Kobalt KHB400B is the type of leaf blower that has generated a lot of buzz, especially when Kobalt and Greenworks revealed their 80 V lines at OPE recently, as this significantly exceeded the typical 56 V platform in terms of power and voltage.

Blower Review of Kobalt KHB400B

Let us find out why the KHB400B is the talk of the town through this detailed review article. We shall start with the pros and cons of the blower and follow with an analysis of the product’s features and star specifications.

Pros  Cons 
Variety of speed control options  Slightly noisy 
Can easily be used around rough landscapes without any potential damage Less run time 
Battery saving feature

Kobalt KHB400B Highlights

This leaf blower offers the user so many marvelous advantages that it is nearly overwhelming to figure out where to start. With simple yet classic colors, this blower tops our list of potential blowers that dominate the market. When you are going to be investing in the machine it is very important that you would know the key specifications. 

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  • 80 V max lithium-ion battery pack as a power source
  • Brushless cordless electric leaf blower
  • Maximum airflow volume of 500 CFM
  • Maximum air speed of 125 MPH
  • Three-speed settings with variable speed trigger
  • Up to 70 minutes of run time on low setting
  • Around 30 minutes of charge time
  • Five years of the commercial warranty 

Kobalt KHB400B Review

Kobalt KHB400B Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Variety of speed control options
Can easily be used around rough landscapes without any potential damage
Battery saving feature
Slightly noisy
Less run time

Assembling the Kobalt KHB 400B-06 blower makes the user realize what a cannon the machine is compared to a regular 40 V version. For a focused airflow, the design uses a straight blower tube with a diameter of around three inches and a small taper. Also, it is significant to keep in mind how several companies have abandoned the air flow-resisting bent-end design, while Kobalt did not for the purpose of the comfort of its users. 

For a firm their supporters must have their utmost comfort when using their products, and this is why the blower is meant to have a pleasant grip, the handle of the blower is made of a textured rubberized material which also contributes to the non-vibration design. Additionally, a green LED light serves as an indicator for the on/off and speed control buttons, which are located at the thumb’s length away, facilitating the job for you. 

When the blower is turned on, an audible beep signals that it is running. When left on and unattended, a battery-saving feature switches the blower off after one minute. Basically, this is a user-friendly feature that it has. After which, it simply will automatically resume at the previous pace when it is turned on again. 

Even though this is a little respect, you will truly value not having to switch back and forth between speeds to continue where you left off. Moreover, the weight of the KHB400B is balanced with the battery attached, making it simple to move the blower in all directions.

The Kobalt 80V blower (tool only) has a maximum airflow capacity of 500 cfm and a top airspeed of 125 mph, which is more than enough to clean debris and grass clippings from any driveway. Any user in any situation may count on being able to clear their yard of leaves with such power adequately. 

While 125 mph speed is not as fast as most gas leaf blowers, the 500 cfm airflow capacity outperforms many. Due to this trade-off, you keep the debris moving quite well as you push it to the desired spot. The only downside is that with a gas blower, make sure that you would remember how you must get a little closer to the debris than usual for effective blowing.

We all know the importance of comfort when working under the summer sun, and it only gets worse when the equipment is noisy and causes you unnecessary strain. However, this is an aspect that the company looked through and invested with thick and textured rubber handles which means you will also face close to zero vibrations and can go on for the entire runtime without feeling tired. 

This is an 80 V blower, which means it is more than capable of handling post-lawn-mowing cleanup for those of us who are interested in that. Even pebbles the size of a dime that break free from flower beds are effortlessly blown back into their original location. With this blower, any yard waste left on a hard surface has a difficult time resisting your will.

When switching between the various speed settings while the blower is in use, the force of the airflow is apparent. When set to its highest position, it has enough force to shove a grand pile of leaves back. In addition, since it is a silent and vibration-free blower compared to other blowers fueled by gas, it adds to the user’s comfort while not compromising on the power.

If you ever encounter your Kobalt 80V blower not working, it is probably due to the run time, as the battery’s life is quickly drained at the maximum possible speed. This is hardly surprising considering how inadequate lithium-ion blowers perform at high speeds, and with this very well build-up, the given is such an amazing added feature. It just serves as a reminder of how much power is needed to produce that kind of speed at a considerable volume.

How Has the Kobalt KHB400B Evolved?

The Kobalt khb400b has evolved from its model by having stronger power than its previous version the Kobalt KHB 3040-06, which was 480 cfm, and now it is 500 cfm. In addition, The previous model ran on 40 V battery, but this one is more powerful running on 80 V.

Kobalt Khb400b Has Evolved by Having Stronger Power

One of the best-known blowers is the Kobalt 40 V max 480 cfm 110 mph. Since it has a slower speed in addition to having a lower cfm output as compared to the KHB400B, the latter is a complete beast with an airflow volume of 500 mph. 

If you wish for a blower even more high-powered than the KHB400B, you might want to consider investing in the Kobalt 3672699 80 V max 580 cfm which packs monstrous air pressure. However, expectedly, it is much more costly than the KHB400B. 


Hence, air power preference should be kept in mind alongside affordability and budget, and as far as that goes, the KHB400B would be the optimum choice that gives you the best of both. If not, you can also look into the Kobalt 3809897.

Features Breakdown 

80 V Battery 

The Kobalt 80V battery is a lithium-ion, which is also known as Li-ion, and it is a rechargeable battery that works for most of Kobalt’s tough assortment of cordless power equipment. After charging, this high-performance battery provides power without fading or loss, which means it would work at its best speed to perform its utmost potential. 

Kobalt 80 v Battery is a Lithium Ion

Hence, this is Kobalt’s prized technology which makes this leaf blower unique. On another note, remember that the battery is compatible with any of the 80 V blowers offered by Kobalt, so you can also use it with other options. 


In contrast to other cordless versions, which are back-heavy because of battery weight, the Kobalt 80V blower with battery and charger feels well-balanced and comfortable to handle. Moreover, it is also built up in the sense that it has an anti-vibratory function, which is the crowd pleaser with a thick rubber to mute the vibrations.

Moreover, the texture of the rubber ensures a firmer grip which gets sterner as the palms get sweaty while you work in your yard, and if you are spending so much time cleaning the place, this would no longer be that big of an issue. 

Noise Level

Although it is absurd not to consider a high-powered machine like this not noisy, up close it sounds more like a small vacuum than a massive grinder. According to Kobalt representatives, it complies with the majority of leaf blower noise rules because its noise level at 50 feet is less than 65 decibels. 


Of course, for a sensitive individual, it is considerably noisier. Hence, the manufacturing company would advise that in case of specific users need to wear ear mufflers for protection. But for a typical user, the noise is not so distracting as to be more than the noise of a car starting. 


The Kobalt 80V backpack blower is a strong option when compared to other lithium-ion blowers because of the power it provides. It is a perfect option for medium-sized yards when paired with Kobalt’s 80 V mower and string trimmer. Also, it is wonderful to know that a cordless battery-powered blower handles modest applications well with a maximum air speed of 125 mph and a maximum air volume of 500 cfm. 

Even though the runtime of the battery depends on the speed setting, it does take 30 minutes for the battery to charge fully. With a warranty of five years and a thorough user manual, investing in the KHB400B is pretty safe. It proudly sports high-end technology to make up for its price, so you should run to the store to avail this incredible device before its popularity causes it to be sold out.

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