Landscaping with fieldstone is a task that will help you enhance the appearance of your premises. If you are one of the people who prefer to use natural materials and resources for landscaping, then you could use fieldstone because the stone is easy to get.

Landscaping with Fieldstone

The stone landscape comes in various shapes because they are naturally found in the farmlands. This article gives a vivid outline of landscaping using available natural resources like fieldstone.

List of Landscaping Styles With Fieldstone

1. Bordered With a Wall

Bordered With a Wall

What you need
  • A string to help you lay the stone-based landscape in a straight line
  • A wheelbarrow to carry material from one point to another
What it looks like
  • The border wall will be in the form of a wall that will provide you a borderline with your neighbor
  • The wall will have a height of around 6.562 feet
  • The field stones will be laid on top of each other with mortar to make the wall strong
  • Field stones are readily available
  • The demarcation will give you a sense of security and privacy
  • The stone-based landscape is water-resistant, so it’s not affected during the rainy season
Specific care needs
  • Preventative maintenance is needed after a few years
  • Ensure there is a proper drainage system when there is a lot of rainfall for water to pass to the drain

The wall that is built using the fieldstone can add a beautiful appearance to your borders, especially if you adopt unique arrangements. The stones are used for separating areas in your yard and arranging the garden properly.

This is the wall that will make your place look like a castle in the long run, and it will also help you maintain a certain strength that is an added value. In addition to this, you would also be helping your place with the drainage system.

2. Retaining Walls Style

Retaining Walls Style

What you need
  • Shovel to create a trench
  • Spirit level to ensure the wall is straight
  • Stamper for hardening the foundation
What it looks like
  • The wall is built at the edge of the terrain to trap the soil from being washed away.
  • A strong net of wire is used to hold the fieldstone retaining wall and keep it in position
  • Help to minimize the damage caused by floods to property
  • Beautify your premises with a luxurious feel
  • The value of the land may appreciate
Specific care needs
  • Avoid placing heavy things against the wall to keep it stable and standing
  • Avoid placing heavy things against the wall to keep it stable and standing
  • Plant roses along the wall to add a natural feel

When you want to prevent continuous soil erosion, you can use retaining walls. A landscape using a fieldstone can then be built around the soil to ease the pressure of the soil as it flows down the slant.

You would normally see this type of stone-based landscape in terrain areas, because of several reasons and also because it will help your place look beautiful and luxurious.

If you are not an expert when it comes to how to build a fieldstone wall, remember that a strong net of wire with fieldstone can be used to increase the resistance of the wall, and also note that you cannot place heavy loads on it, in the long run.

3. Style The Patio

Style The Patio

What you need
  • Stamper for ramming the ground
  • Concrete to solidify the fieldstone
  • Hammer is used to align the fieldstone
What it looks like
  • Lay the floor using the fieldstone
  • Organize round tables and chairs for eating
  • A stretch tent can be put up to provide proper shade for relaxing
  • Enhances the value of the premises
  • The social needs of the families are met
  • It is cheaper than adding a veranda
Specific care needs
  • The floor should be dry at all times, especially during the rainy season
  • Decorate the area with roses on all tables to preserve the warmth in the area

Another way to do landscaping with fieldstone is when we construct a patio. The patio is an area inside the yard, and it is normally used as an eating place or for relaxing.

You will just need to lay the fieldstone after creating a level ground. By doing this, you would have created an outdoor space where you can have your events. Lastly, remember that the patio is where your guests or friends may come and spend some time, so adding a touch of vibrancy will do wonders.

4. The Driveway

The Driveway

What you need
  • Tin snips to shape the stone to the desired frame
  • Sand to lay on the surface
  • Chisel for inserting the stones into the ground
What it looks like
  • The path where the car is driven will have a hard surface with fieldstone
  • In the middle of the driveway lawn can be planted
  • The costs of maintenance are minimum
  • Very easy to repair
  • The appearance is quite appealing and welcoming
Specific care needs
  • Make sure there is no litter along the driveway as this distorts the intended look
  • Maintain the lawn by watering it properly

Do you feel like your driveway need an extra touch in terms of their appearance? Playing around with the fieldstone might be all you need. The latter is because natural beauty can be brought about by using fieldstone to lay a driveway, and quite frankly, it is one that is very easy in terms of repair.

The fieldstone wall cost is relatively cheaper since a foundation is unnecessary. Just remember to clean the area before laying the driveway. In addition, you should note that no mortar is needed in this case, which means that your driveway will look very much aesthetically pleasing. You should also add some plants to that driveway to make it unique!

5. Dry Creek Bed

Dry Creek Bed

What you need
  • Garden hoses
  • Small and big stones
  • Plants to seed along the dry creek
What it looks like
  • The creek is made into an “S” pattern, which depicts a natural flow of a real stream
  • Some sections of the “S” shaped creek should be wider than others
  • Lay the rocks along the bed
  • Very easy to repair
  • The appearance is quite appealing and welcoming
  • The costs of maintaining our minimum
Specific care needs
  • Avoid dumping waste in the bed
  • Remove all foreign objects occasionally
  • Ensure the rainwater ends up flowing into the garden

A dry creek bed is a valley that is installed at a lower spot of the terrain to receive flowing water, and it can be created using stones such as field stones and some plants planted on the edges.

These beds are a good option if your premises have a pool or there is high terrain, and you need to control the way water flows. Make sure that you would also place some statues if you like, or a tiny water fountain like a bird fountain in this case, and it would make the garden look nice.

6. Accents-style Garden

Accents Style Garden

What you need
  • Wheelbarrow to carry the materials
  • Shovel to mix the concrete
What it looks like
  • Build a fireplace using fieldstone and mortar
  • Paint the fireplace with natural colors on the edges of the fireplace
  • The fieldstone will last long
  • Materials are cheaper to obtain
Specific care needs
  • Clean the fireplace regularly
  • Regularly spray the fireplace with water using a hose to remove the dust that would have settled

Fieldstone can be used to make landscapes that add a natural touch to your beautiful spaces. Stone Accents can be placed either indoors or outdoors, as is the case with the fireplace.

Using different sizes, colors, or shapes edifies the look of a structure. For outdoors, you can organize a pile in a corner and create a new appearance that was not in existence, especially in the garden.

In this case, you can use some mortar in the decoration if you like, and add different flowers and colors of plants, and they would grow in a beautiful manner and bloom up in spring.

7. Construction of a Mini-bridge

Construction of a Mini Bridge

What you need
  • Fieldstone
  • Mortar for the structure to be strong
  • Concrete
What it looks like
  • The slab is built with fieldstone mixed in concrete
  • Underneath the bridge, there will be steel trusses to make the structure strong
  • Recreation might be created this way
  • The fieldstone will last longer as it is less likely to get eroded
Specific care needs
  • Cleaning should be done regularly
  • Maintenance should be done regularly

This landscaping method is for larger scale purposes. However, you can create a simple bridge across your water features, like ponds, thereby making it easy for you to cross to the other side.

This style is also decorative, but you should make sure that you would clean it regularly. If you have a bigger place, you should make sure to place a little koi fish pond, and add the bridge on top of it, as the standard of the landscape would increase in a very vibrant manner.


Landscaping with fieldstone tends to have different pros than cons as you might have noticed already. Please, don’t go before you go through an important recap that is outlined below:

  • If you want to experience a sense of belonging, we recommend that you go with the patio style.
  • Patio gives you some warmth if it is built with fieldstone especially when it is complimented with flowers like roses.
  • Using fieldstone to create a dry creek bed is a great idea if you are finding it difficult to control water, especially when it rains.

As we can observe, landscaping with fieldstone brings nature closer. Fieldstone adds more value to a property, looks very real, and brings warmth so choose your style, get “fieldstone for sale” and enjoy the benefits! Check out more driveway border landscaping ideas in our post.

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