Makita UB1103 is a small handheld job site blower created for those who want to escape the stress of bigger, more expensive blowers for small cleanups around the house or workspaces. What is most interesting is that this tool, apart from being an electrical model, is that it combines both blowing and vacuuming functions.

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As a result, users can enjoy faster job site cleanups without the stress of recharging batteries or inhaling toxic fumes. To ensure that the UB1103 is the right tool for you, this article will review the blower thoroughly and break down its features, pros, and cons, so you can be well-informed.

Pros Cons
Lightweight and portable Very loud operation
Combines blowing and vacuuming functions Not suitable for large cleanups
The compact design allows for easy storage

Makita UB1103 Highlights

Its lightweight, dual functions, user-friendliness, as well as its improved features make the UB1103 the perfect light-duty cleaning tool for interior jobs around the home and other work areas. It might be a small leaf blower, but it has sufficient power and is very efficient for quick cleanups, largely as a result of the features you should examine well. 

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  • Electrical blower and vacuum
  • 120V 6.8 Amp electric motor
  • 203 MPH maximum air speed
  • 145 CFM air volume
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Cord lock mechanism
  • Noise rating: 83 decibel(A)
  • Weighs 4.3 lbs
  • The package comes with a rubber blower nozzle and a dust bag.
  • One-year warranty

Makita UB1103 Review

Makita UB1103 Key Criteria
Number of Airflow Functions
Number of Functions
Lightweight and portable
Combines blowing and vacuuming functions
The compact design allows for easy storage
Very loud operation
Not suitable for large cleanups

It is evident from the tool’s design and compact nature that the UB1003 was created with portability in mind, which is no surprise considering the nature of cleanups it is meant for. As you invest in this, you will be pleased to know that the blower only weighs in at 4.3 lbs, making it one of the lightest electric handheld blowers available. 

Due to this lightweight, you can easily carry it around and use it anywhere without worrying about tiring out, and this is why your arms would not wear out if you handled them for a long time during lengthy cleanups. Its weight also allows the elderly, women, and children to handle it without wearing them out.

With a combined airflow of 203 MPH and 145 CFM, this electric blower is neither the most powerful nor least powerful on the market. However, it is powerful enough to carry out small cleanups in your garage yard or even if you have a small yard that needs some cleanup from the debris and leaves that have fallen. 

On another note, this machine has an airspeed of 203 MPH which is rather impressive for a small handheld blower and allows you to quickly push dry leaves, dust, small pebbles, and other light debris. While its 145 CFM is on the low side for electric blowers, it is sufficient for light cleanups, which is the purpose the blower was created to carry out, and this feature is what signifies the blower’s ability to work in smaller spaces and places.

Some tasks require lots of power, while others only need a little, and you need to be able to adjust the air output accordingly. For this reason, the UB1103 comes with a variable speed setting to alter the airflow to match the type of cleanup being carried out.

Therefore, you can use the lower speed when you need more precision, perhaps while blowing dust from corners of the room or blowing dead leaves in your garden. In addition to this, the maximum speed comes in handy when blowing an open area or trying to get rid of stubborn dirt.

However, unlike other blower models with a cruise control setting with their speed control trigger, this one does not have such a feature. The cruise control feature that it lacks would allow you to lock in the selected speed to prevent you from holding down the trigger while working and wearing out your arm. For users, this means you would have to manually lock the speed control trigger to maintain your desired speed.

In parallel to this, one of the most endearing features of the UB1103 is that it is one of the few jobsite electric blowers available that combine both blowing and vacuuming functions, saving users from purchasing separate devices for both functions. To elaborate further, with the vacuuming function, you can quickly suck unwanted or already-blown dirt into the dust bag that comes with the device, and it would ease the job in a quick manner.

Despite the many exciting benefits of this device, a significant downside is that it has a loud noise that would be generated while the machine is in operation. With a noise rating of 83 decibels, this jobsite blower is very noisy and can’t be used in noise-restricted areas. This is why it can only be used during the day to avoid disturbing your neighbors, in addition to this, if you wish to avoid causing harm to your ears due to prolonged exposure, you should use ear muffs or plugs while using this device.

How Has The Makita UB1103 Evolved?

The Makita UB1103 has evolved from its previous model the BU01Z by having a lighter weight from its previous model when it used to be 5.7 lbs, but now it is 4.3 lbs. In addition, the old version didn’t have a vacuum feature, but the current one does. 


Moreover, this machine is the only corded electric blower produced by Makita and comes with an improved double-sided impeller for increased airflow. It also has a significantly higher airspeed at 203 MPH compared to many of the other Makita blower models.

Features Breakdown

120V Electric 6.8 Amp Motor

The Makita UB1103 is an electric leaf blower powered by 120 volts 6.8 Amp motor, meaning it must be plugged into a power outlet.

This power source makes your work a lot easier because you can use the blower for as long as you need if there is a power supply, unlike battery-powered blowers that require you to recharge when the battery has run down or gas blowers that require you to refuel constantly.

Makita UB1103 Features Breakdown

Being an electric model requires the blower to have a cord; however, the package does not always include the power cord, so you must purchase an extension cord so that you would reach the parts of your yard with all ease. If the kit contains the power cord, you might still require an extension cord because the power cord might be short and won’t reach all the areas you need to clean.

Multipurpose Function

Just like blowers are essential for cleanup processes because they move dirt, vacuums are also crucial for cleanups because they suck in the dirt. On another note, consider how there is nothing better than having both functions in one device like the UB1103. 

Multipurpose Function

With this dual functionality, you can carry out cleaning jobs in half the usual time and with ease, as you don’t have to wait to finish blowing before picking the vacuum to start sucking. You can do both at once, and this would give you an ease in the functionality of the machine, and you wouldn’t need to buy a vacuuming machine on its own. 

For further versatility, you can easily convert from blowing to vacuum mode by moving the nozzle to the vacuum port and connecting the dust bag. The only downside is that the suction port is located on the left, so your clothes can get stuck if you operate with your left hand.

Airflow Capacity

A maximum air output of 203 MPH and 145 CFM makes this job site blower powerful. This airflow allows you to clean dirt and dust off work machines, yards, decks, patios, garages, etc. As a result of this, you can now use the machine to blow water off your car after a wash or cobwebs off your walls and ceilings, but be mindful of the matter, this is for minimal uses and not a heavy amount of water.

In addition to this, you can also enjoy flexibility when you use the variable speed trigger to adjust the air output to suit your blowing need. Hence, you can reduce the speed when blowing inside your home or in small corners and use the maximum speed when working outdoors.

Cord Lock Mechanism

Nothing is more frustrating than when the cord of your leaf blower keeps unplugging from the power outlet while working, and in the long run, the matter would be frustrating for the user.

Cord Lock Mechanism

To prevent this, the manufacturing company, Makita, has fitted its blower with a cord lock mechanism that keeps the cord plugged in, thereby preventing accidental disconnection.


We have already established that the UB1103 is lightweight, but there are more user-friendly features of this blower. For easy storage, the tool has a self-standing design that allows it to stay upright or flat. 


The handle has a soft rubberized grip for improved comfort while working. Likewise, the speed control button is conveniently located under the handle and can be easily operated with two fingers for stress-free cleaning.


The UB1103 is a small blower vac, but it does exactly what it is meant to do with its power, which is to clean up job sites and small areas. And its multipurpose function, strong airflow, lightweight, and ergonomics make it more appealing. Furthermore, the Makita UB1103 price won’t tear your pockets, which is why you will be getting good value for your money.

Makita is known to produce some of the best electrical power tools in the world, and this one is no exception because, despite being a small device for simple applications, it comes with a magnificent air output that will get your cleaning done in no time. The company has built a compact design leaf blower and if you wish to use it for a small yard, this is a great choice you can invest in. We highly suggest checking out the Makita eb7660th leaf blower as well since it is extremely popular!

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