Landscaping timber fence protects your plants and other greenery and gives the house an artistic taste. Using landscaping timbers can restore the beauty of your landscape design.

8 Landscaping Timber Fence Ideas Easy and Affordable

Most of us are unfamiliar with how to make landscaping timbers and use them in our gardens and front yards. Don’t worry because we got your back and have collected a list of the best ideas to help you.

A List of Landscaping Timber Fence Ideas

1. Give Garden Beds an Edge

Boost your garden look with this idea. This fence is perfect for small plants with raised beds and flowers. It enhances the beauty of your in flower in-ground flower beds and the front yard. Not only add beauty and neatness to the garden it also protects the garden plants from weed attacks and invasive plants.

Half-log edging gives the garden and front yard a country vibe. Moreover, the wooden fence contrasted beautifully with the colorful flowers and green leaves in it. You can color this fence to give it a more beautiful look.

Give Garden Beds an Edge

You also need to stack the landscape timbers two to three steps higher than the plants. It makes retaining wall and protects them while mowing the lawn as a higher fence prominent them. 

Give garden beds an edge for the protection and beauty of your yard!

It can be completed in three different steps:

  • Cut an edge around your garden. This can be done using an edger to move along your set line. 
  • Remove the grass along this line from the roots. Also, remove the mud from this surface.
  • Stack the cut fence posts around it deep to 3-4 inches. Use the soil around these fences to give them strength.

2. Make a Fence Around the Lawn Stairs

This idea is made for you if your stairs come from the lawn. It not only gives aesthetics to your house but also protects the children. This scene looks like a million dollars when you see the whole property and flowers from the top of the stairs.

The green color of nature has a calming effect on human nerves and also bestows you with the feeling of obligation. Moreover, the stairs can also be made with wood. Color the timber according to your lawn and house color to make it unique.

Make a Fence Around the Lawn Stairs

Use this idea for the protection of your family, and feel the beauty of the lawn!

This can be done by taking the following simple steps:

  • First, select which style fence you want to make and measure the dimensions.
  • Then manage tools like hammers, timber wood, screws, power drill, tape measure, and fence posts.
  • Dig holes and set fence posts. The fence post is recommended to attach 6-8 inches away from one another, then bound with the help of nails and screws.
  • The holes should be filled with concrete and left until they dry.

For stair fences, it is recommended to consult an expert since it is pretty complicated.

3. Feline Friendly Rooftop 

Do you love to sit among nature on your lawn or yard? Here is a feline rooftop idea for you. It increases the beauty of your yard. This timber fence style gives the feature of the pergola. Long tropical vines can also be grown on it, accelerating its look.

Furthermore, sofas and chairs are used for seating purposes. 

 The roof of this provides shade that protects from high sunlight. It is best for outdoor family functions as the whole family is among nature. The whole of nature around can easily be seen from its holes.

Feline Friendly Rooftop

Ensure that the space between the fence posts is kept low so that pets, mainly cats, won’t get tangled.

Add feline friendly rooftop in your backyard to give your house a beautiful look!

The few steps will help to make a beautiful feline friendly rooftop,

  • First of all, select the location and style of the rooftop. 
  • Use soft wood like pine or timber and collect the necessary equipment.
  • Stand them in a line, and around it, fill concrete for their strength. 
  • At the end of these woods, attach other woods and bend them to give it the rooftop style.
  • In the end, tie them tightly with ropes and other equipment.

4. Use Timber as Balcony Fence

This idea can be helpful if you live on a terrace and are concerned about the safety of your children. The wooden fence not only provides protection but also gives beauty to the house. In addition, the house lawn looks soothing from the terrace.

If your house doesn’t have a lawn, a landscape can be made on the terrace. Use flower pots on the deck. Hang the small jars with wooden fences and with the walls. Moreover, flower vines can be used on the balcony, then spread on the bar and wall. 

Use Timber as Balcony Fence

Use this idea for your family’s protection and to enhance the beauty of your house!

Use these few steps to understand the balcony basics.

  • First, measure the balcony length and width with inches of tape and count how many wooden fences you need. 
  • Mark the locations where to stack the posts. They should be at proper distances: almost 3 – 4 inches apart. 
  • Ideally, balcony fences should be 30 inches high so children can’t step over them.
  • The fences should be buried firmly in the concrete to tolerate the children’s weight.
  • It is highly recommended to make it by the experts as it is all about family security.

5. Increase Outside House Aesthetics With a Yard Fence

Don’t you want someone to look back at your house while passing through? So, here is our practical idea to increase the front yard aesthetic of your home. The fence around the lawn with colorful flowers gives an elite impression to the house and protects it from stray animals. 

You can grow roses, some colorful flowers in the front yard, or a vine that touches the wall of your house. Furthermore, use the landscape timber for post as well. This feature will give more beauty to your house. 

Increase Outside House Aesthetics With a Yard Fence

  • Measure the size of your front yard where you want to add a fence. According to professionals, the average height of a front yard fence should be around three feet.
  • Now select a design for the fence to look cool while covering all your lawn and plants.
  • These styles include vertical batten, split rail, trellis, and slatted wooden fences. 
  • Either you can manufacture the fence yourself or contact a timber carpenter. There is some ready-made timber available too on Amazon or other marketplaces. If you want to save your manufacturing time, order from there. 
  • When a fence is prepared, plant beautiful herbs, flowers, or vines around it. You can either color it accordingly to your house theme. 

Pro tip: Mesmerize your front yard more by adding lights at night. Can you imagine how beautiful it makes your entrance look?

6. Built a Fence Around Herb Garden

What can be more beautiful than a herb garden? You can grow eatables like car lender, spinach, or even some potatoes. And make an edge around it with a fence. So let’s do it.

A well-built herb garden with timber fencing can stand out in any landscape and add an inviting, rustic appeal to the property. Since it will only be used on the ground and soon be covered with leaves, you can use the cheapest landscape timber.

Built a Fence Around Herb Garden

  • First, locate a place on your lawn where you want to grow a herb garden.
  • In both ways, you can grow herbs by increasing seeds in some worn-out tiers or tubs or directly by digging sand.
  • Use timber for making different kinds of molds like in square, rectangle, or circular forms, put sand, nutrients, and flowering seeds. 
  • Start building timber fence. It looks more pleasing if you design a circular border like the above picture. 
  • You can spend some money to buy a chair and table set. Place it in the middle of your beautiful circular garden. 
  • Finally, a good seating place is ready to enjoy evening snacks and tea with your family. Enjoy and make unforgettable memories.

7. Landscape Pool Area With Timber Fence

Landscape timber is a great way to add style and charm to your above-ground pool. The timber blends well with your landscape and is a cost-effective option for finishing your pool area.

Landscape timber will help you create a new decking area around the pool or extend the decking to make room for sun loungers or even BBQ games.

Landscape Pool Area With Timber Fence

  • Take the size of the timer around your pool area. Now talk to a carpenter and prepare long timber slides according to the extent that can fit in the measured area.
  • You can use glue or mortar to fix these slides on the floor.
  • Build a fence around the pool in a related color theme. Not only around the pool but also above to build a timber road. 
  • To make this place more adventurous, hang some hammocks with the roof timber slides through the hook.
  • It would be more welcoming if you added some lights around the swimming area. 

Warning: Make sure lights are not electric. Otherwise, they may cause electric shocks when interfered with water. Better to use chargeable lights. 

Your new swimming site is ready to add a refreshing period to your daily life. Indeed a lovely summer place!

8. Fence Around Lawn

If your house front has two grassy lawns, cover them with beautiful fences, making them attractive. This idea is best for those who want something simple but also refined. Ensure that you use contrasting timber fences to look more beautiful with your house.

In addition, use fancy stones between these two lawns, which will end in front of your house’s main entrance. These stones look beautiful with grass and fences.

Fence Around Lawn

As the front lawn is the first place guests enter, this idea will surely catch their attention!

Follow these simple steps to make your house beautiful:

  • Use pressure treated landscape timbers fence posts. So that this treated wood can tolerate heavy rain.
  • Stack them around the lawn by digging soil.
  • Up and down these fences, attach two timber retaining walls. The fence posts will be more substantial with these retaining walls.


Landscaping timbers give an artistic touch to your residence or garden. Although timber fence is quite expensive and usually comes with a very long price tag, you can avoid this by landscaping timber made out of wood which costs less than a custom-made fence. 

These fencing wood products are made with treated timber so that they can resist insects and weather conditions. They provide an excellent Green Frame for your flowers and some height to your flower bed. Pick the right plants to go inside to complete your backyard design.

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