Landscaping with golden mop cypress is awesome, as you get to plant your favorite cypress in your yard. While golden cypresses are beautiful, placing them in the wrong spot may not bring out their beauty well, so you need to get their spot right.

5 Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

You could even plant it as a standalone. To know how to use golden cypress shrubs for landscaping in your yard, read this article.

Some Ideas for Landscaping With Golden Mop Cypress

1. Plant a Standalone Golden Cypress

Plant a Standalone Golden Cypress

Best for
  • Large shrubs
  • First-time growers of gold mops
What you need
  • An individual plant
  • A cool spot in your yard
  • You can learn with one before growing many
  • The plant can serve as a means of direction
  • If the plant gets sick or dies, you need to start all over
  • The beauty of these shrubs shows better when you grow many individuals

One major reason people love to grow the Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘golden mop’ or gold mop cypress plant is because of the look of its leaves. These leaves are so unique, as they resemble the strands of mop heads. If you want to show the beauty of these mops in your landscape, dedicate a spot in your landscape to grow only one (or few) golden cypress plants.

Allow the plant to grow very large so that its beauty and size will be second to none in the landscape. Go for brightly colored shrubs so that the ‘gold’ in their name will be fully realized. You don’t need to prune the shrub. However, if you must, do so occasionally and not regularly.

2. Use the Gold mops as Decors for Trees

Use the Gold mops as Decors for Trees

Best for
  • Landscaping around tree roots
  • Shallow-rooted shrubs
What you need
  • A large tree
  • Soil above the tree roots
  • The shrubs will complement the beauty of your trees
  • You do not need extra space
  • When not done properly, all the plants will compete for nutrients
  • There are other plants more suitable for this purpose than cypresses

Do you have a large majestic tree in your yard? Let’s perform magic with your golden cypress shrubs. Create a border made of wood or stones around the trees and then pour compost and soil to cover the roots of the tree.

Preferably, make use of landscape fabric before adding soil. Also, make sure that there’s space between the fabric and the tree root’s crown so that the roots can have access to air.

When you get that space just below the tree, you can plant as many cypresses as you can. Plant false cypresses, dwarf golden mop cypress, and whatever shrub you can think of. These shrubs make very good decorations for trees in your yard, so make use of them to bring your landscape to life.

3. Plant Your Golden Mops With Companion Plants

Plant Your Golden Mops With Companion Plants

Best for
  • People who want a burst of colors in their yard
  • A landscape that needs more plants.
What you need
  • Gold mop shrub
  • Other types of shrubs
  • You get plants of different colors in your yard
  • You do not need to spend extra on nutrients
  • Some bad companion plants may compete with your cypresses for space
  • May also tap the nutrients from the soil

Of course, you can add your golden mops to your yard even though you have other shrubs. Golden mop cypress companion plants are everywhere, you only need to consider the USDA hardiness zone requirements of the plants and make sure that they match with that of your golden cypresses.

Remember to space the plants properly so that their roots do not compete for space. Also, always monitor the growth of your plants and prune them so that they all have the same size.

4. Maintain Small-Sized Golden Mops

Maintain Small Sized Golden Mops

Best for
  • Lovers of dwarf plants
  • People with limited space in their yard
What you need
  • Slow-growing shrubs
  • Dwarf shrubs
  • You can make a pathway with these shrubs
  • They can grow in little spaces across your yard
  • You may prune your shrubs more regularly than others
  • Pruning golden mop shrubs hide their beauty

While the beauty of golden mops and false cypress plants show well when they are large, you can try to keep them small so that you can use them for different purposes in your yard. For example, cypress chamaecyparis plants are good to make pathways, but they can grow into the road if you do not prune them often.

5. Use Your Golden Cypress as a Natural Fence

Use Your Golden Cypress as a Natural Fence

Best for
  • People who love privacy
  • Landscapes with hedge plants
What you need
  • Cypress shrubs that can tall and wide
  • The ideal growing conditions
  • You do not need an extra fence of golden cypress shrubs
  • When your cypress shrubs are mature, they block people and animals from entering or seeing your yard
  • You need to wait a long time before the plants will reach their mature heights and mature widths
  • The plants need extra pruning to stay in the ideal shape

To get the best out of your golden cypresses, grow them so that they can become large and you can make use of them as a screen or hedge plants. These plants make good plants for a fence, as their branches can easily intertwine with the branches of others to form a wall that won’t be easily penetrated by people and animals.

For your shrubs to serve this purpose, you need to take their care very seriously. Make sure that their growing zones match their requirements. Also, feed and water them often so that they can have optimal growth.


Now, you can easily place your evergreen shrubs in the right location.

Before you start planting, remember these points:

  • Some ways to use golden cypress shrubs for your landscape is by planting them with others, under a tree, as accent plants, or as standalone plants.
  • Golden mop cypress pruning is only important to maintain its size and not its shape, as the beauty of the plant comes when it looks scattered like a mop.
  • You can speed up your golden mop cypress growth rate when you grow it in the right zones as well as feed it regularly.
  • To maintain the little size of your shrubs, you should either grow dwarfs or prune them regularly.
  • If you want to grow these shrubs as screen plants, grow them close to each other and let them grow so that their branches can intertwine with others.

You are ready for landscaping with your shrubs. Remember to make use of the tips in this article. Check out some landscaping ideas you can do with Cypress trees.

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