Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 is a powerful cordless leaf blower that’s designed ergonomically to maximize performance. If you are currently searching for a top-notch blower that will leave you with a satisfactory performance, this may be it.

Kobalt KHB 4224 Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower

However, you may be skeptical about choosing this blower because of its durability. This review will discuss the features of this machine, including its pros and cons and whether it is the perfect blower for your needs.

Pros Cons
Powerful performance Variable speed button is somewhat flimsy
Lightweight Battery life could be better
Low noise level
Easy to use

Handpicked and Particular Highlights

The cordless electric leaf blower packs a lot of power to blow off leaves, pine straws, and twigs from your patio and driveway, eliminating the need for manual tools.

When you aim to buy this machine, you should know the little details about the specific details that it has so that you make a great decision.

  • 120 MPH and 500 CFM brushless motor
  • Turbo speed
  • Cordless machine
  • Variable speed settings
  • 4 lbs weight
  • Kobalt 24-Volt blower battery
  • Kobalt 24V leaf blower attachments
  • Five-year warranty

Indicated Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 Review

Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 Key Criteria
Number of airflow settings
Number of functionalities
Powerful performance
Low noise level
Easy to use
Variable speed button is somewhat flimsy
Battery life could be better

The number of functionalities in this blower is impressive. One feature we love about this brushless air blower is the Turbo speed. This feature increases the power of the blower to enhance clearing performance.


We were astonished to see Kobalt include the turbo boost here, considering that it is a more prominent feature in expensive cordless leaf blowers. The turbo speed is an important feature that will remove stubborn debris, twigs, and clippings with ease, and it would give you the full force of blowing at its highest peak of speed.

The airflow is another impressive thing we love about this brushless handheld cordless blower. With Turbo activated, the blower generates up to 500 CFM to give you enough power for debris and grass removal, and if you think about it, this is made possible due to the turbine fan in the brushless motor engine.

Typically, a brushless motor optimizes performance, which gives it a competitive edge over the brushed motor. The turbofan is one that would aim to boost the blower’s power for an improved cleaning result.

On another note, the blowing power makes the machine ideal for decks and driveways, as it would aim to make the overall feature of the place very neat and tidy, away from all debris and fallen leaves.

As you would expect from a handheld cordless electric blower, the weight is minimal, and these two are great features that one would look upon when they are willing to invest in such a great machine. Even with the turbo mode and battery inserted, you shouldn’t have any issues using this blower over a long period.

On another note, you should also keep in mind how the tool’s ergonomics are what makes it comfortable to use for an extended period without any problem. You can also operate the blower single-handedly, but not for a long time because the matter would cause different issues with your task such as your arm getting tired.

The Kobalt 24v 500 CFM blower also has a number of airflow settings, which is a great choice, because it shows that your machine doesn’t work uniformly. You can adjust the airspeed from zero all the way to 120 MPH to suit your needs.

In addition, thanks to the turbine fan and brushless motor, you shouldn’t expect a drop in performance even after long hours of constant use. Each speed setting delivers a separate blowing performance and the rate of battery consumption also differs.

The lowest speed setting consumes the least power, while the turbo setting consumes the highest, which is a simple manner that you should consider. Of course, unless you need the turbo setting to do some demanding clearing task, we recommend you use the blower in the low or high-speed setting to conserve power.

You can adjust the speed by pressing the variable speed button, although we did experience some issues with the trigger as we thought it was a little weak; this is a keen notion, if you wish to know further details from us about Kobalt 24-volt blower reviews.

The speed setting resets after a few minutes of use, but if you are not careful, then, you could use a blower in the non-preferred setting, which can affect the result.

On the bright side, the blower has a low noise level. Even with the turbo on, the noise level is still considerably low. As a result, your neighbors wouldn’t know you are doing some work on the backyard.

– How Has the Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 Evolved?

The Kobalt KHB 4224A-03 has evolved from the KHB350 with a difference in weight and airflow. The 4224A-03 performs better in airflow of 120 MPH and 500 CFM compared to the KHB350 which had 110 MPH and 480 CFM and weighs 5.4 lbs as it was 7.28 lbs.

You can check the older version of this leaf blower, the Kobalt KHB 4024a 03 model.

Characteristics and Features

– Brushless Motor

This brushless cordless machine delivers up to 120 MPH and pumps about 500 CFM of air capacity from its flat nozzle to blow debris in one pass. Many CFM cordless debris blowers out there deliver less at a higher cost. For the price, this is adequate to keep your lawn clean.

The airflow is also adjustable, and that’s the beauty of this blower. As mentioned, you can toggle between the low speed and turbo conveniently to work on particular areas of your yard. You will have to make do with the flimsy switch on some occasions, as it intentionally switches to another setting.

The combination of the air speed and volume will make it more fun to clear debris easily.

Characteristics and Features of the Blower

On another note, when a motor is brushless, it will help the betterment in the lifespan of the machine, the way that it aims to reduce the noise level, and lastly, how the machine would have a better performance in regard to its speed and capacity.

– Turbo Speed

We commend Kobalt for adding the turbo speed to this blower, because it will help you when as you are in the task of getting the chore done in an efficient way, by managing to target the leaves and debris when you see the full speed necessary.

With many users complaining about the functionality and speed of its predecessor, adding the turbo speed is a clear indication that the company prioritizes its customers.

Adding the Turbo Speed to Kobalt KHB 4224A

On the contrary, if you think about the turbo speed, you would see how it is a feature that increases the power of the blower to improve and expedite clearing. It offers you almost twice the power of the regular speed. In our speed tests, the turbo feature didn’t give an underwhelming performance. In short, you can simply activate this by toggling the variable control button switch.

The brushless motor ensures a dynamic and more optimal performance, without fumes and compromising comfort and quietness. Based on your performance, you don’t have any reason not to be satisfied with this brushless leaf kit. Moreover, the only aspect in this would be the battery life decreasing because the speedy force would reduce the battery, as it is aiming to use it on full power.

– Lightweight

For a cordless blower, 5.4 lbs doesn’t seem heavy at all. Anybody, including some teenagers and even elders, can handle this machine pretty well and not complain about fatigue.

The blower is built with ergonomics in mind, which makes it comfortable to use over a long period. The compactness allows you to move the tool about and store it easily, and you wouldn’t see any trouble when you put it away in winter.


– Kobalt 24-Volt Blower Battery

This blower is powered by a 24-volt max and lithium ion battery, which can last you a couple of minutes before recharging. The battery has an average life. And unless you have two batteries of similar capacity, you will be forced to charge the battery when the power goes off.

This is the case if you constantly use the machine in turbo mode. We recommend getting an extra battery to expedite operation.

Blower is Powered by A 24 Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Fortunately, this isn’t the Kobalt 24v leaf blower (tool only) model, as it comes with a 24-volt max battery. There is also a charger included in the box. That saves you some costs of purchasing a charger.

As a matter of fact, if you think about it, you should get about two years of life out of the Kobalt lithium ion batteries before replacing them. That’s less expensive compared to continually purchasing gasoline. As with all Kobalt tools, their accessories are shareable. To elaborate the matter, the battery and charger are compatible with all Kobalt 24v machines.

– Kobalt 24V Blower Attachments

The Kobalt 24v blower and trimmer includes various attachments that will help your clearing. A blow tube, battery, and charger are included in the box. There’s no Kobalt 24v blower manual in the box, but you don’t need that since the machine is designed with user comfort in mind.


Kobalt 4224A-03 is a brushless handheld blower with stand-out features to keep your yard debris-free.

With an impressive turbo function and brushless motor, air capacity, and low weight, this cordless blower makes a good choice for customers on a tight budget. Given that no accessory is lacking in the Kobalt 24v max brushless leaf blower kit, you are spending far less.

This is the kind of cordless electric leaf blower that will suit moderately-sized yards and fairly large areas, so should you buy this blower? Yes! The review has explained all the features, pros, and cons of this blower and why you should snap it. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with the tool’s performance.

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