, this saves you some money on purchasing extra batteries and chargers.


The Kobalt leaf blower 24v review has explained the features, pros, and cons of this blower, as well as the reason for buying it.

The variable speed trigger, decent airflow, brushless motor, and improved battery life make the KHB blower a good choice if you are on a budget and in the market for a cordless blower. The tool produces an air volume that can quickly blow away debris and relatively damp leaves.

The blower isn’t the kind that will work wonders on your vast lawns and yards. You are better off with a more powerful blower like the corded electric and gas-powered models. On another note for small yards and moderately-sized lawns, you won’t be disappointed with the tool’s performance and durability in parallel to the functionality.

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