Makita EB5300WH is an integral part of a well-thought-out yard care kit, which is as important for a homeowner as having a vacuum to clean the inside of your house.

To impress every passerby and leave all your neighbors awestruck, you must ensure that your yards and driveway are just as pristine as the rest of your home, and there is no better way to do this than with the EB5300WH.Makita EB5300WH

Today, we have brought you an in-depth Makita EB5300WH review of the same which checks off all the points on your list and ensures that you end up with a blower that is a perfect match for you. Keep reading to know more about it with the right details.

The Stand-out Features of Makita EB5300WH

Makita EB5300WH Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Lightweight body
Easy to start
Easy to maneuver
Cord may limit the amount of area covered
Not a lot of airspeed options

The Makita EB5300WH leaf blower has a variety of unique specs that ensure that the customer remains comfortable and satisfied with this device’s overall output. This powerful blower works pleasantly and powerfully and is the ultimate choice for many gardeners due to its up-to-date features.

  • Mechanical automatic engine
  • Shoulder straps engineered with multiple adjustments
  • Tool-less handle adjustment
  • 5 cc (2.5 HP) MM4 commercial-duty engine
  • Gas powered
  • Powerful fuel-efficient engine
  • Large-capacity air filter
  • Sound pressure of 70 dB
  • 7 lbs lightweight body
  • Replaceable air filters
  • 4 stroke engine blower
  • 516 cfm air volume
  • 184 mph air speed
  • Fuel tank capacity of 60.9 oz

Makita EB5300WH Review

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  • Number of functions 9.5/10
  • Weight 9.8/10
  • Airflow 8.9/10
  • Number of airflow settings 8.1/10

Makita is a big name in the world of cordless tools, as it manufactures some of the best and most beloved products used in many households, including the EB5300WH. So, when we talk about the brand, you need not worry as it has a fan following that reassures you about its high-quality and multi-purpose products that help you efficiently complete your task.


Makita ensures that they give you a wide variety of functions that remain relevant to the main purpose of the EB5300WH and the current standards but are also easy to wrap your head around. Drawing from the list provided earlier and after some tests, we rate the number of functions provided in the blower as 9.5 out of 10.

In short, you would notice that this feature, in particular, is a special one that would be handy because it also has a special characteristic which is having a mulching feature, as this would help you in so many ways.

The very first and most important function that takes the spotlight in this list is the highly strong 4-stroke engine hip throttle backpack blower. It has a 52.5 cc displacement that allows swift and efficient work and gives leniency in the effort you put into getting yard work done. So you achieve your tasks in less time while conserving energy instead of completely tiring the operator.

Weight is the other topmost feature of the EB5300WH, after the power it holds, contributing to the rise of purchase of this outdoor appliance. The 19.7 lbs blower stands apart from many others because it keeps up with its quality and does not compromise on satisfying the user while being one of the lightest options in the market.

And in this category, it easily receives a 9.8 out of 10. You would see that the backpack blower is sitting on your shoulders, and so you can also adjust the straps if needed, and this way, it would help to move as the weight is help with your back muscle.

The Makita EB5300WH comes with 516 cfm air volume, which indicates that the blower has considerable air passing through it, leading to quick leaf picking and discarding. Add to that the 184 mph air speed at the nozzle and you most likely have your work done faster with this than any of the others you may be considering, earning it an 8.9 out of 10 in the airflow department.

When talking about the number of airflow settings, this blower maxes out at 516 cfm, making it a highly powerful choice, earning it another 8.1 out of 10.


– How Has the Makita EB5300WH Evolved?

Makita EB5300WH has evolved by having less weight than the previous model, and also, it produces less noise than the previous one also. You should know that it requires less fuel, and this is why it would be less powerful.Makita EB5300WH Evolution

According to our keen knowledge of all the blowers we have tested, it can be concluded that this blower brings tough competition in the market not just by its intensive list of features that awe customers all day but also its concrete focus on ensuring that it provides the best quality and efficient use to its users.

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If we compare the Makita EB5300WH blower to the Makita EB5300TH, we notice that there is not any difference between these two, starting from the similar names to the matching list of features and advantages in the blower. The one thing that sets these two apart is that the EB5300TH has a tube throttle while the other does not.

The Makita EB7660TH is also often put against this blower; in comparison, we conclude that the Makita backpack blower EB7660TH is more powerful with a 76.5 cc engine and is also lighter while also creating fewer vibrations. However, its noise level, 76 dB, is higher than the EB5300WH’s 70dB.

Another blower that our team has chosen for comparison is the Makita BHX2500CA, which is a 24.55 cc handheld blower. This blower is more lightweight than the EB5300WH; however, when it comes to power and capacity, that is where it needs to improve.

It only has a 17.7 oz fuel capacity whereas the EB5300WH has a 60.9 oz capacity. Moreover, it also has a lower air speed of 145 mph compared to the EB5300WH’s 184 mph.

The Top Features of This Backpack Blower

– Lightweight

Weighing in at only 19.7 lbs, the EB5300WH is a lightweight blower that offers you the utmost comfort during long and tiring hours of yard work. Not only this lightweight makes it easier to maneuver and steer, but it also ensures easy storage through its compact fold. You can easily store it in winter, and it would not be a burden.Makita EB5300WH Weight

– Long Warranty

If the brand claims to be the best in the market but does not offer a warranty that proves this, it is a clear giveaway for the amount of trust they put in their products. Makita makes sure that all its customers know that it trusts its products fully and rightfully by giving them solid proof through the 3-year limited warranty to all its users upon purchasing the EB5300WH. Showing you that the company has faith in the machine that they produced, and how it would work and be efficient, all time long.

– Low Noise

The worst thing to face on a cleaning day is the loud noises that the outdoor appliances produce that could even turn the customers away from cleaning. This is why Makita has made sure to keep the noises of this blower to a minimum; this way, it is best if you work it with such a power, and still the noise level isn’t one that is too loud.Noise of Makita Blower

We all are aware of the annoyance of a neighbor cranking up their lawn appliances and irritating the rest of the neighborhood for a few hours. With this blower, you do not end up as that person, as the 70 dB low noise blower ensures that the noise production is not too high, if you live in a neighborhood that has kids or elderly.

– 4-Stroke Engine

The engine of the EB5300WH is 4-stroke, meaning it is highly efficient in fuel usage so it ensures that you do not drain out too much of it, especially after creating the difficult-to-make mixture.

So you save your hard-earned money and your precious time by not having to refuel regularly. Additionally, this Makita MM4 engine is more durable than the others and lasts a long time, thus proving its worth for your bucks.


– Hip Throttle

This Makita 4 stroke blower offers throttle at the hip which is often put against tube one to see which one of the two is more comfortable. The war between the two is totally upon personal preference, and so you must know that this option is good because your arm doesn’t have to feel a burden to stretch when it comes to cleaning.Makita EB5300WH Throttle

With the hip option, such as that on the EB5300WH, you can set the throttle and then completely forget about it, freeing up one hand and relaxing. This leads to reduced hand sprains because you balance the weight using both hands. However, tube one gives more precise results. Customers that put their comfort in high regard almost always opt for the hip option.


No matter your age or strength, this blower is something you can work with. The EB5300WH is a great choice for homeowners searching for a blower that would offer all the specifications and features needed for it to be a powerful addition to your lawn tools. Its various features make sure that it makes a great option for different age ranges and purposes.

It also prioritizes the end user’s comfort by providing a buying guide that can sweep anyone’s interest in no time. You will truly be surprised by how much love this blower gets.

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