Landscaping around electrical boxes is considered to be the perfect solution to minimize the unsightly view of the electrical boxes. 

Ideas for Landscaping Around Electrical Boxes

It can be beneficial in many ways, initially hiding the unpleasant views; other than that, it can also be useful to safeguard from high voltage current. 

To beautify your landscaping plans, we’ve compiled some helpful hints and suggestions for making even the most unpleasant electrical box look like part of the scenery.

List of Landscaping Around Electrical Boxes

1. Plant Shrubs

To hide an eyesore, such as an attached electrical wire box, from view. You can use shrubs and bushes to cover it up. Put in a row of tall shrubs or small trees if you can comfortably plant around the box.

Plant Shrubs to cover it up

If there are cables in the area, select species with shallow root systems and avoid planting directly over the cables. Remember the full size while figuring out how far away from the power box you should plant.

2. Hide It With a Fence

A simple way to cover the electrical or the utility box is a screen or a fence that could be placed around the electric unit.

Hide It With a Fence at a safe distance

If they are immovable, you must verify that they are positioned at a safe distance. Be mindful of the location of upright footings to ensure that they are free of any potential underneath lines.

3. Arrange a Container Garden

A container garden is an excellent method to add plants to the area surrounding the box. They do not necessitate digging, which could damage underground cables, and they can be relocated as opposed to destroyed when employees need to access the box. 

Arrange a Container Garden

It’s a win-win situation. But remember, the larger the pot, the more effort and time it will take to shift it. Use a lightweight potting mix, and if you can, put the containers on wheels, so that they are simpler to move.

4. Use Landscape Rocks

It is a good idea to surround your electrical boxes with large stones. This can be done by separating off a tiny area for use with landscaping stones; we can ensure that the transformer’s entrance remains in plain sight.

surround your electrical boxes Rocks

Moreover, hiding the transformer by itself behind a pile of boulders with vegetation in between them is a great solution.

5. Grow Pampas Grass

Another way of beautifying the landscape is by growing pampas grass which is very cheap and easy to grow and doesn’t require much.

Grow Pampas Grass is Cheap way to hide

This colorful grass is extremely durable and needs very little maintenance; in warm climates, it stays green year-round; in cooler climates, it turns tan.

6. Install a Vertical Screen

If you are concerned about utility care or restorations causing damage to your plants, a vertical wooden screen may be the way to go.

Install a vertical wooden screen

There are numerous beautiful options, ranging from sophisticated lattice screens to rustic do-it-yourself constructions. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that your interior will have a stylish look.

7. Standard Sentinel Fence

If the electrical box is located close to the entrance of the house or the street, you may install a straightforward sentinel white fence around it and then set it with bushes and plants.

install a straightforward sentinel white fence

This will make it look like it naturally fits in with the other aspects of the landscaping around your house, blending into your house’s exterior.

8. Use a Trellis

A trellis may serve as a screen for an unsightly electrical or a utility box and provide support for an attractive vine at the same time.

Trellis provides some privacy

Pick a trellis design that looks good and provides some privacy even when it’s not covered with leaves. The same goes for a screen; put it somewhere that’s easily accessible but still far from the container.


9. Using a Faux Rock

There is nothing simpler than placing a phony rock on top of an unsightly electrical box. No tension, no excavating that might cause damage, and no small building.

Fake Rock applies to free-standing boxes

This only applies to free-standing boxes, and they must be small enough to be covered by a fake rock. However, the method is quite straightforward, and some of those artificial stones may be rather impressive.

10. Using Potted Plants

An electrical box may be easily and successfully hidden with plants. You might be able to put them in pots or containers rather than straight into the ground, where they risk getting damaged.

electrical box hidden with Potted Plants

By using these plotted pots, you can save time and energy as compared to building a fence or growing different types of plants which is a long-term process.

11. Use Landscape Rocks To Build a Garden

It is the simplest way to cover the electrical or utility box by arranging some rocks in a circle around it and by planting bushes and plants inside these circular rocks.

Use Landscape Rocks To Build a Garden

In this way, the landscape of the garden will become more appealing and amazing.

12. Create a Distraction

A landscaping project to conceal a utility box for electrical service does not need the construction of a full screen or cover. You may cover the transformer and make it less noticeable by positioning attractive items in front of or next to it.

make it less noticeable

Consider placing a large decorative outdoor piece in front of the electrical or utility box. You may also conceal it by placing a huge garden statuary or fountain right in front of it.

13. Use Iron Pipes

Steel or iron pipes can be used as planters when placed into the ground. Obtain several identically sized and shaped pipes, then position them at equal distances around the eyesore.

position Iron Pipes at equal distances

Fill the inside with stones and potting soil, then plant flowers. You may also paint the steel or iron pipes to improve their appearance and avoid corrosion.

14. Combination of a Container and a Trellis

It might be something specifically designed for the purpose, or it could simply be a trellis placed inside of an ordinary flowerpot to accommodate the growth of flowers or other higher plants.

Combination of a Container and a Trellis

Take care not to position the container in a “wind trap” where it would be at risk of being blown over by strong winds.

15. Two-sided Screens

You can easily put up a scrap two-sided screen panel around the electrical or transformer box. Screens that can be used around the box should be made of wood or metal if possible.

put up a scrap two-sided metal screen panel

You could also use a basic, portable screen that blends in with the exterior of your house and the feel of your yard.

16. Use Color Camouflage

You may also simply disguise your meter box with paint. The box’s color is often bright and sparkly, providing a contrasting focus to the somewhat monotonous foundation of the wall.

painting the box the same color as the wall

By painting the box the same color as the wall, you may quickly fix this color contrast issue.

17. Use Ornamental Grasses

To conceal an ugly view, this is a good alternative to shrubs since they may grow tall and broad, effectively hiding utility boxes.

Use Ornamental Grasses

Many are interested in the winter as well, so they may be left alone throughout the dormant season. The main advantage is that they may easily be trimmed down for maintenance as wires don’t need to be dug up.

18. Use Wooden Supports for Landscaping Around Electrical Boxes

Wood may be used to make several inventive disguised fittings. When the electrical box is positioned near the home, such as on the house wall, wood is useful.

Use Wooden Supports for Landscaping Around Electrical Boxes

To conceal the unsightly view, you may construct a wooden enclosure around it.

19. Use Tall Flowers

It’s possible that you don’t even require a case at all.

blooming shrubs and flowers around the utility box

Sometimes all that is necessary is to arrange a dense thicket of blooming shrubs and flowers around the utility box and then simply fashion a bushy covering out of the plants themselves.

20. Using a Creative Way

This design combines the usage of a three-sided decorative door in front of the transformer to keep the rustic feel of the lawn and the property overall.

Using a Creative Way

lowerpots surround it and a variety of plants produce a thick bushes pot in the middle of the doors. This is a one-of-a-kind method of concealing eyesores in your landscape.

21. Using a Faux Shrub

The faux shrub is an artificial bush, and it is meant to hide unsightly electrical infrastructure outside your home without affecting how those outlets work.

Fake shrub is an artificial bush

They provide beauty to the environment, lessen the volume of outside noise, prevent the buildup of garbage, snow, and ice, and increase productivity thanks to the shade they give.

22. Wood Fence With Flowers

A vertical wooden fence may do more than just enclose a transformer. You might, for instance, engrave your home number there to facilitate identification.

Wood Fence With Flowers

For added curb appeal, you may also create a flower garden surrounded by stones and coated with mulch.

23. Use Graffiti

These types of landscaping ideas are for the free-spirited and those who don’t mind having bright art in their front yards.

Use Graffiti creative expression

As a wide blank wall, the electrical case provides a great opportunity to show your emotions through creative expression.

24. Using a Brick Wall

Hiding electrical outlets behind a stone or brick wall is yet another common practice.

Using a Brick Wall

You may use the stones and bricks to build a lovely design that will give your front yard personality, texture, and appeal while also covering unsightly utility boxes.

25. Make a Designed Garden Bed

If you give yourself adequate space around the electrical box, planting a fixed garden around it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Make a Designed Garden Bed

But as a precautionary measure, watch out for any cables or wires running below the ground of the box.


As you can see, there are numerous excellent and ingenious solutions to conceal electrical boxes and other outdoor eyesores. 

We have mentioned the top concepts for landscaping around electrical boxes for you to have an insight into increasing the beauty of your landscape. 

Moreover, the most important thing is to remember to make these boxes easy to use, and if you are planting flowers, avoid planting in no-dig zones.

As we have suggested some do-it-yourself projects, after discovering all these best recommendations for landscaping around electrical boxes, which idea are you going to try?

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