Makita GBU01M1 is a good blower that changes the lawn maintenance game as believed by professionals and enthusiasts in today’s day and age, it is important to consider the effect our high-tech machinery has on the environment.

Review of Makita GBU01M1 Blower

Because of the latter, Makita has come up with the GBU01M1 which has zero emissions and is as eco-friendly as it can come.Let us explore more about it in this article which looks at the pros and cons and discusses them in detail later on.

We will talk about the product specifications, break them down thoroughly and end with a conclusion that helps you decipher if this blower is worth investing in.

Pros  Cons
Zero carbon emissions  Pricier than most blowers 
Brushless motor No vacuum capability 
Dust and water-resistant 

Makita GBU01M1 Highlights

There are a lot of blowers that perform well and are lightweight, but there are not many that offer zero carbon footprints and are still well-performing. Let’s look at the popular specifications of the GBU01M1 and later assess if it is worth investing in. 

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  • Shipping weight of 14.95 lbs
  • The maximum air volume of 565 cfm 
  • Maximum air velocity of 143 mph
  • Sound pressure of 59 dB (A)
  • The overall length of 36 inches
  • Net weight of 7.7 lbs with battery
  • Brushless motor type
  • Run time of up to 35 minutes 

Makita GBU01M1 Review 

Makita GBU01M1 Key Criteria
Number of functions
Number of airflow settings
Zero carbon emissions
Brushless motor
Dust and water-resistant
Pricier than most blowers
No vacuum capability

It is a hassle to work with machinery which makes you want to cover your ears and wince. Hence, after searching the market for blowers that produce less sound volume, the Makita blowers were the most prominent. 

The Makita XGT® GBU01M1 is a welcome choice for professional landscape clean-ups this is a benefit that most people would see through, because it passes off no emissions and is less noisy. The latter is great considering you won’t get exhausted and neither will your neighbors. Being less noisy and still packing a monstrous power punch, is that even possible?

The max XGT brushless cordless blower can produce an air velocity of up to 143 MPH and operates effectively for a longer duration. To move massive volumes of debris, one can rely on the turbo boost mode which generates 565 CFM of airflow. On another token, the blower’s variable speed trigger lets you change the speed from zero to maximum of 476 CFM when not in turbo boost. 

This company is one that makes sure to satisfy its consumers in every way possible, with increased convenience and usability, as this blower has all the features which make up for absolute comfort. These include a speed lock that ensures continuous operation and a cruise control lever that manages power and runtime, which a great choice that you should aim to invest in.

The length of the blower’s nozzle can be altered using the three-stage telescoping nozzle to cover a variety of area ranges. The in-line fan design offers improved ergonomics and tool balancing, while the Extreme Protection Technology is intended to deal with dust and water resistance for increased durability in challenging job site circumstances. 

The company has invested in this machine, and in order to adjust its increase in the durability, the blower also includes IPX4-rated weather-resistant construction, meaning that not being careful with the blower one-time would not cost you too much. In addition, to these, remember that according to several Makita GBU01M1 leaf blower reviews, the blower may be hung for simple storage, thanks to a hole in the bottom of the housing. 

The XGT is known as Next Generation Technology, and it is employed in the Makita 40V max XGT brushless dust blower, which gives it a higher power to handle demanding tasks, outperforms, be smarter, and outlast the competition. This advancement in technology is a feature that will ensure how fitted with cutting-edge brushless motor engineering, clever digital connectivity, and better durability features.

The only downside of this Makita 40V blower kit might be that it is costly, which is given with such a high-tech machine. However, if you keep an eye out for sales, you can get the blower at discounted prices at many retail stores. 

How Has the Makita GBU01M1 Evolved?

The Makita EB7660TH has evolved from its previous version the GBU01M1 in the maximum air volume where the GBU01M1 offers a maximum of 565 cfm in comparison to the Makita EB7660TH offers 706 cfm, which is significantly more than the GBU01M1. 

Makita Eb7660 Th Has Evolved from Its Previous Version

Makita has been continually producing one excellent blower after the other. Some of these include the Makita XBU03SM1 and the Makita GBU01Z.


However, the GBU01M1 is a much lighter blower compared to the EB7660TH, which weighs 24.1 lbs compared to the GBU01M1’s net weight of 7.7 lbs. These two differences allow the user to go for what suits their requirement best: whether they want a lighter weight or higher power. 

Features Breakdown

– Sound Level

The GBU01M1 produces only 50 dB (A) of sound pressure, which is considered reasonably quiet in terms of heavy power leaf blowers. With this blower, you certainly would not need to wear any sort of ear mufflers like you would with most heavy-duty machinery.

Reasonably Quiet in Terms of Heavy Power Leaf Blowers

This is a great deal, because you wouldn’t be exhausted in the long run, and it will not give you any headache in the long run, and the task will not cause any anxiety. 

– Turbo Boost Mode 

One would be thoroughly impressed by this incredible feature that the GBU01M1 sports. When the brushless blower is faced with taking care of heavier debris, it is no problem for it. 

Just switch to the turbo boost mode from the control lever and the blower will use its maximum power to blow away all that bothers you. When doing so, you will notice that the task has been faster to accomplish, and in addition to this, you save so much time. 

– Cruise Control

Another excellent quality of the GBU01M1 is that it comes with a proud cruise control feature, which is usually seen only on high-end lawn blowers. The cruise control feature helps you keep control of the maximum speed and power you want to use for certain tasks and prevents accidental overuse of the blower. 

So now you can lock the nozzle at multiple speed settings of your choice and be completely comfortable using the blower. This gives you the liberty to take the matter into further consideration and not get tired while managing the leaf-blowing task, as you will adjust one speed and maneuver. 

– Nozzle Placement 

What is more convenient than a nozzle that makes using outdoor power equipment easier? The GBU01M1 comes with a three-stage telescoping long nozzle. 

When you use this machine, think about the spectrum on which the task has become easier, with the addition of this unique nozzle that increases consumer usability and allows the elderly. This is also a feature that has been thought about for those with medical issues not having to bend uncomfortably for the nozzle to reach the designated area. 

– Strong Grip Handle 

With the summer heat being a hindrance, it is a bother for the typical plastic handle to get hard to grab on with the added moisture.

Cordless Blower Kit Which Has a Rubberized Handle

Fortunately, this won’t be an issue with this cordless blower kit which has a rubberized handle that gets gripper as it gets wet, which makes sure that when you have a strong and secure grip on your lawn blower at all times. 

– XGT® Battery

A multi-layer contact interface is used in the design of the XGT lithium-ion battery to supply power more steadily and meet high-current needs. To keep the battery attached to the tool during demanding tasks, the batteries come with sturdy rails with an impact-resistant design.


The integrated chip in the XGT® Rapid Charger actively communicates during charging to regulate current, voltage, and temperature for more effective charging. In 45 minutes or less, the max XGT® brushless cordless lithium-ion 4.0 Ah Makita 40V battery is fully charged, which is marvelously convenient. 


Caring for the environment is the least we can do to be appreciative of it. And it is time to replace our machines which emit carbon footprints with better alternatives. Makita came up with a brilliant design to make the GBU01M1 less noisy and less harmful to the environment. The environmental sustainability report, provided by Makita on their website, gives you a better insight into the aims and purpose of this blower. 

With better ergonomics and tool balancing that are provided by the in-line fan design, this cordless blower kit would never provide discomfort. It also comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the tool, battery, and charger. Also, the GBU01M1 tools and separate parts can easily be bought in mechanical stores while a thorough manual and the individual parts breakdown booklet are readily available on the Makita website for your assistance. 

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