Finding the best landscaping ideas to hide utility boxes is a must. An electric meter with all its cables destroys the balance between the softscape and hardscape elements you’ve worked so hard to choose. It’s definitely something you want to keep away from the eyes.

20 Landscaping Ideas to Hide Utility Boxes

Learn how to conceal your utility box using nothing but your landscape and some creativity.

A List of Landscape Ideas to Hide Utility Boxes

The utility box houses all the electrical transformers, cables, and wiring systems that come from the main line, allowing you to operate various electric devices.

Yet, many homeowners feel bummed with their electrical equipment standing as an odd structure between the plants, shrubs, flowers, trees, rocks, and other elements that incorporate to create a balanced landscape design. Moreover, it can significantly reduce your curb appeal.

Luckily, there are several cool ideas to try that would actually conceal all your equipment entirely or make it blend with the other elements in your yard.

1. Ornamental Grass to the Rescue

Ornamental grass is highly resistant to pests and diseases that usually subject your plants and trees to danger. It’s also a great solution if you want to hide various equipment in your garden.

Ornamental Grass to the Rescue Japanese Silver Grass Plant for the Garden

Choosing a variety like the Japanese silver grass will completely hide any undesirable equipment while adding a fresh and elegant element to your landscaping design. It’s drought resistant and maintains its beautiful look throughout the year, although the grass becomes brownish in winter due to dormancy.

2. A Repurposed Shutter Screen

There’s nothing better than using a previously loved and owned item to serve a new purpose. A creative homeowner decided to buy cheap vinyl shutters to conceal the electrical equipment, but you can definitely take some old ones after a home renovation project.

A Repurposed Shutter Screen Landscaping Ideas for the Home

With a little bit of paint to blend with the surroundings, you’ll have an affordable screen that keeps all your equipment concealed. A neutral color like gray will blend with the warm earthy tones in your garden. And the best part is that the shutters are easy to disassemble for storage.

3. Use a Trellis

Instead of having your electrical equipment staring at you all day long, use a trellis to keep it hidden. Not only will it conceal your equipment, but it will also be an excellent addition to your planted garden.

Use a Trellis Patio and Landscaping Reveal

A trellis is a must for vining plants. Most of them grow fast, so in a few months, you’ll have your trellis covered in bright green leaves and maybe some colorful blooms.

4. Plant a Shrub

While choosing plants for your front or backyard, you need to think about the colors and balance they add to your space. Shrubs of different heights add depth and texture to your garden and can also help hide undesirable equipment like an electric meter or AC unit.

Plant a Shrub Shrubs For Landscaping Ideas Around the Home

In this garden, the homeowner chose to plant a taller shrub to hide their equipment. So when the plant is blooming, no one will ever be able to see your electrical box. Instead, they’ll see an attractive plant that adds a pop of color to your landscape.

5. Wooden Wagon Center Piece

Electrical equipment sitting right in the center of your garden isn’t probably what you had in mind when you were thinking about a focal point. Yet, with a little bit of creativity, you can give your front yard a new look while keeping all the cables and wires hidden.

Wooden Wagon Center Piece to Hide Utility Boxes in The Yard

An old wooden wagon blends beautifully with your garden’s other elements. It adds warmth, elegance, and a sense of authenticity, and it doesn’t cost much. You can buy a used one or make one as a DIY project. With a little bit of paint, and after lining it with some shrubs to create balance, you’ll have an additional spot to plant some bright flowers.

6. Fake Rock Cover

In some cases, due to the location of your electrical equipment, planting any shrubs or grass can be quite tricky. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should tolerate the presence of an electrical box right in the middle of your garden to ruin the look of the landscape you’ve worked hard to bring together.

Fake Rock Cover Landscaping around Utility Boxes and Lines

A faux rock utility box cover represents an excellent solution. It is a cover that protects your utility box, and it’s hollow to house your equipment. Faux rocks are also cheap and maintenance-free.

7. Strategic Planting Options

Let’s face it. DIY projects aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t like them, and others aren’t good at them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave your equipment staring at you and ruining the look of your garden.

Strategic Planting Options Utility Box Plant Combination in Middle of Garden

As a matter of fact, by thinking carefully about which plants and flowers to grow, your electrical equipment can stay perfectly hidden. Picking flowers blooming at different times of the year and shrubs of various lengths will work. Just be careful not to plant the plants too close to any electric devices or cables for safety purposes.

8. Double-Purpose Trellis

Vining plants add a lot of beauty to any yard, especially if you don’t have enough horizontal space to plant flowers and shrubs. Moreover, you can build a simple trellis for your vining plants and strategically place it to conceal your electric or gas meter. This is a simple DIY project that you can finish with your kids. You can also get a ready-made one for an affordable price.

Double Purpose Trellis Build a Privacy Screen for Your Utility Boxes

9.  10-Minute DIY Screen

Do you think that all DIY projects take hours to complete? Think again. You can make this simple wood screen using planks arranged smartly around the utility box to hide it perfectly. Keep the back of the screen free to access your equipment whenever needed.

10 Minute DIY Screen Garden Yard Ideas for the Home

The wood blends beautifully with the other elements in your garden, and you can use a few ornamental faux plants and flowers to complete the picture. You can use it to hide air conditioning units or any other electrical equipment.

10. Concealed Outdoor Cabinet

A wooden cabinet is a simple yet efficient solution if you want to hide an ugly gas or electric meter that ruins the look of your home exterior. You can either build one yourself or hire a professional carpenter to do it for you.

Concealed Outdoor Cabinet in The Exterior of The House

It doesn’t have to be fancy, as a small cabinet will do the trick. Once it’s done, you can use trendy paint colors to give the exterior of your home a makeover, and the cabinet will be almost undetectable. Then, whenever needed, you can simply open the door and access the equipment for any repair work.

11. Build a Caste

Woodworking DIY projects reduce stress and improve your mood. They also represent an excellent option if you want to conceal utility boxes or any other equipment in your garden.

Build a Caste to Hide Utility Boxes

There are lots of online designs that you can explore, and this one works for any other structure that you feel you need to hide. The castle sits on raised legs, so the wood will stay dry when you water your garden. Just apply a waterproof finish to keep it in good condition.

12. Stone Accent Wall

Wood isn’t the only element you can use to build a screen or a picket fence to hide equipment in your garden. Stone and blocks will also complement the look of your yard while keeping your equipment hidden.

Stone Accent Wall Landscaping Ideas

This accent wall is open on one side for easy access. Stone and blocks are easy to clean, so your wall will always look fresh and elegant. They’re also resistant to fire and various weather conditions for more safety.

13. Too Good To Be True

This solution isn’t really a landscaping solution because you’re using a faux shrub. Nevertheless, it’s a great way to conceal an AC, water pump, or any other equipment that you want to hide.

Faux Shrub for Hiding Utility Boxes

Instead of having a structure that feels sore to the eyes, this realistic faux shrub will provide the perfect cover. It’s safe because there’s no water involved, so you won’t worry about any short circuits or potential hazards. In addition, it’s so realistic that people will have to touch it to know that it’s not real.

14. Choose the Right Grass

Picking the suitable grass, plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees to grow in your garden is probably the most challenging decision every homeowner must make. Creating balance and adding plants that match with one another is a must.

Right Grass for Outdoor Yard

In this landscaping design, the homeowner chose the feather reed grass to conceal an electric box and add a focal point in the garden. This tall grass grows to a height of 36 inches and can reach a height of 48 inches with the blooms. It’s also quite easy to take care of, and the best part is that even if you choose to cut it for any repairs, it grows back fast.

15. Make Use of Your Container Garden

Container gardening is a great landscaping option for those with limited space and budget. It’s also an excellent solution if you want to hide electric equipment in your garden.

Container Garden and Utility Box in Yard

Because the pots are portable, you can use several ones to completely hide your equipment. Taller potted plants will do the trick, while shorter ones will add some balance to your outdoor space.

16. Create a Fake Fence

This homeowner used this simple yet cool idea to hide an AC, but you can definitely use it to hide anything else. The idea is straightforward yet efficient, as a simple fake privacy fence will keep an electrical box hidden. It’s still accessible when needed.

Fake Fence Landscaping Ideas to Hide Utility Boxes

To blend with the rest of your garden, don’t forget to add some pots for your plants. After a few months, this will be a beautiful corner in your yard, especially if you don’t have plenty of planting space. And the best part is that no one will know what you’re hiding.

17. Lattice Design Box

When you’re looking for an innovative and creative way to hide your electrical boxes, you should also consider accessibility and safety. A lattice design box is a great addition to your landscape and smartly hides any eye sore equipment.

Lattice Design Box Yard Landscape Idea

At the same time, it provides fast accessibility whenever needed to guarantee the safety of your family. It also allows for consistent airflow, which this equipment requires for operational safety.

18. Fake Bush Sticker

While this isn’t precisely a landscaping idea, we can’t deny that it’s still a cool one. If you want to hide your electrical equipment and have no space or energy for ornamental grasses, use this sticker. Wrap it around your equipment to make it completely undetectable.

Fake Bush Sticker for Outdoors

From a distance, this sticker will blend beautifully with the greenery in your garden. Of course, it’s not real, but it protects your electrical equipment from the elements. It’s also easy to remove for any maintenance work.

19. Custom-Made Box

If you feel that your gas meter or electric meter is an eye sore, you can either make this custom-made box yourself or hire someone to finish it in no time. This can be a fun DIY project to finish with your family. Yet, if you’re in a hurry, you can order to have it done.

Custom Made Box for a Garden Utility Box

The spaces between the wooden planks allow for good ventilation, which is crucial for your equipment. The door easily opens whenever you need to maintain or fix your cables without having to leave them exposed. Moreover, you can choose any color to make sure that it blends well with your landscape and the house exterior.

20. Easy-to-Make Screen

Installing a wooden screen in front of your electric meter or AC unit is an easy and practical solution. You can reuse old planks from a previous DIY project or buy them from the hardware and home improvement store for a low price.

DIY Screen Landscaping Ideas to Hide Utility Boxes

They take absolutely no time to assemble. After painting them, they will blend beautifully with all the hardscape and softscape elements in your garden. This homeowner decided to add their personal touch by installing a large metal sun that receives a lot of compliments.


A utility box shouldn’t stare at your face and ruin the look of your landscape. You need your equipment in the garden, but you don’t want to waste the effort you put into your landscape. 

There are several creative ways to hide equipment that doesn’t blend with the greenery in your garden. Some of them need more effort, but others are suitable for DIYers. 

So which idea are you going to pick?

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