Landscaping ideas for front of ranch-style house involve bringing out every beautiful feature your front yard can offer. This includes strategically planting trees, seasonal flowers, or a garden, beautifying the curb, and using water and lighting in specific places to accent features in your home.

9 Landscaping Ideas for Front of Ranch Style House

Read on to get nine unique ways to maximize these features.

Landscaping Ideas for Front of Ranch Style Houses

Some features are essential in landscaping a front yard and some, especially in ranch houses. Alongside, we received some landscaping themes, as examples, to turn a simple front yard into a breathtaking view. A cottage theme, or style, can be established by forming a canopy with trees and focusing soft lighting on the porch. Here are the nine ideas you could integrate:

1. Maximize Curb Appeals

A beautiful curb is often an underlooked idea. Aside from the pavement used, the color, and its style, the curb is an essential part of the entryway. Excellent ranch-style houses are known for the relaxed feeling they bring. A beautiful curb shouts “welcome home” meters from when you even set foot on the veranda.

Maximize Curb Appeals in Ranch Style Home

A bright side to creating beautiful curbs is how simple the process can be. First, create curbs if they’re non-existent. The next step is to highlight them. It’s an awesome do-it-yourself project. Don’t be scared to show your curbs off.

You can use plants to accent your curbs, give them a natural color, and add beauty. Irrespective of your home’s color or design or the climate you live in, there’s always a plant available to add to accent your curbs. For a family, planting flowers can also be a good time to bond with family.

Consider using Stones as well. Stones are beautiful accessories to add diversity and bring out the style of your home. You can use the stones as the curb, you can use them to line the curb, or you can use them sparingly but intentionally to beautify the curb. From gravels and pebbles to large boulder-like stones, the list is endless.

2. Add a Water Feature

They can range from owning a pool to water simply flowing over beautiful rocks. If you’re tired of the traditional ranch house and are looking for a landscape design that evolves into a modern ranch, having water around does the trick.

Water Feature in Style Ranch Home Garden

Like having a lush lawn or a garden of roses as the center of attraction in a yard, you can also use water features as the main attraction.

A simple water fountain changes the narrative of your front yard dramatically, or you can go with a pond showing some aquatic life. Even a pool beside the fence is a nice idea. An excellent combination would be a fountain that flows into a little pond or waterway.

You can stick to a simple aesthetic appeal if you’re more of a straightforward design-loving person. The aim is to have water running in the background—nothing that immediately captures the eyes from afar but adds to the aesthetics.

A simple suggestion is to have a curb made with stones or lined with stones, preferably pebbles. Then, have water run over them. Add accent lighting at night, and the curb becomes stunning.

3. Adjust the Lighting

Outdoor lighting allows you to manipulate the environment to ensure the best features are seen and appreciated. As simple as installing lampposts along the pavements leading to the house allows your home to take on a new look at night, a look that accents the yard’s best features.

Adjust the Lighting Patio In Ranch House

Another lighting tip is to use trees as a canopy. By selectively planting trees, the shadows cast by sunlight create a fairytale feel during the summer and spring.

Consider accent lighting when playing with landscape ideas for yourr ranch house. Lights that target colored pebbles among several white pebbles further enhance their beauty, be it on a curb, in a pond, or on the porch.

4. Set a Garden

A garden is a healthy way to bring out the landscape of your front yard. Aside from the aesthetics, it gives you a worthwhile hobby and the advantage of freshly grown food if you plant edibles.

Set a Garden in Ranch Style Yard Trees and Flowers

While you may have ideas for establishing a garden, a nice suggestion is to grow vegetables. They not only add life to the yard landscape but also bring nutrition to the home. Vegetables that are well grown are healthy and can also be a source of passive income. You have the yard; let it reward you.

Add garden pots to make the garden even more appealing. Garden pots for plants are cheap and moveable. You can have vegetables or scented flowers growing near your window, increasing the curb appeal, or lining your porch. Pots for plants allow you have a moveable garden. It opens the door to several garden-based yard ideas for landscaping.

If you want to explore, try using garden beds too, because they are less mobile but offer a raised platform, which would be very aesthetically pleasing to the front of the house.

5. Plant Flowers

Flowers aren’t a new feature to house landscaping, especially when dealing with ranch style homes. It goes without saying that many homeowners do not know how to maximize the use of flowers.

Plant Flowers Garden Plants for Ranch Home

Do you want your flowers to be mobile? Use flower pots. As a natural air freshener, you can also have scented flowers in pots close to your window. The aim is to have a beautiful yard all year round with minimal effort.

If you love raised platforms, consider flower beds also, because the colors that you choose to place on the platform through the flowers would elevate your ranch-style house’s aesthetics.

6. Decoration Synchronized with Seasons

Whether as part of a theme or to bring out your home in a splendid way, decorations, flowers, and plants are essential tools in producing a beautiful landscape design for the front of your house.

Decoration Synchronized with Seasons Autumn Plants in Yard

Different plants and flowers bloom in different seasons, which you should exploit, especially in fall season and even in the winter. You can plant several flowers for different seasons together or in different rows. The same goes with even grass and placing the fallen leaves on in autumn.

Go with colors that complement or beautifully contrast the color theme of your home. Consider plants that change color as the seasons change; you may consider mum flowers with their gorgeous orange colors along with some pumpkins in front of your ranch house.

Rather than using paint or just lights, consider plants and flowers and even pumpkins when you want a radiant burst of colors.

7. Cottage-style Ranch

Also called Cabins, a cottage gives your home the same feeling you get from a holiday home. Although it works best with elevations or depressions, it can still be pulled off with flat surfaces.

Cottage style Ranch Home with White Fence Wood

Trees are necessary to give the home a cottage feel. By lining them at the front and the side of the house, the home has an almost hidden feel that cabins give. A canopy of trees eliminates most of the sunlight from reaching the yard. In autumn, it creates that golden floor parks boast of.

A lush front yard is another way to create a cottage feel. The usual method is to have a single walkway leading to the house with an emphasis on curb appeal and a lush lawn or garden. You can even set a small fence around the house to make it look like it has popped out of a children’s book.

The idea behind a beautiful cottage setting is the hidden-from-the-world feeling that comes with the home. It is also a perfect vacation home.

8. Explore Wood as a Theme

If your home is built using a lot of wood, exploring wood for the front of your home is an excellent idea. The first step is to understand the climate of where you live. Look for wood that fits your environment and incorporate them into your yard.

Wood as Theme in Ranch Style House Outdoor

Consider having a short wooden fence. You can replace concrete curbs with something wooden as well. The aim is to explore a wooden theme for the front of your ranch house.

9. Use Bricks

Some ranch homes have bricks as their primary element instead of wood or concrete. It has an air of medieval times in the modern world. If you want such a feeling, whether you own a brick ranch house or not, using bricks is an excellent landscaping tool.

Bricks for Landscaping in a Ranch Style House

Use bricks for the pavement or entryway to your home. Aside from the aesthetics that brick provides, it is a solid building material that lasts and breathes. As opposed to concrete, bricks have spaces in between them which allow airflow between the soil beneath and the air above. This proves essential when the climate is especially hot.


The environment, and its presentation, are the bedrock of all landscaping designs. By highlighting the key features of the front yard in a ranch-style house, the door is open to a plethora of ideas.

You can use light (both natural and unnatural), plants, flowers, lawns, or water to increase the aesthetic appeal or as the main attraction. You can also use stones, wood, or bricks. The real question is, how creative are you willing to get?

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