Landscaping around pool with rocks is a wonderful approach to improving the aesthetic look of your poolscape. 

23 Landscaping Around Pool with Rocks Ideas for a Beautiful Poolscape

However, a number of people are unaware of how to properly implement a variety of rock and stone patterns around the swimming pool. 

Due to the this reason, we have compiled for you the following list of 23 unique pool landscaping ideas with rocks to assist you in decorating the area around your pool in an attractive manner.

Types of Landscaping Around Pool with Rocks

1. Constructing a Rock Fire Pit Near the Pool

To alter the the existent design around the pool using rocks would seem strange at first, but placing a fire pit next to the pool is a fantastic idea for the landscaping of the area of your pool. 

Rock Fire Pit Near the Pool Outdoor Placement with Heavy Rocks

If you build a fire pit out of rocks and place it next to your pool, it will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the area but will also provide a place to rest when you have finished swimming.

In replacement of a fire pit that’s made of aluminun, you might install a fireplace made of stone-made one. In comparison to a fire pit, it is a more attractive element that can be added to your poolscape. In addition to that, it is an excellent method for entertaining visitors and supplying an extra gathering location close to the pool.

In addition to this, if you like swimming at nighttime, the fire pit may serve as a source of heat and pool lighting for you. The size of the fire pit, as well as the seating space that surrounds it, maybe planned following the size or area that is available surrounding your pool.

2. Using Pavers Made of Rocks 

A fantastic alternative to using concrete for the paving around the pool area is the use of pavers made of rocks or stones. Even though the effort is more than that of the concrete pavers, however, the result is far more appealing to the eye. In addition, you can find it very easy to build the stone or rock paver floor yourself.

Pavers Made of Rocks For Garden Outdoor Poolside

The construction of a concrete floor requires additional time and the assistance of trained professionals. Constructing a floor with pavers, on the other hand, requires just a moderate amount of prior skill.

The attractiveness of the area of the pool will unquestionably be increased by the installation of such flooring, basically, this will make it very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Rocky Retaining Wall 

You may construct a wall around your swimming pool if you want to keep it distinct from the other features of your lawn or yard that you have landscaped. A great idea is to use rocks to build this wall. Even though typical concrete walls constructed out of bricks and cement are very cheap, they do not have the same aesthetic value as a rock wall.

Rocky Retaining Wall Pool Support Outdoor Build

Moreover, if the wall is constructed out of rocks, you do not need to be concerned about the pattern or the paint that is on it. Because the presence of such a wall will provide an air of naturalism to the overall landscape of the pool, in addition, the stones would provide a luxurious look for the landscape.

4. Enhancing With a Rock Fountain

Placing up a rock fountain next to your pool is a great way to make the area around it seem more attractive. This fountain will not only add to the overall beauty of the area, but it will also provide you with a comfortable place to sit. 

Rock Fountain Pool Addition Granit Outdoor Aesthetic

When you are in the pool and enjoying yourself, the soothing sound of water falling from the fountain will undoubtedly put you in a more peaceful state of mind, with the sound of the water falling providing with an ambience for the area.

You may enjoy the chirping sound of small birds while swimming if you have a rock fountain in your backyard that also has an integrated bird feeder. In addition, if you don’t feel like swimming in the pool, you may still appreciate the peaceful atmosphere by just sitting by the fountain at night.

5. Creating a Waterfall with Large Rocks

If you want water features like a waterfall that seems more natural, you may create one in your pool landscaping by using big rocks.

Creating a Waterfall with Large Rocks

You would be able to do this by piling huge rocks around the perimeter of the pool. Put the biggest rocks at the bottom of the pile, then work your way up the pile with rocks that grow progressively smaller. 

After that, you will need to install a pump so that the water from your pool can be pumped up to the peak of the waterfall.

The water will eventually make its way back to the pool after flowing down the rocks from the highest point. This is an excellent method for adding visual appeal and the soothing sound of flowing water to the atmosphere of your pool.

6. Rock Feature by Stacking Rocks

Creating an exclusive rock feature adjacent to an existing pool is a great approach to placing rocks into the landscape around the ground pool. You can do this by stacking one rock on top of another in an inventive manner. You may begin with the biggest rock at the base of the pile and work your way up to the smaller rocks as you ascend the stack.

Rock Feature Stacking Around Pool Indoor Outdoor Placement

In addition, you may even decorate the area surrounding the rocks with plants or vines that climb up and over them to give a green texture. This creative rock structure can be a great addition to your pool’s landscape by making it more fascinating.

7. Forming a Natural Border for the Pool with Rocks

If you want the surrounding area of your pool to have a more natural appearance, you may construct a boundary around the pool using rocks. This will give the pool a more natural appearance, in addition, you can accomplish this by putting large rocks around the pool’s edge, with smaller rocks put in the spaces in between the larger rocks.

Natural Rock Border for Pools

After that, you may fill in the spaces between the rocks with grass or other ground covers. This will help the rocks fit in more naturally with the surrounding environment. This is an excellent method for pool landscaping that has a more natural appearance.

8. Making a Focal Point 

Large rocks may serve as a focus of interest in the landscaping design of your pool. If you want, you can design this by scattering large rocks around the whole landscape of the pool. The rocks will work as anchors for other features like trees and plants.

Making a Focal Point With Rocks Near Home Pool Flow

In addition, you may create attractive features like rock gardens by using large rocks. Large rocks, regardless of how you choose to include them in your landscape design, are an excellent way to give both depth and visual interest to the space.

9. Pool Deck with Rock Pavers

Stone pavers may be used to create an eye-catching and attractive design for a pool deck. The majority of pool pavers are crafted from slabs of concrete, which gives them an unremarkable and uninteresting appearance. But you may replace that with that has its distinctive design.

Pool Deck with Rock Pavers Hard Build Quality Pooldeck

You may make a pattern resembling a mosaic by using rocks of varying sizes and colors in your work. In addition, you may make lines or borders with rocks around the deck or patio of your pool if you utilize rocks. This is a fantastic method for giving your outside pool area some aesthetic flair and making it more distinctive.

10. Outdoor Shower

Even though they are not required, outdoor showers are a convenient method to clean off either before or even after diving in for a swim in your pool. However, there is a possibility that some individuals will find that outdoor showers do not go very well with the landscape design ideas of the area of the pool landscape.

Outdoor Shower For Poolside With Wooden Construction

This is true if the shower is positioned directly next to the pool and not merged into the general landscape of the pool. On the other hand, this thinking may be altered by constructing a boundary around the shower out of rocks and stones for giving it a more natural appearance.

11. Rocky Benches

You may include rocks in the landscaping of your pool area by building seats out of rocks and placing them immediately next to the pool, so that it would elevate the landscape. Including an extra sitting area all around your pool is a fantastic concept that you should implement.

Rocky Benches in a Backyard Landscape

It will make the area seem warmer and more attractive to guests. In addition, the presence of a sitting space of this kind enables the possibility of late-night get-togethers by the calm waters of the pool with members of your family or friends.

12. Using Rocks to Make Pathways Around the Pool

You may construct pathways or garden beds around your swimming pool out of rocks or stones. First of all, the addition of a pathway will discourage people from strolling in the garden or on the grass near the above-ground pool, for example, this will be the first benefit of the pathway.

Rocks Pathways Around the Pool

Moreover, If you provide a path for people to walk on, they won’t be able to run right into the water, which will prevent them from making a mess. Basically, if you use rocks to construct the pathway, it will not only contribute to the overall attractiveness of the area but will also make it seem cozier to those who visit.

13. Rocky Jacuzzi 

It would be great if your pool had a little jacuzzi on the side that is indeed made of stones. This area would be separate from the main pool that you have designed, however, it would still be next to it, but with a little wall that hides it from the main pool.

Rocky Jacuzzi Pool in a Backyard

What’s so special regarding this area is that the water temperature would be a little warmer than the bigger pool. No one would swim there, because it is smaller than the other one, but because it will have built-in benches made of stones, it’s a place where you could sit together with company, and relax, have some talk. 

Additionally, it will assist you in eliminating the distractions from a hectic day and it is dedicated for relaxation.

14. Stacked Rocky Pool Border

Creating an eye-catching landscape element out of a collection of rocks is yet another approach to making use of rocks in your pool landscaping. 

Stacked Rocky Pool Border

What you can do this by creating a display that looks distinctive by arranging rocks of varied colors and sizes next to one another. In addition, you may utilize rocks to fashion your landscape into a variety of interesting forms and patterns.

You may, for instance, construct a curving path with them or even place them next to each other in the pool as if they are the pool’s wall. Other possible applications include clustering rocks together in different arrangements to add an interesting and aesthetic texture to the landscape of your pool.

15. Using Rocks Instead of Mulch

Mulch is a typical substance used in landscaping. It is commonly used for preventing weed growth, keeping the soil wet, and providing an aesthetic look. Though mulch is an excellent choice for the above applications it can be difficult and messy for you to keep the mulch out of the pool, these stones can even be a great design as they would bring the pool to life.

Using Rocks Instead of Mulch for Pool Garden

So, as an alternative option to mulch, you might think about using landscaping rocks around your pool. There are many kinds of landscaping rocks such as river rocks, lava rocks, etc. You can add rocks for creating an amazing visual texture to the pool environment without creating a mess.

On top of that, rocks are long-lasting. Rocks can keep their pleasant appearance for a considerably longer period in comparison to mulch. This would enhance your well being as you to spend more time relaxing by your pool and less time thinking about when to change the mulch.

16. Creating an Outdoor Living Space

The use of rocks in a poolscape is an excellent method for making an outdoor living space. You may make borders for the area using rocks, which will also lend a sense of seclusion to it.

Outdoor Living Space in Backyard Pool

You may even add string lights on the rock walls. It will improve the aesthetic appeal of your poolscape as well as the outdoor living space.

In addition, if you have already created an outdoor living space that is not composed of rocks, you may want to think about adding rocks to the space so that it has a more natural appearance and feel.

Because doing so will contribute to the creation of a space that is cozier and more discreet. On the benches or the living space that are made of stones, you can add comfortable pillow and assort different colors. 

17. Forming an Island in the Middle

You might try employing rocks for building an internal island in the center of the pool if you’re developing new inground pools. This feature may make your poolscape seem more attractive while also improving its functioning.

Island in the Middle of a Pool

In addition to this, it will provide the individuals who use your pool with a location at which they may gather or sunbathe while swimming. Moreover, if you place trees or other large plants on the island, the trees will provide additional shade for the individuals who are swimming in the pool.

18. Creating an Outdoor Bar or Kitchen

To increase the amount of fun people, have at your event, you may consider building a kitchen or bar out of rocks in your backyard pool. You may give your poolscape a more spa-like or tropical feel by adding elements like stone worktops or using rocks or stones to surround bars, built-in grills, or outdoor sinks.

Outdoor Bar or Kitchen next to a Pool

You can also add a few tropical plants that can give your poolscape a more natural look. In addition, enhancing the functionality of your poolscape by constructing an outdoor kitchen or bar out of rocks is a fantastic way to enhance the amount of space available for socializing among your visitors.

19. Constructing Stairs for the Pool Using Stones or Rocks

You can consider utilizing stones or rocks for the construction of the steps going up to an elevated pool. Or you can construct the stairs using big blocks of stones that will lead the swimmers to the pool. Because stairs or steps made out of rocks or stones will add both functionality and beauty to your poolscape.

Constructing Stairs for the Pool Using Stones or Rocks

Moreover, it will also contribute to the creation of a wonderful appearance for the pool and landscape. If you have stairs made of concrete and tiles, they can be slippery. But serve to give a firmer surface for anyone to walk on while they are coming from and to the pool.

20. Adding Stone Pots Around

It is one of the best pool ideas to put some stone pots or planters around the pool to decorate it with flowers and other beautiful little plants, or flower beds. The pots can be placed on ornamental grasses. 

Adding Stone Pots Around Pool Landscape

This way, you could easily implement this idea mainly because this is a wonderful method to give your pool some color and a variety of textures without having to perform any big landscaping work.

21. Creating a Zen Garden 

If you want to create a poolscape that is more serene and relaxing, you might think about constructing a Zen Garden next to the pool using rocks. The latter would be an amazing addition to the surrounding area of the pool. 

Creating a Zen Garden for Pool Garden

You may increase the aesthetic value of the garden by installing features such as stone sculptures, gravel walkways, or water fountains in the area around the swimming pool.

22. Landscaping Sloped Area Beside the Pool with Rocks

If you have a hill or slope adjacent to the pool that you have in your backyard, you may consider utilizing stones or rocks for landscaping it.

Landscaping Sloped Area Beside the Pool with Rocks

This is a little new of a concept, but doing so will not only help you to avoid erosion but also make the area more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, the rocks have the potential to act as a natural boundary between the slope and the pool.

23. Creating a Private Cabin 

If you want to construct a changing area adjacent to the pool, one option for creating a little cabin next to the pool for the area is to build a rock or stone wall. As this will not only allow seclusion for changing but also make the pool seem more like an oasis or tropical resort. 

Private Cabin in Backyard Landscape

Moreover, the stone or rock wall of the changing area will enhance the beauty of the pool environment, although it might give a cottage feel.


Now you have learned about the landscaping around pool with rocks ideas you can easily utilize rocks to create a wide range of landscape elements around your pool, from building paths to outdoor sitting places. 

With only a few strategically placed rocks, you can add both utility and beauty to your poolscape. So, if you want to give your pool a more natural appearance and feel, try incorporating rocks in your pool’s landscaping.

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