Lawn mower cutting unevenly is an issue that can leave your place looking a little weird and not as neat as it should be. This can frustrate homeowners, especially if they don’t know the causes or how to fix the issues.

Lawn Mower Cutting Unevenly

Let’s take a look at all the possible reasons first and then discover their appropriate solutions.

What Are The Causes of Uneven Cuts from Your Lawn Mower

The causes of uneven cuts from your lawn mower are worn or dull blades, incorrect tire pressure, bent blades, or a clogged deck with grass. Also, due to the deck not being leveled, having an uneven spindle, or the belt may be in bad shape or at low speed.

If you see any strips of uncut grass, stair-step type cutting, or visibly uneven lawn cuts, you have to check your mower. While you may have invested in a good lawnmower, you probably didn’t expect to see these results.

There are several reasons why your riding lawn mower is acting up, and when you check these reasons, it is best to fix them and have a neat lawn again.

– Worn or Dull Lawn Mower Blade

The blade and your mower’s deck are designed to create strong air movement. Under the deck, a suction causes grass to lift for the blades to make precise cuts.

Aside from lifting grass, the suction also draws in the surrounding dirt. Swirling dirt found in your mower deck can gradually cause mower blades to become worn or dull, and it can cause the blades to become weaker, and they wouldn’t perform optimally any longer.

– Incorrect Riding Mower Tire Pressure

You’ll need to check the tire pressure of your mower. Sometimes, something as simple as low tire pressure can cause the mower deck to become unbalanced, and this unbalanced structure would impact productivity and functionality.

Under this condition, your mower can become titled, even during active operation. As a result, cut lawn grass becomes unattractive with uneven cuts, some parts would be left halfway cut, and others would be normally cut.

– Bent Riding Lawn Mower Blades

When the mower blade becomes bent, it can cause your lawnmower to cut grass in odd and uneven patterns. The blade can get bent when it comes into contact with solid objects, such as rocks, tree roots, and even garden decorations, or even when you are moving it and the grounds are quite bumpy.

Hard solid objects can easily bend the blades out of shape, leading to uneven cuts and strange grass patterns.

– Blades are Unbalanced or Incorrectly Installed

When the blades inside your lawnmower are not installed correctly, they can end up unbalanced. This could be due to using the wrong hardware or using it in an upside-down manner.

Sometimes, the blades themselves are unbalanced due to factory defects, and you should look into this matter. Either way, it pays to check your blades to determine if they are correctly installed or well-balanced.

– Riding Lawnmower Deck is Clogged with Grass

Sometimes, the suction inside the deck vacuums up the surrounding grass. Under his condition, the thick tangle of grass obstructs the airflow. Aside from grass, the airflow can be restricted by dirt and other garden debris that can reduce airflow. Consequently, this can cause your mower to cut grass unevenly, and the performance would weaken just by this issue.

– Mower Deck is Not Leveled

A mower deck that does not sit level with the rest of the equipment will give your lawn uneven cuts. Sometimes, it’s not instantly obvious that the deck is uneven. Each mower model has specific leveling procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

To determine if the deck is level, following the procedures in the owner’s manual is best, because it should be fully leveled, or else the machine will be damaged.

– Mower Spindle Bearing is Uneven or the Spindle is Bent

The spindle bearing or the spindle itself can get bent and lead to your mower cutting unevenly. Several reasons for this condition include impact with hard objects, wear and tear, rust and corrosion, and improper installation.

Causes of Uneven Cuts from Lawn Mower

Additionally, overloading the mower can cause extra stress on the spindle, bending it out of shape, the spindle is one of the key features of the mower as a whole, and if it is bent, you will feel it boldly.

– Mower Deck Belts or Pulleys Are in Bad Shape

When your mower belts or pulleys are worn, cracked, stretched, or shredded, they can cause uneven cuts on your lawn. The most noticeable characteristic of problematic belts or pulleys is their glazed appearance.

On another note, the pulleys will be unable to grip worn belts correctly and spin them at usually high speeds, resulting in uneven mower cuts.

– Mower Engine Speed is Too Low

Speed affects the quality of the cuts that your lawn receives. This is due to the speed of the blades cutting through the grass.

When the person doing the chore is using the machine and going at a slow place, stopping, the cut will not be a clean one, because the blades will cut one part more than the other. In short, when it is too slow, it may end up causing irregular cut patterns on your lawn.

– Mower Speed is Too High

On the opposite spectrum, having your mower speed set too high can result in irregular grass patterns on your lawn. The high speed can sometimes yank up grasses at random, creating uneven cuts, because think about it in the sense that the cut was not accomplished in every part with the same speed.

Most of the time, this happens when the speed is at high settings and cutting through thick, tall, or wet patches of grass.

– Overlapping Or Intermittent Mowing Spaces

There are times when homeowners rush to cut their lawns, which can result in some strips of lawn becoming untrimmed, leaving the place looking crooked. To compensate, homeowners sometimes overlap their mowing spaces, taking more time.

When the mowing paths are too wide or incorrectly overlapped, some strips of grass can be left on the lawn and leave you with uneven cuts.

– Damaged Mower Deck Shell

The deck shell can sometimes get damaged upon contact with structures, such as fences, posts, trees, or buildings. If your lawn mower has experienced this, you may need to check the deck shell.

Sometimes, a damaged or uneven deck shell can cause your lawn to get an uneven cut throughout the whole lawn.

– Uneven Lawn Surfaces

When your mower has a wide format, it can scalp off sections of your lawn especially when its surface is uneven. Wide lawn mowers can be difficult to maneuver around small dips and upraised patches of land.

In uneven yard surfaces and mowing with a wide deck, you may end up with a lawn with an uneven cut, this is due to having a bumpy lawn in the first place, that the machine is not giving it the cut that it needs.

What Are Solutions To Prevent Lawns from an Uneven Cut?

The solutions to prevent lawns from an uneven cut are examine and sharpen or replace the blades, inspect and maintain the tire pressure, and check the bent blades. Clear the deck, regulate the level, and check the spindle, belt, or pulley. Also, cut at the right speed and pace.

– Check, Sharpen, or Replace Your Mower Blade

There is no prevention when it comes to blades becoming worn from age or use. Rather, you should always check your blades. If you know how to sharpen them, do so. But if they are beyond repair, it may be time to replace them, so that they would work in an efficient way.

– Inspect and Maintain Correct Tire Pressure

Check the tire pressure as indicated on the tire side wall. Keeping the correct tire pressure can lessen unnecessary adjustments later on. Plus, it can guarantee a smoother and even cut for your lawn, so that it would move in the right manner when it is being pushed.

– Check for Bent Blades

To check for any damage to your mower spindle, it’s best to take some safety precautions. First, ensure the mower doesn’t accidentally start by removing the ignition key and unplugging the spark plug.

In addition to this, make sure that you always put on thick work gloves when working with sharp objects, such as your mower’s cutting blade.

– Install Mower Blades Correctly

Always use the correct hardware when installing the blades and mount the components in the correct order. This will result in blades that are balanced and secure. A blade balancer tool can prevent your spindles and engine from damage, and you can do this on your own, or call a professional to help you.

– Clear Deck Regularly

When dirt and debris tend to collect on parts of your lawn mower, you need to clean these areas more often. Aside from regular cleaning, avoid cutting wet grass as they typically clump. To prevent things from sticking to the deck, apply some silicone or Teflon spray, and the matter will be fixed.

– Check the Deck Level

Some mower models have required equal measurements; on the other hand, others require the front of the deck to sit slightly lower compared to the rear.

Solutions To Prevent Lawns from an Uneven Cut

When in doubt, check your owner’s manual or as recommended by the manufacturer, and level your deck so that it wouldn’t cause any trouble.

– Inspect for Spindle Damage

Grab your mower blade by both ends and rock it up and down. If there is any noticeable knocking noise or extra movement, then you’ll need to disassemble your spindle housing to check for damage.

Once you have the housing open, make the required repairs, and the spindle will be fixed or repaired if it is completely damaged.

– Examine the Belt or Pulleys

Glazed belts are indications of damage while bad pulleys resist or create noise when turned manually. Most likely, the bearing has gone bad, and these parts should be replaced with new ones as soon as possible; you can replace them and get a new one, but if the matter needs adjustment, you can work through it as well.

– Cut at the Right Speed

Keep your engine setting at the correct speed. Place it at the correct setting to prevent irregular cuts at slow speed or uneven cuts at high speed. Don’t slow down, and don’t speed up either, just make sure that you cover the whole lawn with a uniform motion.

It can sometimes take practice to figure out the best spacing for each mowing path. If you do this, you can end up with the best cut for your lawn while saving time.

– Inquire for Repairs or Replacement

Where possible, repair your deck. However, some decks are beyond repair. As a result, you should think about replacing it, because it is the best option. Inquire with your local mower dealership for the best deals. Make sure to get the most accurate figures to reduce hidden costs.

– Level Your Lawn

You can use various gardening tools to level uneven lawns, which is why you should level the lawn neatly. These can include rakes, shovels, and lawn rollers. Once your lawn is level and your mower is optimal, you’ll have a more even mower cut.

Checking for Bent Blades


Having an evenly cut lawn is a homeowner’s pride and joy. There are many reasons why a lawn can end up with uneven mower cutting, but fortunately, we have covered the solutions. Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

  • If the cause of uneven cuts on your lawn is your lawnmower, you’ll need to check its components for damages or incorrect installation.
  • Always use protective gear, equipment, and clothing when working with parts of your mower.
  • When the cause of irregular grass cuttings is due to uneven lawn surfaces, you’ll need to even out your lawn.

Unevenly cut lawns will no longer be an issue now that you know the reasons and their corresponding solutions. These tips and tricks will help you get the best lawn!

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