Louisiana landscaping ideas list will be handy if you are going to redesign your yard and give it a new look. Your yard should reflect your personality and style while giving your visitors a remarkable first impression.

12 Louisiana Landscaping Ideas Plants Selection and Decor

Before you start digging, building, and raking, here are ideas that will inspire you to know how best to revamp your yard.

List of Trending Louisiana Landscaping Ideas

1. Focus on an Immersive Garden

Experimental gardening is trending, and most homeowners focus on the environment, kitchen, and wildlife gardens. You can use this theme to feature in your landscape design.

Focus on an Immersive Garden

The idea here is to create a natural appeal by incorporating natural and landscaping materials with rich raw textures and natural colors to highlight the beauty of nature’s imperfect look. It’s a great idea to give your landscape a natural and simple look.

2. Recreate Your Outdoor Happy Place

Your outdoor space can be recreated to become your happy place if only you know how to use Louisiana landscaping ideas to your advantage.

Imagine spending time with your friends and family in the perfect spot beautifully designed to your liking. It’s possible to recreate your outdoor space to provide you with an environment where you can sit and enjoy a hearty conversation with people you care about.

Recreate Your Outdoor Happy Place

When recreating your outdoor happy place, aim to eliminate common landscape happiness obstacles, including noise, traffic, odors, sun, privacy, and the wind. It’s also important to focus on having a lawn that requires little maintenance. 

Your lawn shouldn’t be something that drains energy from you. Instead, it should be your happy place. A spot where you feel connected to nature. Think of this spot as your meditation area, so it should feature everything that gives you a conducive environment to relax.

3. Design With Conifers

Coniferous plants are a great addition to your outdoor living space. The diversity of these plants can enliven your compound. For a more pleasing look in your yard, ensure you incorporate different colors, shapes, and sizes of conifers. The last thing you need is a boring or too busy lawn. So, it’s important to find the right balance of the coniferous plants.

Conifers also work best in small spaces since it creates a greenery illusion. For instance, for a rock garden, you can use dwarf conifers to create an exotic miniature garden. Add a splash of color to your landscape by bringing in various colors of conifers.

Design With Conifers

There are various colors to choose from, including silver, dark green, blue, and more. Pick a color that suits your taste to ensure it leaves a soothing effect every time you walk on your lawn.

You can also layer your Louisiana landscape description using conifers of varying heights. You can plant tall conifers next to shorter ones, but they shouldn’t be too close since this might lead to irregular growth patterns. Give the conifers ample spacing for the best layout.

4. Fill Out the Grass

Natural grass on your lawn can give your landscape a uniform and pleasing feel. This landscaping idea is quite simple; all you need to do is plant grass in areas that need it. Before rototilling your landscape, determine the type of grass that grows well in your area.

Fill Out the Grass

Doing this ensures you invest wisely in the right grass to revamp your landscape. If your grass isn’t growing well and you want to maintain it, consider planting a new type of grass that suits your environment.

Keeping your grass green all year long is important since it gives your home a cooling effect. It’s also worth noting that green grass is known to purify the air. Therefore, the small space can provide you with tons of added benefits besides making your home beautiful. 

5. Build a Stone Pathway

In line with the idea of filling out the grass on your landscape, why not build a simple stone pathway after planting grass?

A stone pathway is a simple landscape design with a rustic charm. While you can do this independently, it’s strongly recommended that you work with a Louisiana landscape specialty. 

Build a Stone Pathway

Working with the experts guarantees the stones are fitted in position and balanced evenly throughout. Landscaping professionals can also help you settle for ideal stone types that suit your aesthetic goals.

6. Plant Perennials

Climate change is no longer new; most homeowners are environmentally conscious when landscaping their homes.

Embracing the beauty of drought-tolerant plants can ensure you enhance your home’s curb appeal with plants that require minimal care. Planting perennials can save you money in the long run. 

Plant Perennials

The best shrubs for Louisiana landscaping include oakleaf hydrangea, sweet olive, azaleas, butterfly bush, Chinese holly, and more. Keep in mind that these shrubs perform well in distinct environments. Therefore, it’s crucial that you plant the right plants in your garden.

7. Grow Flowers Around Trees

Flowers are known to have a soothing effect. Dressing your front yard with flowers is the perfect way to make your home welcoming.

If the first impression is something to go by, growing flowers around trees will give your yard a radiant look and feel. Of course, you want to go for flowers that don’t require extensive care and are not prone to pests. 

Grow Flowers Around Trees

The best plants for flower beds in Louisiana include petunias, daisies, dahlia, zinnia, tulips, and daffodils. These flowers require little maintenance and are the right choice to give color to your yard. 

Your choice of flowers depends on your taste and preference. However, when choosing specific flowers, consider whether they grow well in your area. You don’t want to waste your time and energy planting flowers only to realize later they are prone to pests or can’t survive harsh weather conditions.

8. Landscape With Potted Plants

Pots, half barrels, and tubs with vibrant flowers add appeal to any landscape. If space is an issue in your landscape, container gardening is worth the try. The best thing about landscaping with potted plants is that you can conveniently position the plants to suit your landscaping design.

Apart from color, potted plants create a focal point in your yard and can tie with your architecture. Whether you choose to hang these plants or arrange them along your pathways, they are a great addition to your landscape. Container gardening also gives you the flexibility of decorating your home as you wish.

Landscape With Potted Plants

You can work with different container sizes, colors, and shapes. Some of the best outdoor plants Louisiana that do well for your Louisiana landscaping ideas are ornamental grass, bacopa, licorice plant, thyme, new guinea impatiens, and more.

Irrespective of the type of containers you choose, proper drainage is essential. Poor drainage leads to waterlogging, and plants might die.

9. Winding Pathways

Winding pathways can give your small spaces an illusion of being larger. You can use this space-expanding idea for your landscape design.

Winding Pathways

If there are elongated live oaks in your surrounding, you can plant smaller plants in the foreground. The aim is to expand your small space without necessarily moving anything.

This landscaping idea also gives your yard a classic look. Remember to plant perennials on these pathways to brighten these spaces.

10. Think Differently When Choosing Topiary

Topiary refers to the art of clipping trees or shrubs into ornamental shapes. Most people are accustomed to the usual shapes like spirals, cones, and globes. Why not try out something different in your yard?

Think Differently When Choosing Topiary

While these traditional shapes fit perfectly for any landscape, trying something new is a great way to give your environment a unique look.

Distinctive topiary can leave a statement and define your personality. Instead of settling for the norm, you can opt for topiaries featuring furniture shapes, fences, animal shapes, etc. Put your creativity to work here and give your yard a personal touch.

11. Rock Garden

Just like plants and flowers are appreciated in your garden, a rock garden should feel the same way.

This landscaping idea can add dimension and depth to any boring space. The best part is that it requires little maintenance to keep it in good condition. This landscaping idea will transform your yard into beautiful scenery when paired with colorful flowers.

Rock Garden

However, it’s important to realize that creating a rock garden isn’t just about putting stones and plants together. Each component to feature in your rock garden should be carefully selected and arranged in a way that creates an aesthetic appeal.

So, focus on choosing the right rocks and pick a style that works for you. More importantly, blend the rocks with the right plants. Choose plants that grow in rocky areas like stonecrop, lavender, coneflower, black-eyed Susan, etc.

12. Light up the Yard

Once you’ve incorporated the best Louisiana landscaping ideas into your home, you can light it up. Lighting your yard is a simple trick to brighten your outdoor space. You’ll enjoy spending time in your yard, especially if you have an outdoor dining space. Lighting your front yard also helps to prevent intruders from invading your private space.

Light up the Yard

The position of the sources of light should be taken into consideration. You also need to think about external lighting from neighboring properties and street lights since these can affect the light that gets to your home in the evening. 

The materials used for your yard lighting will significantly impact the design or aesthetic appeal you wish to achieve. What’s more, this will also determine how much you’ll spend on installing these lighting fixtures.


Landscaping your yard is all about creativity and working to ensure that your front yard space defines your personality. With these Louisiana landscaping ideas, you can revamp your yard to give it a more inviting look.

Remember, it’s all about simplicity and cohesion, so don’t overdo it. Always consider a landscaping idea that suits your lifestyle to guarantee you can maintain its look all year long.

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