Las Vegas backyard landscaping ideas homeowners in this region spend a lot of time on backyard design because of the dry climate.

22 Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

They ensure their backyards remain vibrant all year round by using sustainable ideas such as drought-resistant plants, rocky designs, and some water fountains. Here are some of the ideas that can inspire you to create a sight-stealing backyard

Full List of Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

1. Dry Riverbed

You can show some appreciation of the area’s climate by mimicking it with a dry riverbed. Use pebbles, stones, and wood chips to create water paths and some bridges to signify a river path, only that it will lack water.

Dry Riverbed Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

After you are done with creating the water path, use gravel or pebbles on the path to creating an adorable dry water bed. This desert landscaping approach will give you an authentic feel of this city.

2. Artificial Turf

Since the Las Vegas landscape is dry, maintaining natural grass can be hard. Think about standing in the hot sun, watering and patching areas where grass has not grown.

Artificial Turf Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Artificial turf can give you that green and natural look you find on natural grass. Turf installation is fast and does not demand a lot of care and maintenance, which means no standing for prolonged periods in the hot sun.

Use pebbles or pavements to create walkways on the artificial grass to create a more natural look. You can also plant some succulents on the sides for a showy finish.

3. Fire Pits

Most Las Vegas backyards only have one fire pit. You can make yours more dramatic by having three or four. They make your backyard look spacious and socially welcoming. As the city becomes lively at night, you can light your fire pits and enjoy social gatherings with your loved ones.

Fire Pits Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

You can use bollards or up/down lights for this area to help light it when you feel the light from the fire pits is not enough. The lights also make the area aesthetically appealing.

4. Water Features

Create a therapeutic and natural scene by incorporating water features in your backyard. Fountains, ponds, artificial waterfalls, and pools are some ideas you can use.

Water Features in Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Place these features strategically in your backyard to create a focal point. Because of the area’s dry climate, this feature will likely attract different bird species and insects for some refreshments. The birds and insects make the place more appealing, mimicking the natural water sources.

5. Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces provide a relaxing area in the warm climate. Build a covered room in your backyard to provide protection from the hot climate, and add suspended beds. Include an outdoor kitchen to help you deal with hunger and a fridge to ensure you have cold drinks to keep you hydrated.

Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas Outdoor Living Spaces

Use quality and comfortable materials to ensure you enjoy your relaxing time without having to move a lot for a comfortable position.

Colorful throw pillows and coverings help create a cheerful mood and a sharp focus on this part of your Vegas backyard.

6. Use Local Plants

Using plants not native to Las Vegas can cause frustration since most cannot adapt to the conditions. Instead, use plants that are native to the area, such as bottle brush, sage, aloe, and yucca.

Locan Plants in Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Create a wild environment by planting these plants in thick bundles at short intervals.

7. Use Rock Art

Rock art is an excellent landscaping idea that does not make you incur ridiculous expenses on your backyard. Add fun to your backyard by creating patterns with different rock sizes and accenting them with colors from things like chalk.

Use Rock Art in Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Rock art can be simple or complicated, depending on your art skills. Distributing some boulders gives your backyard a bold focus.

8. A Garden Oasis

Las Vegas backyard landscaping costs can be as high or cheap, depending on the features you choose. Most deserts have an oasis where people and animals can rest and refresh. You can create a garden oasis, which is a mind-blowing creation.

A Garden Oasis Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The modern landscape Las Vegas consists of a water feature, raked gravel/sand, and a relaxing sitting space.

The landscape design is ideal when you have some big trees in your backyard that provide shade.

9. Use Ground Covers

Ground covers are excellent low-maintenance substitutes for grass. They are live plants that thrive in desert-like conditions. Usually, they do not grow tall and instead crawl to cover the ground, hence their name.

Use Ground Covers In Las Vegas Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Since these covers are live, you need some input to your lawn care to ensure they spread wide. Watering, pest control, and feeding them with some fertilizer are some of the maintenance requirements.

Ground covers keep your backyard looking vibrant since they do not succumb to the city’s hot heat. You can use ground covers, including carpet sedum, creeping thyme, and blue catmint.

10. Have Some Shady Trees

When you have a spacious backyard in Vegas, do not allow it to sit idle. Instead, convert it into a relaxing haven by planting a few huge trees that can provide shade. A shady backyard can provide a therapeutic environment that you enjoy relaxing on as you enjoy the views.

Have Some Shady Trees in Las Vegas Backyard

Decorate the space by planting some succulents to avoid having bare land. You can be more dramatic by adding a water feature, such as a fountain, to create a beautiful transition.

11. Have a Swimming Pool

Pool and landscape design Las Vegas is one of the best ideas in this region. Since the climate is hot, you will have many ideal times for a swim.

Las Vegas Backyard Swimming Pool

Include a decorative stone path that leads to the pool and some boulders around the swimming pool. You can use this area for meditation or full-body workouts such as jumping jacks, leg shoots, water arm lifts, and back wall glides.

12. Create a Cactus Garden

A cacti garden is a classic and economical yard landscaping idea. The Cactus is a desert plant and is not demanding in terms of maintenance. This approach involves preparing a colorful foundation using colored pebbles, where you plant the cacti.

Create a Cactus Garden in Your Yard

Plant the cacti scattered to allow other additional features in your backyard. After some time, you can add some sculptures or wood art. These add some colorful and showy detail to your backyard.

13. Design with Pot Planting

Plant succulent plants in pots and place them strategically in your backyard. You can be creative by using stone pots instead of the usual clay ones. Mix different succulents and plant them in varying sizes.

Design with Pot Planting in Las Vegas Residence

When using stone pots, you can vary them in sizes, too, from short to tall and narrow to wide ones.

14. Design with Creative Lighting

Backyard landscape lighting can make this space look safe and welcoming. Choose contemporary lights such as spotlights or floodlights. These come in different colors, and you can choose those that complement your theme.

Design Backyard with Creative Lighting

For low power consumption, choose LED lights.

15. Mix Up

Bring all your creativity to your Las Vegas backyard outdoor space. Instead of limiting yourself to planting succulents or decorating with rock art, you can have a bit of everything. Have a dry stream to create an illusion of a water feature while combining it with live ground cover.

Stones in Las Vegas Backyard Landscape

Use stone pavements to create walking pathways and plant some dessert plants to create a striking focal point. Plant a huge tree or two to create a cool, shady space for relaxing.

16. Zen Garden

Since this dry city in the US is pretty flat, you can ask your landscape contractor to create a Zen garden. It is a contemporary landscape design that combines different elements to achieve the ultimate look.

Zen Garden as a Backyard Idea

The backyard is adorned by transforming it from a flat area to a multi-leveled one. A mix of a water feature, stepping stones, grass, a retaining wall, raised gardens, and rocks are used.

17. Entertainment Space

Bring the city vibe to your backyard. As the city is known as an entertainment hub, you can choose to entertain your guests in your backyard. A swimming pool, elevated grounds, fire pits, and a good sound system make a fantastic entertainment combo.

Entertainment Space in a Home

Colored lighting can help create the entertainment theme for night functions, like nightclubs in the city.

18. Create an English Cottage

The dessert landscaping approach insists on planting succulents since they are resistant to the harsh climate. When creating an English cottage, the focus is on general aesthetics. A few variegated succulents, combining them with flowering plants.

English Cottage in a Backyard

The design also features some flagstones and bricks to create a complete vibe. Blend the plants, bricks, and flagstone to achieve a perfect English cottage.

19. Use Palm Trees

Create an exotic dessert feel by planting palm trees in your backyard. These do well in harsh climatic conditions, and their huge, green leaves provide good shade. The dark green color of the leaves creates a beautiful accent on your yard.

Palm Trees in Home Backyard

Consider planting palm trees in different height variations. You can use the base of these trees as relaxing spaces by fixing hammocks under their shades.

20. Mulch Your Plant Beds

Although mulching is used for preventing water from evaporating and weed control, you can use it as a landscaping idea for your backyard. Pine straws, wood chips, and artificial mulching materials such as gravel and rubber nuggets are common for this purpose.

Mulching Your Plant Beds

Mulch your plant beds with any of these materials for an aesthetically appealing backyard. For the organic mulch (pine straw and wood chips), you will need to replace them to maintain their elegance since they deteriorate with time.

21. Create a Playground

Create a playground for your kids and enjoy a beautiful view with pebbles, sloped stairs, and xeriscape plants. Have a huge tree planted in the center of the playground. The kids can play on the escalating stairs and use the tree as the winning point.

Create a Playground for Las Vegas Backyard

With a connected patio to this backyard, you can conveniently watch the kids as they play while enjoying a cold drink.

22. Create a Stone Garden

Create a stone garden in your backyard and adorn it with sparsely planting dessert-friendly plants. This design is ideal for home lovers who love dull colors for their yards.

Create a Stone Garden Landscaping Idea

Be dramatic by creating stone steps to usher you into your patio. Use decorative lighting, such as hanging lights, to bring out the finesse of your backyard during the night.


Las Vegas backyard landscaping ideas take a special approach due to the nature of the region’s climate. However, homeowners have mastered several landscaping designs to ensure their backyards never look dull. 

Regardless of your budget, you can transform your backyard in Las Vegas by creating a playground, and swimming pool, planting local plants, or using ground covers. These ideas are easy to implement, and if you are not a DIY enthusiast, you can choose Las Vegas landscaping packages from professional providers.

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