Landscaping ideas Minnesota allow you to explore borders on its beautiful summer and outdoor spirit. Minnesota is a lovely place to live in, clad with nice flowers, rocks, and rivers.

15 Landscaping Ideas Minnesota Allows You to Explore

It has a wholesome community known for its exotic locations, towering buildings, and outdoor lifestyle. The point is that landscaping is a big deal in Minnesota. In this article, we’ll explain 13 ways to beautify your landscape in Minnesota

List of Landscaping Ideas for Minnesota

It’s not uncommon to get invited to parties in someone’s backyard and want to have some in yours if your landscape looks stunning. Here are 15 ways to make your compound a beautiful masterpiece:

1. Build a Patio

Fixing up a Patio is an excellent idea to try out. Because of the temperature in summer, Minnesota is known for its outdoor gatherings.

Build a Patio in Minnesota Home and Relaxing Area

Having a patio is an excellent option if you love relaxing in your yard. You can have a beautiful relaxation spot with a simple set of chairs and a centerpiece. Suppose you have friends who come over regularly, add a minibar, and it’s a beautiful place to socialize.

2. Have a Pool

Minnesota is known to be hot during the summer; What better way to cool off than with a nice dip? Having a pool offers an escape from the heat and brings beauty to your landscape. For families, it’s a nice way to bond with your kids.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas Have a Pool Outside

If you want to make it a little more dramatic, add a fountain that drains into the pool. Add a trapeze close by and some swings for fun activities. The point is to make the pool area something that encourages family time and speaks of beauty.

Consider having a lid to close the pool. Cleaning pools is one reason many folks shy away from owning a pool. If you have trees around, a cover saves you a lot of time removing leaves whenever you want to take a dip. And it saves the extra cost of having to unclog your pool.

3. Add a Water Feature

Water features add beauty to landscapes. With water, there are several options to go with. Fountains are the most popular because they immediately draw the attention of guests.

Add a Water Feature in Your Minnesota Garden

If you love having fish, consider having a pond. There are several self-cleaning ponds requiring less attention than old conventional ponds.

If you want something light yet aesthetic, go for water running through your yard. You can line pebbles or stones suitable for water and have water run over them. Use accent lighting for a dramatic effect, and watch your outdoor space turn magical at night.

4. Add Stones on The Edges

Several landscaping ideas are brought to life with stones. From using them as centerpieces in lawns to employing them to increase the curb appeal. Different stones can be used to create outstanding designs, from mini-boulders to pebbles, almost as little as sand.

Add Stones on The Edges in Minnesota Garden

In Minnesota, several forms of granite are available. Gneiss, gemstones, and the infamous Lake Superior agates. Stones can be placed in flower pots to add to their aesthetic appeal. Stones can be lined on the porch steps, the windows, or as beauty pieces on a patio. 

Look for a landscape design online using stones as a theme if you’re unsure of where to begin.

5. Tile the Driveway

Your driveway is more than just a pathway for a car or vehicle; your driveway says welcome before you set foot on the porch.

Tile the Driveway in Your Minnesota Home

Before employing landscaping services for your driveway, look for the theme you wish to exploit. Consider the color of your house, the material used in the building, and the environment. For instance, a home with stone adorned with bricks would go well with a brick driveway or a driveway designed to compliment bricks–compared to a driveway made of smooth slabs.

Also, if you can afford it, add a driveway circle to the plan. Driveway circles instantly direct traffic flow in and out of the compound. Add flowers or a fountain to the driveway circle, and apply some lights and stones around the circle for aesthetics. Your front yard becomes a picture of paradise.

6. Build a Fence

Fences can be used to increase privacy or simply for their aesthetics. Short fences are a great way to keep your plants within a specific space and are suitable for demarcations.

Build a Fence in Minnesota Garden Landscaping Ideas

Making the fence waist-high allows you to surprise guests with features (like flowers) that hug the fence from the inside. Because such features are seen within, guests and neighbors can admire the yard from outside and admire something new once inside.

A large amount of privacy is bought by making the fence between six to seven feet high. If you’re on the shy side, having this sort of fence buys you your space.

7. Fix a Green Lawn

Rainfall in Minnesota is perfect for having a lush lawn, which can be artificial or even real. With a good lawnmower and some fertilizer, you could have a beautiful green lawn for most of the year.

Fix a Green Lawn for a Minnesota Landscaping Ideas

Not only does it create a nice appeal to your landscape, but it encourages outdoor living. It’s safer than concrete if you have kids around and is nice when you have an occasion at home.

8. Decorate with Flowers

Flowers bloom in Minnesota for a long time during the year. For you, this means color and nice scents can become the signature mark of your home with little effort. From Lillies to Roses and the black-eyed Susan, many flowers thrive and do well in Minnesota. 

Decorate with Flowers as Minnesota Landscaping Ideas

Another advantage is the diversity that comes with living in Minnesota. Some soils are dry, and some are moist, while others have more clay than loamy soil. Regardless, you will always find flowers that thrive in each of these conditions.

When thinking about flowers, don’t limit yourself to only the yard or lawn. You can use flower pots to adorn your porch, windows, fences, and even the mailbox. With baskets also, flowers can be grown and explored across several places pots can’t.

9. Plant Some Climbing Plants

Several landscaping plants for Minnesota exist! Some come with scents, others with colors. If flowers don’t work for you, the grass is present. If the grass doesn’t work for you, there are lovely climbing bushes that will seem like your house has been covered in greenery.

Minnesota Landscaping Ideas Plant Some Climbing Plants

A great idea is to mix plants that thrive specifically in different seasons. By selectively and carefully designing your landscape with plants, you can enjoy a colorful compound all year.

10. Use Shades

The use of shades covers many landscaping ideas. Shades could mean trees, they could mean having an orchard, or they could imply tresiles or gazebos. The idea is to have something that provides a sanctuary from the sun, maybe the rain too. Something that provides a cool environment to walk or bask beneath.

Use Shades for Minnesota Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration and far from Minneapolis, search for “landscape design st paul, mn” online. It’s a location within the twin cities with loads of designs. Asides from getting awesome ideas, you can reach out to the several views several landscaping experts and architects available in that location. 

Driving around to check the several Minneapolis landscape designs, coupled with consulting with experts, will let you know the shades to apply that are easy to maintain and cost-friendly for you.

11. Lighting

Outdoor lighting is the difference between a compound that’s splendid only when the sun is up and one with a different shade of beauty at night.

Lighting in a Minnesota Backyard

A little touch of lighting makes you enjoy your evenings even more. Use lamposts or light wires to increase curb appeal. Install accent lights around the water, where you put stones, or on the driveway circle. The point is to use selective lighting to showcase the best features.

12. Build a Garden

A garden is an excellent way to get engaged if you have some free time. Aside from plants to decorate the landscape, you can decide to have a vegetable garden. It offers you beauty and food.

Build a Minnesota Garden in Backyard

A garden is an excellent idea for passive income if you’d love to have some extra cash. From vegetables for food to bushes for sale, planting a garden to make profits is an excellent idea.

13. An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a chic addition if you throw parties a lot. Preferably at the back of the house, an outdoor kitchen allows you to cook while entertaining guests.

Minimalistic Route Surrounding Minnesota Landscape

Alternatively, you can have it for your personal use. It’s a beautiful way to unwind with family while enjoying the beauty of your landscape.

To make it even more interesting, have a patio with a minibar, a fireplace, and some stones with flowers. With accent lighting, you have an evening getaway right in your compound. If you’re up for it, little ceremonies can hold there for a token.

14. Build a Deck

You can easily build a wooden deck at the back-side and make it very aesthetically pleasing by the color of th wood that you choose to place. You can pick from different shades of wood-brown, or even paint it to your style if it goes well with your house! You can even place some furniture and make it cozy to sit around.

Build a Deck for Minnesota Home

15. Build a Fireplace

To make it very cozy and to give the backyard a warmer feel, especially in the autumn season, you can build a fireplace. This fireplace would be a very nice touch to your landscape because it would make the place feel very homey.

Build a Fireplace in a Minnesota Yard

As you invite people to sit around, they would be happy as well because of the warmth provided on a cold day. In additio, you can even roast corn, or chestnuts, and even bake potatoes sitting around this fireplace.


A beautiful landscape is the dream of lots of homeowners. We have mentioned 15 unique ways to highlight features you already have or add details to make your compound a masterpiece. 

All of the ideas would be very pretty and aestheticallly pleasing to your house in Minnesota, in addition, these details would lead your house to be different and to stand out than the rest of the houses. Which of them are you going to try out?

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