Leca for plants is a trick for so many gardeners to grow their plants free from dehydration and suffocation problems. Leca pellets are beneficial to so many plants, so read this article to learn all you need to grow plants with them.

Stack of leca

What Is Leca?

Leca for plants is an acronym for lightweight expanded clay aggregate, it is made of clay pebbles. It is used instead of soil to grow plants, especially in hydroponics settings. While leca is not a new type of substrate, it continues to excite gardeners to grow crops magically using leca.

How To Grow Plants in Leca Growing Medium: An Easy Guide

Follow the easy steps below to grow your plants in leca:

– Needed Tools

The items that you need to grow your plants in leca is the substrate itself. You will need a plant-safe Acidic or Basic Solute, plants have different pH requirements, so you may need to alter the pH to match the needs of your plant.

Some hydroponics fertilizer, you need water-soluble fertilizer just like those used for hydroponics plants. Furthermore, a monitor for pH, you may need to buy a pH monitor so that you can monitor the water pH.

Net pot, which will keep your leca as well as your plants in this pot. Outer pot, which will be the pot in which you will keep water and fertilizer that the clay pebbles will absorb. Lastly, you need your Plant, which can be any plant of your choice is good enough.

– Prepare the Pots and Substrate

Begin by filling a third of the net pot with leca, note that you may need to add fewer clay pellets