The Lawnmaster CLBL6015A promises power unlike any other with its ingeniously combined technology and features, all the while staying ridiculously affordable. There is no better bang for your buck than this unique axial blower.Lawnmaster Clbl6015a

So make sure to read through our review to understand its true potential and decide whether it is the best choice for you.

All the Main Features, Specifications, and Technical Information

Lawnmaster CLBL6015A Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
The cordless design prevents accidental unplugging and offers limitless mobility
Variable speed control for greater control and precision of airflow
Cruise control option - no need to hold down the speed trigger while operating
Quiet operation - no need for earplugs
Relatively heavier at 32.6 lbs
Does not offer multiple functions like vacuuming and mulching

Based on our observations, this cordless leaf blower is designed with the common man in mind, as it is perfectly compatible with the needs of homeowners who are on the hunt for a day-to-day blower that performs brilliantly in every aspect. Here is a full list of all the features and specs of this lithium-ion cordless axial blower

  • 60 V max lithium-ion battery
  • Maximum air speed of 110 mph
  • A maximum air volume of 440 cfm
  • Cordless blower 
  • Variable speed control
  • Cruise control
  • Quiet operation
  • High-velocity nozzle included
  • 0 Ah battery included
  • Standard charger included
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Eco-friendly – no gas, no fuels, no carbon emissions
  • 4-year limited warranty on the tool
  • 2-year limited warranty on the battery and charger
  • Ergonomically balanced design to improve comfort during operation

A Detailed Review Covering the Lawnmaster CLBL6015A

  • Number of functions: 8/10
  • Weight: 8/10
  • Airflow: 9.5/10
  • Number of airflow settings: 10/10

As this is quite a lengthy review, we thought it would be helpful to give you a quick rundown of how the blower performs over four relevant categories. After putting it to the test, we give it a score of 8/10 for the number of functions, another 8/10 for weight, a 9.5/10 for airflow, and a perfect 10/10 for the number of airflow settings due to its variable air speed controls.

As indicated by our tests, overall this lithium-ion cordless leaf blower is a wonderful option for homeowners in need of a capable device to carry out all the monotonous and taxing lawn tasks. With so many incredible developments under its belt, you know your investment is in the right hands when trusting the CLBL6015A.


Additionally, another cool thing is that you receive all the accessories alongside your actual blower, like the batteries, the charger, and the high-velocity nozzle tube. This is unlike other blowers for which you need to purchase these parts separately, which is quite inconvenient. With this Lawnmaster blower, you are ready to go with minimal assembly.

Alongside the blower, you also receive the operator’s manual / manual del operador, an extremely illuminating guide on how to work your blower. It breaks everything down into easy-to-understand steps so that you can follow along without any confusion. It also highlights proper care and assembly for your blower which, fortunately, requires minimal maintenance.Lawnmaster Clbl6015a Nozzle Tube

Lawnmaster is a professional and proficient manufacturer in the power tools industry. They have worked on and created some top-of-the-line products such as the Humminbird Lakemaster Premium.

Both of these are some of the best water depth, fish finding, and water level understanding products out there. Additionally, they have made headway with other products too such as the Da-Lite Lancaster.

If you are having trouble finding the correct Lawnmaster tool, make sure to input the battery model number / el número la batería es and charger model number / modelo del cargador es alongside your search to further lead you. For example, search for the ‘Lawnmaster CLBL6015A, 60V 2.0 Ah.’

– How Has the Lawnmaster CLBL6015A Evolved?

The Lawnmaster has evolved by undergoing several evolutionary changes over the years to help master its overall performance. These improvements have been in the areas of fan technology, improved ergonomics, and convenient design. This blower also comes with useful accessories and is easy to self maintain.Evolution of Lawnmaster Clbl6015a

First, they introduced axial fan technology. This modern technology helps the blower achieve greater wind speeds and air volumes than those ever possible before. With this new technology, the CLBL6015A boasts a maximum air speed of up to 110 mph and an air volume of 440 cfm. These two impressive measurements together help the user achieve greater heights with their blowers, as you can do a lot more with a lot less effort.

Second, we have improved balance and ergonomics. Lawnmaster put in efforts to master and hone in on the device’s ergonomics. The new and improved ergonomically designed structure helps to keep the blower balanced when at rest and in use. This also helps to reduce the operator’s fatigue by fighting off the strain other blowers cause on the muscles and joints after prolonged use.

Third, we have a cordless design. This newly added feature helps to give limitless mobility with no restrictions whatsoever on movement. Additionally, it also improves the overall experience, as now you will not have to worry about accidentally unplugging your device while in use or tripping over the wires while driving the blower around.

Next, let us compare the Lawnmaster CLBL6015A to another famous blower, the Worx WG514. To start with, the Worx goes nowhere near the Lawnmaster in terms of airspeed. Where the Worx produces air speeds up to 70 mph, the Lawnmaster tops this at 110 mph. This means the Lawnmaster should be your go-to if you are looking for a powerful blower.

Secondly, the Worx only has two-speed settings and no cruise control option, whereas the Lawnmaster has several speed settings and cruise control settings for each of those speeds. Thus the Lawnmaster is the better option in terms of control over airflow and being able to set your speed (and lock it in) for prolonged use.

Lastly, Worx offers a three-year warranty on the device. However, Lawnmaster is offering you a four-year warranty on the tool with an additional two-year on the battery, giving you more time to try out the product and see if everything works well.


Further Examination of the Stand-Out Features

– Axial Fan Technology

This high-tech fan offers air speeds that go up to 110 mph and an air volume of 440 cfm. This produces enough power to accommodate even the most challenging tasks and makes for the perfect everyday blower to quickly work through piles of leaves and debris with ease.Lawnmaster Clbl6015a Fan Technology

– Variable Speed Control

The CLBL6015A offers numerous settings for air speeds, including a boost mode that lets you control and get the perfect airspeed for your intended task. You can choose to use boost mode for more difficult areas and use a less intense speed on less challenging areas to conserve the battery power.

– Cruise Control

This blower comes installed with a highly functional cruise control mechanism, which lets you lock in airspeed and use it without having to hold down the speed trigger. This makes for a more comfortable and consistent operation and also prevents hand cramping and user fatigue.Cruise Control of Lawnmaster Blower

– Quiet Operation

The CLBL6015A produces noise levels that are within neighborhood regulations, so it does not require any earplugs while in use. This makes it an ideal choice for users with sensitive ears and concerns about raising neighborhood noise levels.

– High-Velocity Nozzle Tube

Among the Lawnmaster attachments is the attachable nozzle that comes along with the blower. This helps to accelerate airspeed as well as direct it more efficiently. It also helps you get into any tight and faraway spots which otherwise might go undealt with.



As you can see, it does not get much better than the Lawnmaster CLBL6015A when it comes to leaf blowers. It tactfully combines all the most relevant and essential features to produce a highly capable and reliable blower that is up to the task. With this Lawnmaster blower, you can say goodbye to all your other semi-par lawn tools, because this is the only one you need to master your lawn maintenance skills.

We have found, from using this product, that this blower is an ideal choice for homeowners with smaller to medium-sized lawns who need a blower to handle more demanding tasks. We recommend it as our top choice pick for those in need of an easy-to-use, powerful, and durable device. We hope this review has been helpful to you in making your decision on whether this is the blower for you.

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