The Kobalt kht 240 battery operated hedge trimmer is an excellent model to know about if you are looking at investing in hedge trimmers.

24 Inch Hedge Trimmer Kobalt kht 240 Review

Many buyers think this is the best cordless hedge trimmer currently available. But what makes it so good?

In this Kobalt kht 240 review, you’ll find out the answer to how this trimmer works, the quality of manufacture, and what buyers who use it in their yards say about the performance and value of this Kobalt rechargeable hedge trimmer.

Kobalt Hedge Trimmer Pros and Cons

Kobalt kht 240 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Long runtime
Cuts up to three-fourth inches branches
Battery and charger included
Comfortable front grip handle
Less power than gas models
Some reports of problems with battery charging

Kobalt Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer Main Product Highlights

This Kobalt 24-inch hedge trimmer comes with a battery and a charger. In addition, you can interchange the battery with a wide variety of batteries in other Kobalt 40-volt power tools.

  • 40-volt 2.5 Ah battery and charger included
  • Fast battery recharge time
  • Runtime is 25 percent longer than previous Kobalt 40-volt trimmers
  • Powerful, 24-inch cutting bar with dual-action blades
  • 2,800 strokes per minute

Kobalt kht 240 Review

If you’re interested in a new battery powered hedge trimmer for styling hedges and pruning small branches on trees and shrubs, this Kobalt trimmer is worth investigating.

Battery power frees you from the hassles and hazards of gas and extension cords to run power yard equipment. Electric trimmers like this are cleaner running, easier to use, and require zero maintenance beyond cleaning and lightly oiling the cutting bar.

With its 24-in dual-action blades, this trimmer can blast through woody branches up to ¾-inches in diameter. Trim tough tangles of shrubbery, tree sapling overgrowth, blackberry brambles, and garden hedges with ease using this powerful tool.

Despite its power, this 40v hedge trimmer is designed for residential use and not for commercial applications. As a result, it does not have some of the features of higher-end trimmers, such as a swiveling rear handle for maximum ergonomic comfort on your wrist. However, it does deliver above-average cutting power for a battery trimmer, and it’s light and straightforward to operate.

Depending on what you’re trimming, you can expect a battery runtime of 45 to 60 minutes, and this is an excellent runtime for a battery-powered tool with this kind of power. In addition, the 24-inch blade gives you a broad swath of cutting surface, allowing you to cruise over large areas of hedges in a short time.

Besides trimming garden shrubbery with this tool, you can also cut out small branches on trees, eliminating them as a hazard at eye level and reducing wildfire danger around your property. Or, chop back a tangled mass of blackberry overgrowth, easily reaching into the thorny vegetation to snip the tough base of the plants, then use a rake to drag the cut vegetation out.

The manufacturer advises not to store the battery in the tool. Unfortunately, an empty battery compartment during storage creates one of the only problems with this trimmer: The battery compartment does not have a door on it, allowing the space to collect dust and debris when the tool is in storage.

One solution is to use a tool bag for storage or keep the device in a plastic bag to keep it clean. Future Kobalt trimmers might address this problem; however, for now, it is a minor issue. One problem noted with this trimmer is a few consumer complaints about the batteries not maintaining a charge after a few uses or the battery charger not working correctly.

Battery problems often arise from improper storage at too hot or too cold a temperature, damage to the battery from a fall, and incorrect battery seating in the charging station. However, since this trimmer carries an outstanding 3-year warranty on the battery, you can get the company to replace defective ones from the manufacturer.

Another advantage of a battery-operated hedge trimmer is the minimal maintenance required compared to gas-powered equipment: no spark plugs, gas or air filters, and no messy, smelly gas to store, pour, and mix with oil.

The only maintenance this trimmer needs is regular cleaning and oiling the cutting bar with a lubricant that is non-toxic to the vegetation you are cutting. Beyond that, properly caring for the batteries is the only other requirement to keep this garden tool running when you need it.

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This trimmer has front and back padded handles. The rear handle contains the trigger for operating the tool, and the front handle is D-shaped with a gripping surface all across the sides and top of the machine, giving you steady control of the blade at any angle. A black plastic shield at the back end of the blade keeps flying debris from hitting your hand.

This 24-inch hedge trimmer has good value for residential buyers who need a reliable, robust, and easy-to-use trimmer to keep their property in shape and looking fantastic.

Kobalt kht 240 Trimmer: Main Product Feature

– Battery

With lithium-ion batteries like the one that comes with this device, battery life is longer than other power packs. The power level in this battery is no-fade, so it keeps delivering at the same level of power until it abruptly runs out. Recharging takes only about one hour, and once you take a battery off the charger, it holds its charge for weeks or longer, giving you the advantage of storing up charged batteries for later use when you need them.

Main Product Feature of Kobalt kht 240 Trimmer

The battery in this tool is interchangeable with numerous other Kobalt 40-volt tools, including lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, string trimmers, and lawn edgers. This battery holds a charge up to 25 percent longer than older Kobalt 40-volt batteries, and you can expect 45 minutes to one hour of runtime on a fully charged battery.

– Blade and Cutting Action

Trimmers that can handle three-fourth diameter material are usually only available at the professional tool level, so this trimmer is ahead of most other battery-powered models on cutting power.

However, if you need a trimmer for continuous cutting for hours on end, the motor in this or any other battery equipment will probably not be up to the task. In this case, a gas-powered model is more suitable for extended cutting. The motors in corded and battery-powered trimmers tend to overheat if run continuously for too long.

Trimmers Can Handle Three to Fourth Diameter Material

To keep the cutting blade in good condition, brush debris from the teeth and wipe them down with a light lubricant after each use. If you have any disease problems in the plants you are trimming, spray the blade with a disinfectant and apply the oil when the spray is dry.

The cutting blades have sharp teeth, and it’s easy to cut yourself when handling the blade, so wear heavy work gloves when maintaining it. The blades are made from hardened steel to keep them sharp for as long as possible.

However, you can sharpen it if it gets dull using a mill file or a power grinder or take it to a repair shop and have them do it. In addition, the blade can be replaced if it gets damaged, for example, if it touches a wire fence. Contact Kobalt customer service for replacement blades.

– Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

The overall length of the tool with the blade is 40-inches. Thus, the body is relatively compact, and the device only weighs 8.2 pounds with the battery installed. This weight is comfortable for most people, although the length of the blade and weight together might make this trimmer hard to handle for some.

Dont Need to Wear Ear Protection While Using Trimmer

This trimmer is quiet enough that you don’t need to wear ear protection. However, wearing goggles or a face shield is a good idea to keep flying debris out of your eyes. While the handles are comfortable and padded, wearing work gloves helps relieve strain and also protects your fingers from sharp blade teeth if you come in contact with them.

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– Warranty

Kobalt offers one of the best warranties available for power tools: five years for the device and three years for the battery. Be sure to check the warranty registration details in the owner’s manual or online at the Company website. Follow all instructions for product registration to ensure prompt warranty service if you need it.

A lengthy warranty period is a significant benefit for anyone who wants to invest in a quality tool like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the Kobalt KHT 240 be used for trimming tall hedges?

Yes, the Kobalt KHT 240 can be used for trimming tall hedges due to its extended reach and adjustable cutting angle.

2. Can the Kobalt KHT 240 trimmer cut through thick branches?

While the Kobalt KHT 240 is designed primarily for hedge trimming, it can handle some thicker branches with its 3/4-inch cutting capacity.

3. Is the blade of Kobalt kht 240 replaceable?

Yes, the blade of the Kobalt KHT 240 is replaceable, allowing for easy maintenance and prolonging the tool’s lifespan.

Kobalt kht 240 Hedge Trimmer: Our Conclusion

This Kobalt hedge trimmer is a well-made, reliable trimmer with lots of power and excellent runtime. It’s built for residential use in small to medium-sized yards, but it has enough robust energy and endurance for occasionally taking on more challenging work.

For anyone looking for a top-of-the-line battery-powered hedge trimmer for home use, this could well be it.

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