Landscaping with flagstone is a special skill that can completely change the appearance of your spaces for the better. Flagstone is a stone type that appears flat, sometimes assuming square or rectangular shapes, though you can also find irregular flagstone.

Landscaping With Flagstone

This stone can be used to make strong structures that are part of permanent landscaping. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on the various landscaping projects by providing you with ideas on how to lay flagstone in ways that enhance the outlook of your home.

List of Designs for Landscaping With Flagstone

1. Create a Unique Walkway

Create a Unique Walkway

What you need
  • Flagstones with the shape of your choice
  • A clear lawn
  • Different plants and flowers
What it looks like
  • The flagstone is laid in a way that it creates a walkway that connects one spot of your home or garden to the other.
  • You can have a lawn on the sides of the flagstone walkway.
  • You can grow a mixture of flowers along the walkway.
  • Walkways can be an easy way to direct your guests from one part of your garden or home to another.
  • The flowers or lawn along the walkway have a great welcoming effect.
  • The design has an amazing ornamental effect.
Specific care needs
  • Remove any dirt that might distort the beautiful appearance of your walkway.
  • Properly water the lawn so that it continues to give that green contrast that beautifies your walkway.
  • Provide the necessary water, light, temperature, soil, and humidity conditions for the flowers that you choose to plant along the walkway.

This landscaping design is great if you frequently accommodate people who are prone to tripping and falling, like the elderly and kids. This is because flagstone has a slightly rough texture that helps to prevent slipping, even after rains.

Make sure that your lawn is clear, and it is empty before you start to place them. If you wish to hire professionals such as exterior designers, you can do so, and it would also depend on how long you wish the job to take.

On another note, adding this feature would increase the vibrancy and add value to your landscape in such a simple way, and you may also place some plants or flowers on either sides of your walkway.

2. Build a Retaining Wall

Build a Retaining Wall

What you need
  • Flagstones
  • Mortar
What it looks like
  • Place layers of flagstone on top of each other to create a wall
  • You can do this without mortar but if you want a more permanent structure, be sure to include it.
  • Can help to direct uncontrolled water when it rains
  • Effects such as soil erosion may be prevented by the wall
  • The wall can add a natural feel to spaces.
Specific care needs
  • Make sure the flagstone stacks are sturdy enough.
  • Dust off the stones to maintain a smarter look.

Make sure that the flagstone stacks that you make are not too tall, especially if you are not using mortar. This is because a taller retaining wall might fall over, thereby posing a possible danger to lives.

It’s also important to note that using mortar makes your landscaping project more expensive. However, the distinguished characteristic here would be to see the worth and the value of the retaining wall that you have set and issued, by placing these stones one on top of the other.

3. Add a Flagstone Deck Around Your Swimming Pool

Add a Flagstone Deck Around Your Swimming Pool

What you need
  • Swimming pool
  • Flagstone of preferred shape
What it looks like
  • The flagstone is laid such that it provides a lining for the immediate outside the pool.
  • Different shapes of the flagstone will create unique looks on the pool deck.
  • Flagstone pool deck has beautifying effects
  • Reduces chances of slipping as people play around the pool with wet feet
Specific care needs
  • Constantly clean up the deck.
  • If you have some plants placed on the deck, take care of their care requirements including temperature, soil, light, and water needs.

This landscaping style does not only work for pools only but any water features around your place. Interestingly, flagstone is relatively heat resistant so you don’t need to worry about burning your feet.

Another point to note is that flagstone is permeable, so you won’t have to deal with flooding water from the pool. The latter is a reason why a deck is important to add around your pool, it would also add a touch of uniqueness, and you could also have a choice of various shades in that you want these stones to be placed, whether lighter or darker ones. There are also some great landscaping ideas for your pool using river rocks.

4. Coat Your Firepit

Coat Your Firepit

What you need
  • Flagstone
  • Good outdoor space
What it looks like
  • Lay the flagstone on the floor where you want to set up your flagstone firepit
  • At the center of the floor, build a firepit that is lined by flagstone
  • You can even add a partial wall at the edges of the floor to shield the firepit from wind
  • Is a great way of decorating an outdoor living area
  • Design creates a vintage look with a natural touch
  • The created space can be used for hosting outdoor events, especially during nights
Specific care needs
  • Clean up the floor
  • Remove ashes after using the firepit
  • Constantly wash the space with water to prevent dust from accumulating

The rustic touch that flagstone adds to your outdoor space cannot be compared to any other. You can consider matching the color of the flagstone with that of the area around it so that you create a more seamless appearance.

However, it is also keen to remember that you should use fireproof landscaping material on the inside of the fire pit and only use your flagstone to line the outside. This design is great for your backyard, especially in colder evenings when you will be sitting around this pit, as the stones would stay warmer much longer. If you have a pool in your backyard then you should check out these Pool-Fire pit ideas!

5. Use Flagstones as Stepping Stones

Use Flagstones as Stepping Stones

What you need
  • Flagstone
  • River rock or pea gravel
  • Ground cover plants
What it looks like
  • The flagstone is spatially placed, with a couple of inches between them.
  • You can then fill in the spaces with river rock or pea gravel
  • The spaces between the flagstone can also be covered using ground cover plants.
  • Creates a path from one point to the next
  • If you use ground cover, weeds are less likely to be an issue
  • Design is less expensive because you don’t have to cover the whole pathway with the flagstone
Specific care needs
  • Remove dust from the flagstones
  • Always make sure that the pea gravel or river rock is compacted to maintain a neat appearance.
  • Maintain the ground cover plants if you choose to use them.

If you prefer a more modern look, you could consider using flagstone pavers. If you are a fan of the cottage style, irregular flagstones should be your best pick.

Stepping stones are reflective of the adventurous nature of their creator, and whether you wish to add more vibrancy and a touch of exotic feel, you can always add different plants around them. If you feel that this is you, then there is no harm in trying this landscaping method.

6. Flagstone in Borders

Flagstone in Borders

What you need
  • Flagstone
  • Mortar
  • Flowers
What it looks like
  • Flagstone is used to create a border around flower beds and other garden features, in a stylish manner
  • You can use mortar to reinforce the borders
  • Grow blooming flowers just behind the orders to bring out that gorgeous contrasting effect
  • Flagstone borders in flower beds prevents soil erosion
  • Long-lasting borders are created
Specific care needs
  • Replace any fallen flagstones to keep the appearance neat
  • Take care of the care requirements of the plants

A flagstone landscaping border helps to retain flowers, grass, or water, thereby creating a more polished look in your garden. You can use irregular flagstones if you are in love with a more rustic and wild appearance, and these borders would look like they are giving you direction. On the contrary, if you wish to add a modern look, then you should go for pavers.


Flagstone patios and a lot more designs are possible when landscaping with flagstone. Here are some reminders of the ones we talked about in this article:

  • You can create walkways using flagstone or even make stepping stones.
  • You can never go wrong with landscaping styles that incorporate natural stone pieces, especially if you know where and how to create exquisite designs with it.
  • You don’t want to create flagstone structures that will only jeopardize the looks of your spaces, just because you didn’t know what to do.
  • Retaining walls or another option that you can consider, with the ones that are shorter and mortarless being the less expensive.
  • The fact that flagstone is heat resistant, non-slippery, and permeable makes it one of the best choices for lining the outside of your pool or any other water feature.

Landscaping with flagstone is more than a decorating escapade, it’s fun. Find out where you can get your flagstone and give your home a new look!

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