Landscaping with sunflowers, or Helianthus Annuus can help you achieve a garden landscape that is amazingly eye-soothing. When it comes to using sunflowers as a decorative element in your yard, you have a wide variety of unique ideas to choose from.

16 Landscaping with Sunflowers Ideas to Enhance the Garden

After conducting extensive research, we have compiled a number of the most innovative sunflower garden ideas. This post gives a list of those ideas that we have shared with you for your convenience.

List of Landscaping with Sunflowers Ideas

1. Placing Dwarf Sunflowers

If you want sunflowers in your garden but don’t want them to tower over your house like skyscrapers, dwarf sunflowers are excellent plants for your small garden.

Placing Dwarf Sunflowers

They reach a height of around one foot at the most and can be planted in greater numbers. These tiny sunflowers are available in a wide range of colors, forms, and dimensions, making them an exceptional choice for use in cutting gardens.

– Suggested Varieties

There are different types of sunflowers that are dwarf ones which you can use to place your landscape and decorate with them, some of them are Elf Sunflower, Double Dandy Sunflower, Junior Sunflower, Firecracker Sunflower. You may even use Pacino Sunflower, Ms. Mars Sunflower, and Sun bright Supreme Sunflower in your landscape.

2. Make a Sunflower Hedge

The use of sunflowers to form a boundary around your home or a garden bed is an attractive and visually appealing option. Grow sunflowers of tall types if you want to obscure the view of your neighbors or keep your garden enclosed. It will appear stunning against the verdant backdrop of your backyard. Sun protection is another important function that a sunflower border can fulfill.

Make a Sunflower Hedge

– Suggested Varieties

To make a sunflower hedge, you can use Teddy Bear Sunflower, Strawberry Blonde Sunflower, Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower in order to make a very tidy and a beautiful one.

In addition, you can even use Sundance Kid Sunflower, Chianti Sunflower, Double Dandy Sunflower, Dwarf Double Sungold Sunflower, and Suntastic Sunflower because these would add a prominent feature to your landscape.

3. Grow a Maze of Sunflowers

A wonderful way to get ready for the warm summer and cool fall months is to cultivate your very own sunflower maze. To plan one, first, outline your maze using flour, and then plant the seeds in the appropriate spots. 

Grow a Maze of Sunflowers

– Planning Process

We suggest that you leave a distance of six inches between each seed you plant and that you scatter your flour on a day when there is no wind. You may even put some mulch on top of the seeds for keeping them from moving around, and then watch as they start to grow and take the shape of your maze.

– Suggested Varieties

In order to make this process very smooth, you can have some Sun forest Mix Sunflower, American Giant Sunflower, Italian White Sunflower because they would add a prefect feature. 

Nonetheless, to make the maze look attractive as you would add Russian Mammoth Sunflower, Skyscraper Sunflower, Red Torch Mexican Sunflower, Moulin Rouge Sunflower, and Earth Walker Sunflower because these would grow perfectly when arrange next to each other.

4. Make a Cutting Garden

Sunflowers are a beautiful addition to any flower arrangement or bouquet you might put together. Grow many of them in a cutting garden, so that you constantly have some available. In addition, you should select sunflower varieties that do not generate pollen because it is likely that they will enter your house with the wind.

Make a Cutting Garden

– Suggested Varieties

Some of the best options are Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, Autumn Beauty Sunflower, Red Torch Mexican Sunflower, Double Dandy Sunflower as a way to result in a very eye-catchy landscape with sunflower. You may even add Teddy Bear Sunflower, Chianti Sunflower, Jade Sunflower, and Buttercream Sunflower as an addition to your cutting garden.

5. Grow Branching Sunflowers

Branching sunflowers are wonderful because they lengthen the period during which sunflowers are in bloom. It is possible to pick some blossoms while leaving others unharvested. 

Grow Branching Sunflowers

– Benefits

As opposed to seeing new sunflowers blooms for only a few short weeks, you will be able to appreciate them for much longer periods. These towering sunflowers provide excellent coverage not just for themselves.

– Suggested Varieties

To make the batching blooms thrive, there are numbers of varieties of sunflowers that would do the job perfectly and some of them are Lemon Queen Sunflower, Rouge Royal Sunflower, Autumn Beauty Sunflower, Velvet Queen Sunflower. 

You may even place Sonja Sunflower, Ring of Fire Sunflower, Sundance Kid Sunflower, Soraya Sunflower, Gold Rush Sunflower, Chocolate Sunflower, and Apricot Daisy Sunflower because they would still give a perfect result.

6. Make a Photo Backdrop

It’s a very interesting experience to spend the day in the nearby sunflower field in many different states. People will travel great distances to capture photographs of the enormous flowers and to see their presence. 

Make a Photo Backdrop

– Benefits

When grown in a field, they produce beautiful vistas as a backdrop. If you want to have a beautiful sunflower backdrop in your backyard during the fall and late summer months, consider planting sunflowers and spacing them closer together.

– Suggested Varieties

Some of the best ones that you could add would be Solsation Flame Sunflower, SunBuzz Sunflower, Lemon Queen Sunflower, Rouge Royal Sunflower, Ring of Fire Sunflower. You may even add some Autumn Beauty Sunflower, Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, and Velvet Queen Sunflower because they would do great in accomplishing this task.

7. Create an Entranceway

Planting big sunflowers right next to the entryway is an excellent way to provide a welcoming first impression on visitors. Anyone who comes to visit is greeted with a smile and a warm glow from their presence.

Create an Entranceway

– Advantages

They are wonderful plants for growing next to a tall fence post and should be encouraged. If you need to secure the sunflower stalks to a stake, the fence post will provide support for the sunflower stalks.

– Suggested Varieties

The best flowers that would brighten up your entrance way would be the Buttercream Sunflower, Jade Sunflower, Double Dandy Sunflower, Elf Sunflower, Firecracker Sunflower, Junior Sunflower, and Little Becka Sunflower.

8. Decorate the Pathway

Plant tall sunflowers around the edges of your pathway if you have a vast land plot that you want to cover in vegetation. When you add these, they create a wonderful trail that is lined with brightly colored blossoms from late summer into the fall months, which would look amazing on your landscape. Along the pathway, plant a mixture of single stems and branching sunflowers to create a colorful and interesting variation.

Decorate the Pathway

– Suggested Varieties

The best variety that would decorate the pathway’s landscape would be the Sonja Sunflower, Soraya Sunflower, Chocolate Sunflower, Gold Rush Sunflower, Apricot Daisy Sunflower. Nonetheless, you may even try adding Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, and Red Torch Mexican Sunflower.

9. Construct a Sunflower Trellis

Planting sunflowers beneath a trellis made of wood can be a great sunflower garden decor. Instead of erecting the trellis in a vertical orientation, you can construct a design like a mesh by staking it or suspending it above the ground. 

Construct a Sunflower Trellis

– Advantage

The plants will eventually grow through the slots in the trellis, creating a wonderful garden show. The trellis is quite attractive to look at and can provide support for tall sunflowers.

– Suggested Varieties

The most prominent ones for this task should be the Pacino Sunflower, Ms. Mars Sunflower, American Giant Sunflower, Sunbright Supreme Sunflower, Skyscraper Sunflower.

However, if you add other varieties such as the Double Dandy Sunflower, Sundance Kid Sunflower, Sunforest Mix Sunflower, and Russian Mammoth Sunflower, again the task would be accomplished.

10. Plant Sunflowers in Pots

You can display the miniature sunflowers you’ve grown in pots on your deck or patio if you plant them there. They are an amazing sunny complement to any patio area and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Plant Sunflowers in Pots

These sunflowers are easy to grow; all they require is copious amounts of water after being planted. You can put your sunflowers in pots and then move the plants around as often as you wish.

– Suggested Varieties

The best ones that would grow in a pot would be the Sunfinity Sunflower, Dwarf Double Sungold Sunflower, Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, SunBuzz Sunflower. On the other hand, other ones that would be perfect would be the Suntastic Sunflower, Solsation Flame Sunflower, and Firecracker Sunflower.

11. Decorate the Backyard Wall Screen

Your backyard can benefit from having a little bit of extra seclusion. Sunflowers grown to a height suitable for screening can be planted along the perimeter of the backyard wall.

Decorate the Backyard Wall Screen

Plant the sunflower seeds along the wall at a distance of a few inches and continue to water them until they bloom. The giant sunflowers are the ideal plant to utilize as a windbreak along your garden fence because of their height.

– Suggested Varieties

You can decorate the with the Autumn Beauty Sunflower, Dwarf Double Sungold Sunflower, Suntastic Sunflower, or the Sunfinity Sunflower. Nonetheless, you can even add a different variety such as Solsation Flame Sunflower, Red Torch Mexican Sunflower, Sun-Buzz Sunflower, and Lemon Queen Sunflower.

12. Grow with Cucumbers

Since of its height and size, the sunflower is an excellent plant to combine with vegetables such as cucumbers because it can give the necessary shade for the cucumbers to flourish to their full potential.

Grow with Cucumbers

Additionally, they can serve as a trellis for the cucumber to climb up. Even more stunning is the fact that their leaves have a comparable tint, which provides the combination with an appearance of harmony.

– Suggested Varieties

You can try the Moulin Rouge Sunflower, Earthwalker Sunflower, Italian White Sunflower, to give you the best result. In addition you may even add the Sundance Kid Sunflower, Teddy Bear Sunflower, Double Dandy Sunflower, Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, Strawberry Blonde Sunflower, and Chianti Sunflower next to your cucumber.

13. Make a Bag of Sunflowers

The sunflower bag idea is a good one because the bag acts as a container, and it may be hung from any unused item you have lying about in your backyards, such as a bicycle, motorcycle, wheelbarrow, or even a cart.

Make a Bag of Sunflowers

You might also choose to refurbish the objects to make them more appealing to potential buyers. Both the sunflower seeds and the potting soil are contained in the bag.

– Suggested Varieties

The best flowers for your landscape regarding bag of sunflowers would be the Sundance Kid Sunflower, Chianti Sunflower, Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, and the Solsation Flame Sunflower. However, some would even add for bag sunflower the Suntastic Sunflower, Sunfinity Sunflower, Dwarf Double Sungold Sunflower, and SunBuzz Sunflower.

14. Construct a Meditation Zone

Do you know that you can use sunflowers to create a space in your garden where you can go to have some peace or meditate? You could choose to make a section of your backyard, or even the entire space, into a space dedicated to meditation. 

Construct a Meditation Zone

– Decorative Option

Planting huge sunflower plants around the space will help to separate it from the rest of the garden landscape. Be sure to leave a tiny opening, though, so that others can enter your sacred chamber.

– Suggested Varieties

The ones for meditation zones should have aunique characteristic, and those would be the American Giant Sunflower, Russian Mammoth Sunflower, Skyscraper Sunflower, Sunforest Mix Sunflower, and the Earth-walker Sunflower.

15. Cultivate with Fairy Garden Flower

Fans of fairy gardens need not feel left out because the sunflower plant is adaptable enough to thrive in miniature fairy pots.

Cultivate with Fairy Garden Flower

It is a great plant to provide shade in your fairy garden. In addition to that, the brilliant yellow flowers help the garden stand out. You have the option of planting dwarf sunflowers or sunflowers of a more moderate size, depending on the fairy garden size.

– Suggested Varieties 

For a fairy garden you will need the Double Dandy Sunflower, Firecracker Sunflower, Elf Sunflower, Little Becka Sunflower, Junior Sunflower, Pacino Sunflower, Ms. Mars Sunflower, and Sunbright Supreme Sunflower.

The reason to plant these flowers is that they would grow so gracefully and thrive, giving your garden a cottage feel.

16. Mix with Backyard Plants

It is not usually necessary to develop a specific plan for each sunflower plant. If you have an attractive garden in your backyard, planting sunflowers there won’t create any more mess for you to clean up.

Mix with Backyard Plants

Sunflower plants can be readily integrated into the garden that you already have in your backyard because they don’t necessitate a specific type of soil to blossom.

– Suggested Varieties of Sunflowers

You can always use the Gold Rush Sunflower, Chocolate Sunflower, Sunrich Summer Provence Sunflower, Apricot Daisy Sunflower, so that would mix with other backyard plants, as these are ones that would enjoy the company of other plants. In addition, you may also add the Red Torch Mexican Sunflower, Jade Sunflower, and Buttercream Sunflower.


Sunflowers are an excellent plant for attracting butterflies to your yard, and they are also very simple to cultivate.

In our list of landscaping with sunflowers ideas, we have provided some thoughtful ideas for your yard, for example: 

  • You can make a trellis of sunflowers for enhancing your yard’s beauty.
  • You can grow branching sunflowers to have flowers all year round.
  • You can cultivate sunflowers with other flowers to create a decorative scenario.

The presence of sunflowers in your garden will enliven an otherwise uninteresting area. Let us know which of our ideas you liked the most.

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