Low budget backyard deck ideas are simple ways you can use to create an outstanding area with some decoration ideas. It can be a great way to add value to your home and provide a space for outdoor entertaining.

Low Budget Backyard Deck Ideas

Plenty of low-budget backyard patio ideas can help create a beautiful outdoor space without breaking the bank. Let’s look at some of the most budget-friendly options for building a backyard deck.

A List of Low Budget Backyard Deck Ideas

1. Repurpose Pallets

Repurpose Pallets

  • Easily accessible at affordable rates
  • Requires little creativity
  • Sought from industries or shipping companies
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Environmental friendly due to repurposing
  • Easy customization for your specific backyard
  • Not as durable as other materials
  • More time-consuming to lay them down
  • Limited design options compared to other materials
Price estimation 
  • Can cost between 1000 and $1600
  • Depends on size, your location and availability of materials

Using repurposed pallets is one of the ways you can build your deck at an affordable rate. You can watch many videos on the internet to help you make this idea come true. 

These pallets are a great idea if you have a small backyard that you would like to bring to life. To top it up, you can paint the finished deck with your favorite color, as pallets take some color very well.

On the other hand, if you also think about it, they are also very easy to assemble, and when you adjust them well, you will see how this such an environmentally friendly material. 

2. Wooden Deck

Wooden Deck

  • Perfect for small and big backyard spaces
  • A comfy spot to host, grill, and enjoy drinks
  • Made into different designs as per personal preference
  • Provides ample space
  • Can be helpful in different events, small and big 
  • Will last a long time
  • Could be costly if you have a large backyard deck
  • Too much time for deck plan and setting it up
Price estimation 
  • Can cost between $1500 and $3000
  • Depends on type of wood, size of yard, design, and location

Wood is beautiful, especially when it’s well-laid and polished. It is attractive and brings a sense of class and luxury. A wooden deck is one of the standard decks you will come across in many backyards.

You can host a small gathering, and you can even have a Sunday picnic when the weather is sunny and bright, butt make sure that you get to invest in the durable wood, so that no harsh weather would harm it.

This is because it is affordable and can last you many years before you redo it again, and the range of price can vary according to the choice of material that you are willing to invest in.

On the other hand, you should also think of this as a value that you can add, which would transform the area to a beautiful place to chill and enjoy family grills. It also acts as a stunning area to host guests and lets them get the fresh air as they chat the day or evening away.

3. Add a Patio Umbrella

Add a Patio Umbrella

  • Made of durable outdoor material
  • Large enough to cover the size of your patio deck
  • Readily available on online and other stores
  • Easy to assemble and put together
  • Provides a variety of colors and shapes
  • Provide shade without leaving you hot
  • The base might not be included
  • May be heavy to lift or tilt
  • May lack UV protection
Price estimation 
  • Costs as low as $60 to $500
  • Depends on the material, UV protection, base, etc.

If you have been desiring to cover your small backyard or pool deck but have been afraid of the cost, you can do it at an affordable rate. A high-quality umbrella with UV protection will serve the same purpose as the roof. It is essential to do your research first before investing in this umbrella, so you get to learn the right features to look for.

In addition, the price can range too, whether you want a big one to cover a great portion of the deck or a smaller one, together with the quality of the umbrella and the material used to have it made. On the other hand, this is a great investment you can make to add a beautiful umbrella in your deck, and you can also choose the pattern of the cover that you would be investing in. 

4. Add a Backyard Fire Pit

Add a Backyard Fire Pit

  • Best for concrete patio, brick patio, or gravel patio
  • An easy DIY fire pit or a low cost portable one
  • Include some outdoor furniture for a complete look
  • A comfortable area to unwind after a long day
  • Ideal for enjoying outdoor living with a fire pit 
  • Allows you to enjoy outdoors all year round
  • Could make the patio too congested if it’s tiny 
  • Unsafe if the patio is roofed
Price estimation 
  • Cost from $60 to $1000
  • Depends on the make, style, size, where you buy, etc

A fire pit is a perfect patio or garden accessory you cannot afford to miss out on. It will change your whole outdoor evening experience through all the seasons. There are many different designs to decide from, whether you want a fire table, fire bowl, camping fire pit, gravel dug pit, etc. 

In addition, if you decide to go with a bigger budget, you can always select from various materials, including clay, steel, cast iron, or stone. These are a great choice, because you can try to fill it with different types of wood to fire it up when the evening gets a little chilly, or you can also fill it up with wood and not light it, as a simple backyard design. 

5. Go for a Ground-level Deck

Go for a Groundlevel Deck

  • Also known as floating deck or platform deck
  • Built close to the ground level
  • Less risky to access as they don’t require ladders or railings
  • Costs lower than an elevated desk
  • Accessible for all ages and the disabled ones too
  • Slopy areas do not support floating decks
  • Wood gets destroyed faster than in raised decks 
  • Will need preserved wood, which might be expensive
Price estimation 
  • Cost from as low as $2000 to $3000
  • Depends on the type of wood, the size of the deck, etc.

Ground decks are easier to build compared to raised ones. If your ground is plain and does not require too much work before setting up the deck, you can invest in this idea. This would be a great area where you can have some relaxing time, or even turning to a little eating area, where you can place an outdoor rug even on the ground to make it look more cozy. 

This deck is not attached to the house, so it’s easy to design it large or smaller, depending on the space available. You can also build up a rail that can be secured and stabilized with wood, as its purpose it to have the ability to roll a wheelchair up, in short, accessibility for the disabled.

6. Go for Composite Decking

Go for Composite Decking

  • Made from recycled wood fibers and plastic
  • Smooth surface
  • Ready-made without the need for paint
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Uses recycled material
  • Available in a variety of styles and colors
  • More expensive than ordinary wood
  • Not natural as wood
Price estimation 
  • Ranges from $2000 to $4000. 
  • Depending on the size of the patio, style, etc.

Composite materials have increasingly grown in popularity recently as they are an alternative to wood. They are made of recycled wood fiber and recycled plastic and are firm enough to create multiple outdoor items.

This is a great choice, if you think about it, because you can step on it barefoot as well as aim to exercise on the deck, too. To clean this type of deck, spray it with soap and gently scrub it with a soft brush. Spray using a low-pressure hose pipe with clean water to rinse the soap off.

Rinse thoroughly to ensure no soap residue remains, as it will leave a film over the decking surface. These are durable and they look so tidy and clean, unlike a wooden one which wouldn’t always look so neat. 

7. Build a Multi-level Deck

Build a Multilevel Deck

  • Expands your outdoor living space
  • Allows addition of other amenities, dining sets or fire pits
  • Different levels for a variety of activities
  • Provides a large area for outdoor activities
  • Allows you to make the most of a small backyard
  • More than one activity takes place at the same time
  • More expensive to build
  • Complex requiring professional assistance
  • Requires more structural support using more material
Price estimation 
  • Cost as low as $1500 to $4000
  • Depends on the choice of materials, size, how many levels

Multi-level decks are standard for those looking for multiple functionalities in their backyard. However, it may not be suitable for all backyard spaces or budgets. It is best to consult with a professional contractor to ensure that the multi-level deck is designed and built to the correct specifications and style.

You can dedicate each one to a different purpose, and this would look beautiful because it is somehow featuring a structure that would look very cozy. For instance, you can set the upper layer more like a dining area with a big table and some chairs, but the lower area can have a couch, or patio furniture and some soft pillows, where it is dedicated to relaxing and a hang-out area. 

8. Add Some Decor Stuff

Add Some Decor Stuff

  • Decorative pieces pimp your space
  • Don’t have to be costly to be ideal
  • Include different accessories
  • Easy to collect the pieces
  • Affordable
  • Easy to find mostly in the thrift market
  • Too much time to find unique pieces
  • May not get matching pieces
Price estimation 
  • Cost for as low as $20 to $200
  • Depends on where and what pieces to buy

Decorative pieces make your deck space shine, and feel unique from the cliche of what is often seen. They don’t have to be expensive and can range from tiny bits to big pieces. They can include throw pillows, flower vases, wall hangings, paintings, or any other interesting decor pieces.

You can thrift some unique pieces that will stand out. You can also hang some lightbulbs that would just add a decorative touch, or try to invest in a nice rug, or little statues, too. 

9. Go the DIY Way

Go the DIY Way

  • DIY is easy and friendly
  • Every material needed is readily available
  • A lot of recycling included in DIY
  • Easy to assemble allowing you to customize as you wish
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Adds immeasurable value
  • Limited design options compared to hiring professional help
  • Level of skill may be a challenge for some homeowners
  • Limited warranty options
Price estimation 
  • Cost as low as $1000 to $2000
  • Depends on materials used, sourcing, location, etc

A DIY deck is easy to make. However, sometimes it will need you to purchase DIY kit to help you figure out. It is a great option for those looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-build solution for their backyard, but it may not be suitable for all backyard spaces or personal preferences. 

This would always be a good idea to consult with a professional or refer to the instructions and guidelines provided in the kit before starting the project to ensure that the deck gets designed and built to your specifications and to code.

However, it may limit your choices, but on the contrary, when you invest your time in a significant piece, you would see that the value is more, because as you look at it every time, you’d have pride in the piece. 

10. Get Creative With Lighting

Get Creative With Lighting

  • Lights always freshen up a space
  • Different types of light are good
  • Brightens up the space
  • Adds a special touch
  • Could get in the way
  • Lights are expensive
Price estimation 
  • Costs from $500 to $1000
  • Depends on type, size, and where you buy

Lighting has always been used to spice up spaces. Adding light is an easy and cheap way to freshen up a space. You can hang the lights as a centerpiece or place them in some corner or at a stair. You can bring in lanterns or go for chandeliers if you own a covered deck, although it is a cheap backyard decoration, but it adds such a nice touch. 

The lights will work at night to give you that soft ambiance you would like to experience. When you try to add some string lights from one end to the other, they add such a delightful touch to your backyard, moreover, you can also try to add them around the edges of the deck, or around the wall of your house. 

11. Add an Outdoor Rug

Add an Outdoor Rug

  • Simple items that liven up spaces
  • Adds warmth to the space
  • Covers up unattractive floor
  • Rags are affordable
  • Colorful selections to choose from
  • Different sizes available
  • Need constant cleaning
  • If not well maintained, can be a source of germs
Price estimation 
  • Range from as low as $100 to $1000
  • Depends on the size, its condition, and where to buy

If your patio has an unattractive concrete floor, buying a rag is an excellent idea to freshen up the space. Not only will it cover the faults, but it will bring a newness to your space.

When you try this idea, remember that it would create a space you can just sit or lie down with a small pillow to support your head. Rags are just adorable, think about the unique touch that it would add to your deck, it will surely look different.


Low-budget backyard deck ideas on a budget are as many as the list above. It is easy to get your space to lighten up using different designs and items. A couple of points to remember include.

  • Always use the most affordable items or deck ideas that fit your budget, as there are many ideas you can work with.
  • Before choosing any ideas, understand your backyard’s size, shape, and contour to help you get a workable plan.
  • In case you cannot come up with a solution, you can always consult a professional to help you with your deck idea, but it will cost you more than if you did it alone.
  • Our favorite go-to ideas include adding an umbrella to the patio, adding lights, or getting a floating deck.

A small effort goes a long way in ensuring your deck is spiced up. What are your favorite deck ideas you would love to try? Let us know in the comments.

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