Landscaping ideas with orchids outdoors is what can help you create a beautiful and fragrant setting. Orchids, undoubtedly, bloom gorgeous flowers that enhance the scenery and make you feel close to nature, as most gardeners usually follow basket-style chandelier and pond garden landscape designs.Landscaping Ideas With Orchids Outdoor

A hillside walkaway, an orchid greenhouse, and a rock garden are popular nowadays. However, gardeners often need inspiration about which landscape ideas to go for; read on as we discuss the top ones in this guide.

List of Landscaping Ideas With Orchids Outdoor

1. Hillside WalkawayHillside Walkaway Landscaping

Materials needed
  • A trowel or shovel for digging
  • Lumber wood square
  • Gravels or stones
  • Rebars
  • Water orchids once a week
  • Check pests
  • Prune once or twice a year
Total cost
  • Between $100 to $500
Problems You May Face
  • You may need a helping hand
  • Digging a hole is challenging if the soil is hard

Hillside walkaway is a perfect landscape you can have with outdoor orchids. However, it will require lots of effort, so you should invite your friend to help you because this task is not a one-person job.

To begin with, you should first aim to decide where you will build the walkway. Choose the spot where the light levels are bright but not directly shining on the spot because orchids need this type of lighting. Then mark the line and ensure it is straight, or the walkway will look weird, and now; after you do this, you should start digging the soil and put a slab or stones.

Put a wooden frame there and use rebars to hold it in its place, and you should also try to repeat the process until you have placed the structure in the whole walkway. You can plant the orchids and add more potting soil to cover the roots. Also, ensure all the orchids are at the same level so that it wouldn’t cause any stunted growth as the orchid grows.

2. Basket-style ChandelierCreating Basket Style Chandelier

Materials needed
  • A hanging chandelier basket
  • A hammer and nails
  • Nylon cord
  • The basket should stay stable
  • Protect from strong winds
  • Regularly check for any cracks on the baskets
Total cost
  • Around $100
Problems You May Face
  • Storms can hurt the basket orchids
  • Watering orchids can get complicated if you hang them high

Basket gardening is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces because this is what will add such a beautiful feature to the outdoors in such an easy way. However, the problem is that you cannot put any orchid plants you like in baskets. Keeping this in mind, you should choose those orchid species that prefer height and air.

Epiphytes are the popular choice in basket-style outdoor landscape gardening. The best ones that you can place here would be the moth orchids because of their vibrant blooms. This orchid produces moth-shaped flowers that look captivating in outdoor settings, and when they bloom, they increase the vibrancy of the surrounding.

Choosing the right site to hang baskets is critical. It is better to hang them on those spots with shade. Hammer a nail in the selected place and tie the basket with a cord. You can also install a wooden slab and put the basket on top, and you will see how the whole setup will be aesthetically pleasing.

3. Orchid GreenhouseCare for Orchid Greenhouse

Materials needed
  • A greenhouse kit with PVC pipes
  • Display pots
  • Glass pots
  • Ensure the structure stays firm
  • Use Grow light to maintain lighting conditions
  • Cover the frame with shade cloth on chilly nights
Total cost
  • $100 to $500
Problems You May Face
  • Constructing a greenhouse can be tricky for newbies
  • Managing ventilation can be problematic

An orchid greenhouse can also be a great addition to outdoor space, they are ones that are unique and valuable, and with the right care, they would look stunning as the flowers start to bloom. You can get the greenhouse kit from any reputable gardening store and follow its manual to build it.

In addition, you can place beautiful orchid display pots inside it along with some other decorations, like paintings, and if it is a big house, you can even put chairs in it too. In addition, glass terrariums are also an excellent choice for greenhouse landscaping.

That is also how to display orchids in your home as the green house can be placed outside, but give the flowers a homey feeling.

4. A Rock GardenA Rock Garden with Orchid

Materials needed
  • Rocks of different colors and sizes
  • Stakes
  • Strings
  • Add water regularly
  • Change the rocks after every two to three months
  • Ensure the other plants don’t cast shade on orchids
Total cost
  • Around $100
Problems You May Face
  • Finding suitable rocks is difficult
  • Drainage issues
  • Weed growth is common

You can also build a garden with rocks and orchids, and in this case, the garden design is simple. Choose a site and mark the boundaries using stakes and strings. Then, place the orchids and the rocks carefully. But first, you should clean the area from weeds, debris, and dirt to keep the plants healthy.

If you wish, you can try to select different types of stones to diversify the settings and make the place a bit more diverse than it would often look. For instance, it will be a big plus if these rocks differ in color, and with this, you can try to, consider using rocks with crevices because they will support the plants. You can also create slops with them to add variation to the garden.

You should also be picky when selecting orchids for a rock garden, and for this, you can try to use some epiphytes and lithophytes because they are the ones that thrive in this space. Growing moss, ferns, and other stunning plants can also give an exotic touch. You may face some issues such as the growth of weeds, or drainage problems, so you should be aware and try to avoid them.

5. Garden BedOrchid Garden Bed

Materials needed
  • Trowel or shovel
  • Soil
  • Gloves
  • Prune the orchids after a few months
  • Uproot weeds whenever you see them
  • Fertilize orchids once a month
Total cost
  • Around $100
Problems You May Face
  • Drainage issues
  • Pests
  • Diseases
  • Limited space for roots

Designing a garden bed is one of the best landscape ideas humans have come up with. First, decide where you will have a garden by looking by checking the available space. Then, dig up some soil in a straight line. It is different from the hillside walkway because no wooden structure is needed.

However, most orchids don’t like the soil. Only Cymbidiums and a few lithophytes can tolerate regular soil stresses. You should ensure the soil in the garden bed is well-drained and rich in organic matter, so that you will see the plant growing in the right way, but keep in mind that it may face an issue in this case, and find such a limited space along the roots.

The garden beds must be raised at least two inches from the ground, and this is why you will need lots of soil. In short, it is a better idea that you plant taller orchids at the back of the bed and small ones at the front after preparing the beds. They will look more visually appealing this way, and it is also they make the place look vibrant.

6. Tree Orchid GardenTree Orchid Garden

Materials needed
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Nylon cord to hang orchids
  • Inspect the orchids daily to check whether they are stable
  • Mist the roots every other day
  • Trim the branch if it acts as a barrier against air or light
Total Cost
  • Less than $100
Problems You May Face
  • Harsh weather can impact the orchids
  • Canopy can shade the orchids
  • Tree infections can spread to orchids

If you are growing a couple of trees outdoors, then, you can transform the outdoor space into a tree orchid garden. That’s also how orchids grow in the wild on their own, and naturally, they will establish their roots properly. You will find them on trunks and branches in the tropical forests.

However, you should put those orchid varieties on trees that can thrive in the air. The popular ones are Phalaenopsis, Vanda, and Dendrobium. They will properly grow and develop without harming the tree, but again, you must pick the right variety.

For this, you should remove the pot of the orchids, wrap their roots in sphagnum moss, and then put it on an east-side branch on the trunk. A tree with orchids on it will be eye-pleasing for everyone, and it is a different type of aesthetic that you will get as it adds its uniqueness.

7. Orchid Pond GardenOrchid Pond Garden

Materials needed
  • Water fountain
  • pond
  • Water quality management
  • Regularly remove debris from the fountain or pond
  • Protect from weather extremes
Total cost
  • More than $500 as the fountain or pond is expensive
Problems You May Face
  • Heavy rainfall and storms can hurt the orchids
  • Fungal infections
  • Maintaining a pond or fountain can be costly

Growing orchids near a water fountain or pond is one of the best landscape garden ideas. The combination of water sprinkling/flowering and orchids blooming is an incredible sight. But don’t grow orchids close to the water source.

If water falls on the leaves and roots, it can lead to crown rot and other fungal diseases. In short, you must make sure that the plant is properly adjusted, and that the light that reaches it is also one that is bright yet indirect.

8. Wine Barrel PlanterWine Barrel Orchid Planter

Materials needed
  • A barrel
  • Potting mix
  • Bricks
  • Feed nutrients monthly
  • Protect from strong winds
  • Don’t let direct sunlight fall on the orchids
Total cost
  • Around $100
Problems You May Face
  • Barrel can rot with time

It is a unique landscape idea that involves a wine barrel and some bricks. In this, cut the barrel horizontally. You can take the barrel to any wood shop for this. After this, put both halves on the ground and fill them with top-quality potting mix.

Then, place the three bricklayers in the circle around each barrel, but make sure that the quality is right so that it wouldn’t rot. You can then plant the orchids in them, and now, you will have a garden that can have two or more of these wine barrel planters. Since the wine barrel is made from oak trees, it will give an exotic touch to the outdoor settings.

9. Orchid Arboretum or NurseryOrchid Arboretum or Nursery

Materials needed
  • Educational signs
  • Benches
  • Shelves
  • Maintain suitable temperature
  • Water appropriately
  • Change signs every two to three months
Total cost
  • Between $100 and $500
Problems You May Face
  • Environmental control is challenging
  • Pests can attack

An orchid arboretum is an area in which you only place orchids on the shelves. It is like a zoo, but you only sit on benches and admire the beauty of orchids instead of animals. You can allocate any outside space as a nursery. It is also a good idea that you would make sure that you hang educational signs and facts about these plants if you wish to make it a bit more friendly and fun.

10. Trellis Pergola GardenTrellis Pergola Garden

Materials needed
  • Trellis
  • Connectors like nail and cord
  • Water weekly
  • Maintain the light conditions
  • Manage humidity levels
Total cost
  • Between $100 to $500
Problems You May Face
  • Pest attack
  • Structural integrity weakens with time

A trellis pergola garden is one of the best small landscaping ideas with orchids outdoors. Everything is simple, so you can put the trellis on any outdoor space and allow the orchids to climb or hang from it, and for this, you can try to use different orchids. The trellis will then have orchids that bloom different kinds of flowers.


Their blooms beautify the outdoor spaces and help you connect with nature, so here, we have discussed top landscape ideas that involve orchids, so keep in mind the following points:

  • Basket orchid chandeliers and pond orchids are popular landscape designs.
  • You can also go for an orchid greenhouse, trellis pergola garden, and hillside walkways, but they are expensive.
  • Tree Orchid garden, wine barrel planter, rock garden, and garden bed are affordable.
  • The orchid arboretum or conservatory is great for kids because of its educational signs.

Now, you don’t have to search “orchid ideas Pinterest” for landscape inspiration, so you can go for any of our designs and make the outdoors mesmerizing!

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