lawnmower wont turn off is a worry that a lot of farmers need help with this issue. There are several reasons for this, such as problems with the switch that starts the mower, a clogged filter for air, or issues with the fuel system.

Lawnmower Wont Turn Off

For the smooth running of the mower, it’s important to understand what is causing it, which means regular maintenance and fixing problems quickly can help the mower work well and last longer.

Read this article to find out the causes and solutions to this problem.

Why Won’t The Lawnmower Turn Off?

The lawnmower won’t turn off because of malfunctioning of the ignition switch, moreover, it can also be due to an issue with the air filer clogged. Lastly, this would also happen due to having an issue with the fuel system. 

Some possible causes include a malfunctioning switch for ignition, a clogged filter for air, or a problem with the fuel system, this is why the machine would start giving you a hard time when you are done with the work and wish to turn it off.

It’s also possible that there is an issue with the engine or electrical system preventing the mower from shutting down. Basically, many reasons can contribute to scratching your head and ultimately lead to you worrying about how to turn off a lawn mower, and when you know it clearly, it is an easy fix. 

– Malfunctioning Ignition Switch

A malfunctioning ignition switch is a common cause of a mower not turning off. The switch acts as the control center for the mower’s electrical system, this is how it would permit the operator to start and stop the engine by turning a key or pushing a button. On the other hand, if the switch is not properly working, it may fail to complete the circuit when the operator tries to turn off the mower, resulting in the engine continuing to run.

Additionally, if the switch is worn out or damaged, it may not make a solid connection with the circuit, causing the mower to run intermittently or turn off, this is when the switch is not functioning quite well, and can be due to many reasons. The latter would include dirt, moisture, or other contaminants can also get into the switch, interfering with its operation and causing it to malfunction.

– Clogged Air Filter

A clogged filter can cause a lawn mower engine to run rich, meaning it has an excess of fuel and not enough air. This can cause the engine to become hot, produce a lot of exhaust, and misfire or stall. When the engine stalls, the operator may try to turn off the mower, but if the filter is still clogged, the engine may run poorly or even restart itself, because the air filter isn’t running on a smooth or a regular basis that it should. 

Lawnmower Wont Turn Off Causes

Additionally, a clogged filter can cause long-term damage to the engine if it’s not addressed. The engine requires a proper air-to-fuel ratio to operate correctly, and a clogged filter can upset this balance. This can result in increased wear and tear on the engine’s parts, reduced fuel efficiency, and a shorter lifespan for the mower.

Basically, it is recommended to check the filter every 50 hours of operation or at least once per season and to replace it if it’s dirty or damaged. The reason for this is that the air filter is what keeps the machine running at a proper pace, and it would aid in better functionality and durability. When this part is damaged, then the machine will have the lack of power to shut off.

Clean or replace the filter as needed to ensure the engine receives the proper air for optimal performance and longevity. If you need help checking or replacing the filter, consult the owner’s manual or a professional for guidance.

– An Issue With the Fuel System

A problem with the fuel system can cause a lawn mower engine to run unevenly or stall, making it difficult to turn off. For example, if the fuel tank is empty or the fuel line is clogged, the engine may not receive enough fuel to run properly, causing it to stall. Similarly, a dirty or clogged carburetor can prevent the engine from getting the proper air-to-fuel mixture, causing it to run poorly or stall.

On another note, remember that fuel starvation, or a lack of fuel reaching the engine, can cause the engine to run poorly or stall. This can occur if the fuel line or filter is clogged, or the fuel pump needs to be fixed. In any of these cases, the engine may run poorly or stall, making it difficult to turn off the mower.

It’s also important to note that using old or contaminated fuel can cause problems with the fuel system and lead to a lawn mower not turning off. But when this happens over a prolonged period of time, gasoline can break down and become contaminated with dirt, water, or other substances that can clog the carburetor, fuel lines, or fuel filter.

Remember that you must be sure and aim to regularly check the fuel system and replace or clean parts as needed. Keep the fuel tank clean and filled with fresh gasoline, and replace the filter for fuel and spark plugs regularly. If you need help with how to diagnose or repair a fuel system problem, consult a professional for guidance.

How To Fix a Lawn Mower That Won’t Shut Off?

To turn the lawnmower off, make sure you would bail the level of the machine, or if it is a corded one, you can try to plug the wire out. Moreover, you can also try to pull the gas tap out and the machine would turn off. 

– Bail The Lever

The bail lever on a lawn mower serves as an emergency shut-off mechanism. To use it, grasp the lever and pull it towards the mower’s handle; in this case, you would see that this action will immediately cause the engine to shut off.

After using the bail lever, release it back to its original position, and it will stop running. If your lawn mower has a fuel valve, turn it off to prevent fuel from flowing into the carburetor while the engine is off.

On another note, if you wish to restart the engine, turn the fuel valve back on and pull the starter rope, and this would be quite simple a tactic to perform. It is important to note that the bail lever should only be used in an emergency or when stepping away from the mower.

– Plug The Wire

A spark plug helps in starting the engine, because it sends a spark, or an electrical charge, to the engine. This spark ignites the fuel, which makes the engine run, but when you have a corded machine, simply, you can release it from the source that gives it power, and the machine will turn off.

Fix a Lawn Mower That Wont Shut Off

When you remove the wire, you disconnect the electrical current that goes to the spark plug, acting as a kill switch. Without this electrical current, the spark plug can’t send a spark, and the fuel can’t ignite. This means the engine can’t run so it will stop. 

In simple terms, removing the spark plug wire stops the flow of electricity that starts the engine. However, it is important to note that it will move toward you if you still need to secure the mower, to keep all harm away from taking place.

– Pull The Gas Tap

The gas tap, also known as a fuel valve or petcock, is a valve that controls the flow of gasoline from the fuel tank to the carburetor in a mower engine. To turn off the mower, it is necessary first to locate the gas tap near the fuel tank, either on the side or bottom of the tank. It is usually a small lever or knob that can be turned to different positions. 

Before turning off the gas tap, ensure the engine is not running. This can be done by either pulling the throttle lever to the “Off” position or turning the ignition key to the “Off” position. The gas tap typically has three positions: “On,” “Reserve,” and “Off.” What you must do now is to turn the gas tap to the “Off” position to stop the flow of gasoline to the engine; basically, this will cause the engine to shut down.

After turning the gas tap off, store the lawn mower in a safe place, such as a garage or shed. This will help protect the engine and other parts from weather and other environmental factors. It’s important to note that when turning the gas tap to the “Off” position, some residual fuel may still be present in the carburetor and fuel lines. 

This residual fuel can evaporate over time, causing stale gasoline to accumulate in the carburetor, which can cause poor running of the engine or for it not to start at all. It is recommended to run the lawn mower until it runs out of fuel or to add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline in the fuel tank.

Turning on Lawnmower Easily


When the lawnmower won’t turn off, it is a hassle because the task has been completed, but the machine is still running.

So, when a mower won’t turn off, there are several potential problems that could be the cause, and here is what we covered: 

  • These problems range from issues with the fuel system, such as a clogged carburetor or a faulty fuel valve, to issues with the electrical system, such as a faulty switch for ignition or even a dead battery.
  • To solve these problems, it is important to thoroughly inspect the mower, including checking the fuel and oil levels, any clogs or leaks in the fuel system, and the battery and electrical connections.
  • If the problem remains, it may be necessary to seek the help of a professional mechanic or lawn mower repair service.
  • You can always try to pull the plug, or switch off the gas tap, and this would be a simple way of turning it off.

Now, you know to take these steps and address any underlying issues to ensure that your mower will turn off smoothly and reliably each time you use it.

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