Makita uh6570 - Powerful Corded-Electric Hedge TrimmerThe Makita uh6570 is a heavy-duty garden tool with the power of a commercial electric hedge trimmer designed for challenging residential work. In this review, you’ll discover all the advantages and benefits this equipment has to offer, along with any downsides. 

You’ll learn what makes this a popular hedge trimmer and what type of buyer will most likely be satisfied by purchasing one.

Continue reading for a comprehensive review of this outdoor gardening equipment, and find out if you should go and buy one of these hedge trimmers.  

Makita Electric Hedge Trimmer Pros and Cons

Makita uh6570 Key Criteria
Blade Length
Easy to use
Large and comfortable handles
Quiet operation
Small cutting thickness capacity

Product Highlights

This robust and straightforward-to-use hedge trimmer by Makita does an excellent job of snipping away unwanted vegetation on shrubs and hedges. It’s got the power and balance to make it worthwhile for residential and commercial buyers with occasional hedge trimming jobs. 

  • 25-inch cutting blade  
  • Corded electric power 
  • 1/2-inch cutting thickness capacity  
  • 4.6-amp motor  
  • 1,600 cutting strokes per minute 
  • Comes with a blade sheath and belt hook for the cord

– Makita uh6570 Review

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This Makita corded edge trimmer has the power and high-quality manufacturing of a commercial device and tool made primarily for residential users. The extended cutting blade can rapidly carve away large areas of leaves and twigs on garden vegetation. In addition, it runs on corded electric power, giving it plenty of stamina when cleaning up a large garden area. 

– Safety Features

This trimmer has a unique safety feature on the power switch, so you can be sure the machine won’t start up accidentally. This feature is a significant benefit because the trimmer needs to be plugged into an extension cord, and accidental startups can damage the cable or cause personal injury to the operator. The power switch only works when the operator grips two of the three handles simultaneously.

Another helpful feature of this tool is the large, transparent plastic guard at the back of the cutting blade that lets you see what you’re doing while preventing cut branches, thorns and debris from striking your hand. Other trimmers have similar debris shields, but not all are transparent like the one on this unit. 

– Running time

This hedge trimmer has an indefinite runtime compared to battery-operated cordless models that need recharging every 30 to 60 minutes, making it ideal for anyone with a large amount of trimming work. However, the need for an extension cord limits how far you can range from an outlet since you must plug this trimmer into a standard 120-volt electrical socket. 

– Easy, Safe and Comfortable to Use

Padded grips on three handle locations and low vibration from the cutting bar make this hedging tool exceptionally ergonomic and comfortable on the operator’s hands and arms. In addition, this unit is quiet, so you won’t disturb the neighbors when cleaning up your yard on the weekend. 

Two other important features that make this Makita hedge trimmer valuable are the built-in blade tip guard and a clutch in the motor that stops the blade from moving as soon as you release one hand from any three grip areas.

The blade tip guard prevents accidental damage to the end of the cutting teeth when working close to the ground or near walls, fences or other structures. In addition, the clutch is a safety feature that instantly stops the movement of the teeth, preventing damage to the motor if the blades bind in vegetation that the teeth can’t cut. The clutch also helps prevent unwanted movement of the cutting teeth when you stop for a break or move into a different position while working. 

– Downsides

The cutting capacity on this trimmer is smaller than on many other models, accommodating branches with a diameter of up to only ½ inch in size. Many other trimmers can handle foliage up to ¾ inch or even 1 inch in diameter.

However, for many types of hedge trimming, these larger sizes of cutting capacity are more than you’ll ever need.

For example, if your hedges and shrubs need regular light trimming to look great, then this trimmer is easy and comfortable to use, has plenty of limitless power, and is relatively light for easy maneuvering. 

The only other significant downside to this Makita hedge trimmer is the price, which is considerably more than the cost of many other electric trimmers. However, the higher price tag is due to this unit having heavy-duty and durable components. You won’t need to buy another trimmer for some time if you invest in this product and use it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.


Product Features

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In this section, we’ll be looking at the Makita uh6570’s most prominent product features.

– Motor and Power Source

This trimmer is not a cordless model, and the user must provide an outdoor-rated extension cord with the correct wire gauge to power the machine. Once it’s plugged in, the robust 4.6-amp motor drives the cutting teeth at 1,600 strokes per minute for rapidly carving away excess vegetation on shrubs and hedges. 

The motor pulls 550-watts of power, which is ample for keeping the blades moving rapidly and smoothly as you work. In addition, a heavy-duty gear system driving the cutting blade is designed for durability and keeps the unit working with minimal maintenance, downtime or repairs.

– Cutting Blade

The cutting blade is just over 25 inches long and is equipped with a guard at the tip to prevent accidental damage if it touches wire fences or other obstacles. The tip guard also prevents dangerous kickbacks and damage to the gearbox from the teeth contacting material that is too hard to cut. 

The long blade is an advantage for quickly trimming large surface areas of vegetation. In addition, the weight of the cutting blade is well-balanced with the motor at the machine’s rear, making it easy to hold in an extended arm position. 

The blade and cutting teeth are made from high-quality, plated metal that does not easily stain from contact with vegetation. In addition, it has an anti-abrasion coating to keep it in top condition and prevent rust and corrosion.

As a result, the blade requires minimal maintenance, and sharpening is usually only necessary if the teeth accidentally contact a hard surface like metal fencing or rocks.  

– Multi-Grip Power Feature

A unique feature of this tool is the inclusion of grip switches in the three handgrip locations. The device has three areas where you hold on to it and grabbing it in two of these areas simultaneously activates the power, as long as the device is plugged in.

Releasing any of the grips with one hand instantly stops the blade from moving and switches off the motor. The handgrip areas are located at the rear, bottom and front of the trimmer, making it convenient to hold the device at almost any angle or position. 

– Ergonomics

This trimmer excels in ergonomics compared to many other hedge trimmers. For example, the grips on both handles have comfortable padding to reduce stress and strain on your hands, and vibration from the cutting teeth is buffered from transferring too much motion to your arms. 

The transparent debris guard at the back end of the blade lets you quickly see the entire length of the cutting teeth while you work, making it less likely that you encounter branches that are too thick for the teeth to handle.

Finally, the tool is relatively quiet, making it easier to use for long periods without getting fatigued, and the quiet operation might also make your neighbors happy.

– Size and Weight

This compact unit measures 49 inches long from the back of the handle to the tip of the blade, 9 inches wide, and 8.5 inches high, making it easy to use and store. It weighs 8.4 pounds, so it’s not the lightest hedge trimmer available, but it is still lighter than many other trimmers with equivalent power.

– Warranty

This hedge trimmer comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. You can also return the product within 30 days from purchase for a complete refund or a replacement if you are not satisfied.

This warranty period of one year is shorter compared to many other manufacturer warranties for similar tools. However, not many other outdoor equipment companies offer a 30 day return period, making this product superior for anyone who wants to try it out before committing to buying it.



Will Makita uh6570 trimmer cut thick weed?

Yes, the Makita UH6570 trimmer is capable of cutting thick weeds with ease.

Is Makita uh6570 a cordless trimmer?

No, the Makita UH6570 trimmer is not cordless. It operates using a power cord for continuous power supply.

Does Makita uh6570 trimmer get dull?

Like any cutting tool, the blades of the Makita UH6570 trimmer may eventually become dull over time with regular use. It is recommended to periodically inspect and sharpen or replace the blades as needed to maintain optimal cutting performance.


Makita uh6570 - Heavy-Duty Electric TrimmerThe Makita uh6570 hedge trimmer is manufactured in the United Kingdom and built with high-quality materials and above-average craft.

This hedge trimmer is rugged and dependable and made by a tool company that has been in business since 1915. It has continuous power if you keep it plugged into an electrical outlet and use the correct size extension cord. 

This machine is ideal for anyone who wants a reliable and durable hedge trimmer that never runs out of power for trimming light and medium-density vegetation around their property.

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