Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB features a blower tube mounted on a backpack for comfort with a variable speed functionality making it easy to maneuver and clear out the yard.

Powerful Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB Blower Review

In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into the capabilities of this leaf blower and tell you what we learned about its reliability, advantages, and drawbacks and who can benefit most from buying one of these tools.

Pros Cons
Strong engine Very loud
Padded backrest Difficult to start sometimes
Long battery life

Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB Highlights

The throttle of the 175 MPH, 470 CFM PB-755SH no-pull backpack is mounted on the hip for maximum comfortability and is popular for its ability to clear large amounts of yard debris with less strain on the user.

The blower comes with an electric push-button start and a concentrated nozzle to target airspeed at a pile of leaves and even pebbles at high speed.

  • 31cc two-cycle gas engine
  • 7.2 volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • No pull, electric start button
  • Variable-speed and cruise control
  • Anti-vibration mount
  • Automatic choke
  • Three-year warranty 

Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB Key Features Review

Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Strong engine
Padded backrest
Long battery life
Very loud
Difficult to start sometimes

While the Lawnmaster 2-cycle backpack blower does not have the best speed on the market, it does hold its own regarding efficiency and functionality compared to some other models on the market, like other variations of backpack blower. This is because it has a functionality of no other, and it is simply one a powerful one.

If you plan to use this blower for everyday gardening, even with large yards, the blower is a very effective option. Its variable speed function allows you to adjust the speed based on the task. What you should know is that it can blast off the dirt from your yard and pathways, from lightweight materials like leaves to heavier materials like pebbles and pine needles, because it has the strength to do so.

The Lawnmaster blower has a powerful motor sure to impress with its incredible air speed and volume. It gives you a solid blast of air with astounding top air speeds of up to 175 mph and a maximum air volume of 470 CFM. Moreover, the noise that it makes is 73 dB, which is a bit loud, but if you think about the strength and the power that it supplies, it is a great purchase.

Its variable speed and cruise control are located right at arm’s length, making it easy to direct and target airspeed to specific points in the yard. The strong air blast coming out of the tube and good angle rotation gives you more control over airflow needed for various tasks.

The Lawnmaster blower does not need multiple pulls to kick start the machine, which makes it easy for anyone to use, from all age groups. With the push of a button, the blower gets to work on your lawn. 

The electric push button controls it seamlessly, and you can engage or disengage the cruise control, which maintains the airspeed at its current setting, by flipping a switch. It can easily tackle simple and difficult landscaping projects. It can efficiently handle tasks like picking up light leaves and blowing away small dirt clumps.

These backpack blowers weigh approximately 18.5 pounds, which is a medium load, however, remember that you are going to wear it on your back. Considering that this covers the backpack, engine, battery, and extended nozzle, it is still an acceptable weight. The ergonomic design of the blower, with dimensions 61 x 19.6 x 19.6 inches, balances perfectly on the body with a padded ventilated harness around the shoulders. 

It will be seated comfortably on the hip with the aid of padded straps, and also have it mind that the manufacturing company has thought it through, and as a result they made it as a backpack device, and not as a hand held one. If you are used to the handheld leaf blower models, then there are better matches like the Poulan Pro than this blower due to its size. It remains a top choice for large-scale yard maintenance activities and high-powered tasks.

One amazing feature of this Lawnmaster blower is that it is both gas and battery-powered, which gives it a competitive advantage over other models, especially the gas-powered only models like the Echo backpack leaf blower. It is more environmentally friendly and easy to use any day and anytime. 

The power and reliability of the 31cc two-cycle engine and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery make it perfect for your routine yard tasks. On the other hand, the battery is small with limited power delivery. You will have to have a fully charged battery for optimal runtime. The blower easily makes up for the limitation since you can also run the blower on gas, and this is why it has a fuel capacity of 950ml with a fuel-to-oil ratio of 40:1, which would add to the load you are carrying. 

On the other hand, the battery requires four to six hours for a full charge. One thing to note is that the blower does get heavier with a full tank which adds some extra weight. So yes, the weight can be a drawback for people who want something lightweight to work within their yards.

How Has The Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB Evolved?

The Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB has evolved from the previous model the NPTBL26A by having a bigger engine, which used to be 26 cc, but now it is 31cc, which means that the latest model is one that has a stronger power, and a better force. 

Leaf Blower with Powerful Air Speed

This product easily combines battery and fuel in one super-efficient model which places it at an advantage above other strictly gas-powered models. Its relatively high air speed and volume make it perfect for commercial landscape projects and large yard maintenance tasks. 


Features Breakdown

– Engine

The 2-cycle gas engine requires a fuel-oil mixture that is precisely mixed in the correct ratio for optimal performance. For the Lawnmaster blower, a ratio of 40:1 fuel-to-oil ratio is most advised. The blower also functions well with a rechargeable battery. 

This is the reason why you can use the rechargeable option if you do not want to use gas fuel to power the machine, and still the functionality will be smooth. The engine fires up automatically and delivers the much-needed airspeed every time, but then when it starts to work, the productivity is great. 

Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB Feature Breakdown

Even with the engine and battery, it is not heavier than other models with similar features. It fits great and is very comfortable. The two-stroke push button start is perfect when you need to turn the blower off, get some quick work done, and then, with a push of a button, turn the engine back on and get to work like you never left with little to no delay. 

Remember that a full tank also earns you two and a half hours of run time so that you can clear off your tasks in one go. On another note, the blower has all its vital parts well assembled with none getting in the way of the other during use.

– Air Flow

The Lawnmaster model product features a blower with top air speeds of up to 175 mph and a maximum air volume of 450 CFM. With the blast of air from the nozzle, you can direct it to blow off leaves, dirt piles, and small stones, when you consider this feature, it means that the durability that the machine because it will not be affected when different particles come in.

The flexible tubing at the top of the blower tube gives you more control over the air direction, and this would help the air flow. It is designed for most outdoor jobs, and its power and reliability make it the perfect tool for clearing large areas quickly. One more great leaf blower that will help you to clean large areas is the Toro Ultra Plus Blower VAC 51621.

– Ergonomics and Weight

The Lawnmaster blower parts, including the engine and the blower, balance perfectly on the waist thanks to the padded ventilated harness. The harness acts as a form of insulation for the engine vibrations, effectively decreasing the stress on the operator and resulting in a much more comfortable user experience. 

Ergonomics and Weight of Lawnmaster NPTBL31AB

Moreover, it also comes with some strapping, as the straps on the Lawnmaster are adjustable, and users can adjust the strap length to fit their height and convenience. This is a benefit because you have comfort placed on your back, while you work for an extended time, getting the chores done and tidying up the yard. 

It is designed with an anti-vibration mount that eases the tension and vibration from the engine while the blower is in action. The location and controls make it less work to point the blast of air and keep the flow going with minimal effort.

– Warranty

This blower has a three-year limited tool warranty and two-year battery and charger limited warranty. It makes the blower an excellent value option, because this is an excellent indicator that the durability and the quality of the machine is a great one. 

However, accessing the warranty on your product takes a bit of time. The company is not very responsive, especially when it is not a direct purchase. The process of accessing the warranty can also get a bit complicated so do well to check their policies, terms, and conditions.



This Lawnmaster is one of the best gas leaf blower 2020. This review outlines the blower’s most important characteristics, technical details, benefits, drawbacks, and downsides. There are complaints that the no-pull push button start fails to function after extended use. 

What you can do is to check the manual for all the help you need to find your way around the blower. Thanks to its multiple power option, quick start, and maneuverability, it is a great option for anyone with a yard maintenance routine. We also suggest checking out the Makita XBU04PTV leaf blower by reading our detailed review.

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